Phil Kelvin
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

 Rewards Running 2020 competition runs until September 2020

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10K54:59Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10K Winter Series1.82.02 Feb 20+
10K54:43Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10K Winter Series0.92.75 Jan 20+
10K54:19Royal Parks Winter 10K Series0.42.926 Jan 20+
10K56:07Royal Parks Winter 10K Series1.43.38 Dec 19+
10K55:39Self Transcendence 10K0.73.730 Nov 19+
10K59:29Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10K Winter Series1.36.03 Nov 19
10K59:51Regent's Park Summer 10K Series2.05.67 Jul 19
10K61:51Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10K Winter Series1.87.26 Oct 19
10K60:31Regent's Park 10K1.07.018 Aug 19
10K59:17Self Transcendence 10K1.16.01 Jun 19
10K61:51Royal Parks Summer 10K Series1.47.61 Sep 19
10K58:21Hyde Park Spring 10K1.05.424 Mar 19
10K61:52Self Transcendence 10K0.68.419 Oct 19
5K29:38Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K0.98.027 Sep 19
10K61:07Self Transcendence 10K0.97.63 Aug 19
10K56:19Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10K Winter Series0.84.16 Jan 19
5K27:11Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K0.54.622 Feb 19
10K50:42Self Transcendence 10K0.6-0.424 Mar 18
10K53:23 Regent's Park Summer 10K Series2.20.36 May 18
5M41:50Veterans' AC 52.0-0.117 Apr 18
10K55:04Regent's Park Summer 10K Series1.42.52 Sep 18
5M42:48Veterans' AC 52.40.515 May 18
10K54:17Royal Parks Summer 10K Series1.22.022 Jul 18
10K60:29Regent's Park Summer 10K Series1.46.65 May 19
10K58:27Royal Parks Winter 10K Series1.45.117 Feb 19
10K53:10Self Transcendence 10K0.51.823 Jun 18
10K50:27Self Transcendence 10K0.6-2.417 Feb 18
10K54:36Self Transcendence 10K1.12.44 Aug 18
10K59:18Self Transcendence 10K0.76.56 Apr 19
10K56:14 Regent's Park Summer 10K Series2.82.01 Jul 18
5M44:01Veterans' AC 52.12.119 Jun 18
10K54:38 Regent's Park Summer 10K Series1.91.63 Jun 18
5K28:52Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K1.06.726 Apr 19
10K59:06Self Transcendence 10K0.76.316 Mar 19
10K56:37Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10K Winter Series0.84.34 Nov 18
10K56:52Self Transcendence 10K0.44.91 Dec 18
5K30:09Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K1.68.028 Jun 19
5M45:15Hogsmill Ladies 53.81.613 May 18
10K57:03Self Transcendence 10K0.84.727 Oct 18
10K53:48Regent's Park Summer 10K Series1.61.31 Apr 18
10K56:33Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10K Winter Series0.84.37 Oct 18
5M45:11Veterans' AC 51.83.57 Aug 18
5K27:21Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K1.14.328 Sep 18
5K28:08Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K0.66.028 Dec 18
10K59:32Royal Parks Winter 10K Series1.26.19 Dec 18
5K26:44Self Transcendence 5K1.23.116 Jul 18
10K52:35Mornington Chasers Regent's Park 10K Winter Series0.6-1.04 Feb 18
5M49:19Hogsmill Ladies 50.48.712 May 19
5K26:34Veterans' AC 50.73.410 Jul 18
5K25:28Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K1.0-1.126 Jan 18
5K26:29Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K0.73.225 May 18
5K27:59Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K1.84.627 Jul 18
5K26:48Self Transcendence 5K0.73.811 Jun 18
5K26:15Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K1.7-0.429 Dec 17
5M42:57Veterans' AC 51.4-0.622 Aug 17
10K53:04Self Transcendence 10K0.9-1.622 Jul 17
5K26:26Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K0.90.724 Nov 17
5K26:32Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K1.20.625 Aug 17
5K26:32Harbour Club Last Friday of the Month 5K1.30.528 Jul 17
5K25:54Self Transcendence 5K0.9-2.712 Jun 17
5K26:13Self Transcendence 5K0.40.87 Aug 17
5K26:13Self Transcendence 5K0.8-0.317 Jul 17
5K26:14Self Transcendence 5K0.31.031 Jul 17
5M46:05Hogsmill Ladies 53.0-1.521 May 17
10K56:27Self Transcendence 10K1.20.824 Jun 17
5K27:03Self Transcendence Rapid Rabbit 5K1.1-0.95 Jun 17
5K27:25Self Transcendence 5K0.81.710 Jul 17
5K23:42Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K1.6-1.029 Jan 10
HM1:44:15Wokingham Half Marathon0.8-2.621 Feb 10
HM1:48:31Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon0.81.021 Mar 10
5K23:23Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K1.4-1.726 Mar 10
5K23:34Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K1.6-1.330 Apr 10
5K23:25Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K0.5-0.428 Oct 11
5K25:17 Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K0.82.625 Nov 11
5K35:07 Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K1.415.729 Aug 14
5K34:33 Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K1.015.526 Sep 14
5K35:01Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K1.4-0.928 Nov 14
5K26:57Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K1.0-11.324 Feb 17
5K28:32Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K0.81.731 Mar 17
5K27:35Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K0.70.328 Apr 17

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