Steve Coleman
Astley & Tyldesley
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10M67:02Riverside 101.7-0.15 Aug 18+
HM93:03Conwy Half Marathon1.21.918 Nov 18+
HM92:42Macclesfield Half Marathon1.81.123 Sep 18+
HM91:39Manchester Half Marathon0.52.014 Oct 18+
5K21:28EHM 5K Night Race2.91.014 Sep 18+
HM89:13Great North West Half Marathon1.10.418 Feb 18
HM89:36Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon1.50.17 Jan 18
10M67:08Stockport 101.30.33 Dec 17
10K40:54Hunters 10K1.40.528 Jan 18
HM87:48Manchester Half Marathon0.9-0.115 Oct 17
HM89:32Worksop Halloween Half Marathon1.00.629 Oct 17
HM90:42Lancaster Half Marathon1.50.65 Nov 17
HM91:09Conwy Half Marathon1.50.819 Nov 17
10K42:04Leyland Boxing Day 10K1.91.226 Dec 17
HM88:49English Half Marathon0.70.817 Sep 17
HM90:57Whistle Stop Tour of Wirral Half Marathon0.91.510 Sep 17
10M68:37Riverside 101.41.36 Aug 17
10M68:23City of Preston 101.11.513 Aug 17
26.2K1:58:42MBNA Chester Metric Marathon 26.2K1.32.68 Oct 17
HM91:04Windmill Half Marathon1.21.316 Jul 17
HM96:04Congleton Half Marathon1.82.91 Oct 17
10K41:51Ellesmere 10K1.61.427 Aug 17
5K20:57Flintshire 5K2.80.022 Oct 17
10K41:34City of Salford 10K0.82.03 Sep 17
10K41:41Port Sunlight 10K2.20.718 Jun 17
10K43:08Flintshire 10K1.42.722 Oct 17
10K41:30We Love Manchester 10K1.11.69 Jul 17
HM91:38Wrexham Marathon Festival Half Marathon2.00.712 Mar 17
10K41:28Big Rock 10K1.41.329 Apr 17
HM93:36Southport Half Marathon0.43.22 Jul 17
HM1:45:21North Wales Half Marathon4.64.129 Jul 17
10K44:41Bangor 10K1.24.67 Oct 17
HM93:46Sleaford Half Marathon1.12.67 May 17
HM95:10Runfest Wales Half Marathon1.03.324 Jun 17
10M68:24St Annes 101.11.529 Jan 17
10K46:16Offerton 10K4.23.121 Jun 17
HM94:57Chester Half Marathon1.03.221 May 17
HM93:12Vitality Liverpool Half Marathon0.72.72 Apr 17
HM99:43Potters Arf Half Marathon2.14.211 Jun 17
HM87:45Wirral Half Marathon1.00.011 Sep 16
HM93:28Great North West Half Marathon0.92.719 Feb 17
HM91:16Worksop Half Marathon1.21.430 Oct 16
HM87:52English Half Marathon0.60.418 Sep 16
HM92:24Vale of Clwyd Half Marathon1.61.527 Nov 16
10K42:07Garstang 10K1.32.08 Jan 17
HM87:47Southport Half Marathon1.4-0.43 Jul 16
HM87:09Runfest Wales Half Marathon1.6-0.925 Jun 16
HM1:46:51Leek Half Marathon3.16.220 Aug 17
HM96:49Oulton Park Half Marathon1.63.426 Feb 17
5M32:53Gin Pit 51.61.09 Oct 16
HM93:55Conwy Half Marathon1.72.120 Nov 16
26.2K1:57:12MBNA Chester Metric Marathon 26.2K1.71.62 Oct 16
10K45:29Colshaw Hall 10K1.45.125 Jun 17
HM96:53Leek Half Marathon4.30.87 Aug 16
10M70:42Stockport 10 (Inc North of England Championship)1.12.84 Dec 16
HM89:13Fleetwood Half Marathon0.80.821 Aug 16
10K40:43Ellesmere 10K1.50.428 Aug 16
HM94:21Inskip Half Marathon0.53.522 Jan 17
10K41:16Cheshire 10K0.32.212 Nov 16
HM94:32Lancaster Half Marathon1.32.76 Nov 16
HM90:16Windmill Half Marathon1.30.817 Jul 16
HM89:02Freckleton Half Marathon1.20.419 Jun 16
10K42:02Flintshire 10K1.31.923 Oct 16
HM98:12Lions Bridge Trail Half Marathon4.61.010 Jul 16
HM87:33Valiants Half Marathon0.80.117 Apr 16
10K43:41Leyland Boxing Day 10K1.13.726 Dec 16
HM1:40:47Anglesey Island Half Marathon0.85.95 Mar 17
HM89:42Essar Chester Half Marathon0.91.015 May 16
HM92:23Potters Arf Half Marathon1.61.512 Jun 16
10K41:14Colshaw Hall 10K1.41.026 Jun 16
HM1:43:12North Wales Half Marathon5.22.630 Jul 16
HM86:33Vitality Liverpool Half Marathon0.10.813 Mar 16
HM86:15Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon0.30.414 Feb 16
10K41:31Bolton 10K2.10.624 Apr 16
HM88:48Oulton Park Half Marathon1.00.928 Feb 16
HM87:48Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon0.90.63 Jan 16
10K42:13Leeds Christmas 10K Challenge3.80.113 Dec 15
HM86:04Wirral Half Marathon1.2-0.513 Sep 15
HM93:51Plusnet Yorkshire Half Marathon1.22.510 Apr 16
10M67:34Stockport 101.51.06 Dec 15
HM93:40Wilmslow Half Marathon1.03.13 Apr 16
HM94:18Sleaford Half Marathon1.82.621 Feb 16
HM89:23Macclesfield Half Marathon2.00.227 Sep 15
HM87:38Great Cumbrian Run Half Marathon0.60.84 Oct 15
5M35:23Trotters 53.22.96 Mar 16
HM89:16Fleetwood Half Marathon2.00.123 Aug 15
HM87:35Cheshire Half Marathon1.20.22 Aug 15
HM88:34Perkins Great Eastern Run Half Marathon0.51.311 Oct 15
HM97:32Ackworth Half Marathon (Inc YVAA Championships)2.03.828 Mar 16
HM89:31Wolverhampton Half Marathon1.40.86 Sep 15
HM89:18Prudent Riverside Half Marathon1.60.516 Aug 15
HM88:14English Half Marathon0.51.220 Sep 15
HM92:51Conwy Half Marathon1.42.422 Nov 15
HM88:58Southport Half Marathon1.20.85 Jul 15
HM86:23Chester Half Marathon0.70.117 May 15
HM89:47Potters Arf Half Marathon1.70.714 Jun 15
HM91:14Runfest Wales Half Marathon2.01.028 Jun 15
HM1:31:38Windmill Half Marathon1.61.619 Jul 15
HM89:04Leeds Half Marathon1.40.610 May 15
Mar3:08:23ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon0.41.719 Apr 15
10M65:41Sweatshop 10 (Inc NVAC Champs)0.81.715 Mar 15
HM1:41:28North Wales Half Marathon4.62.926 Jul 15
HM92:27Yorkshire Half Marathon2.01.612 Apr 15
HM89:49Asics Oulton Park Half Marathon0.82.78 Mar 15
10K41:51Bolton 10K1.61.926 Apr 15
10M64:47Preston 100.81.216 Nov 14
HM86:37Worksop Halloween Half Marathon1.30.726 Oct 14
HM91:29Sleaford Half Marathon1.42.922 Feb 15
26.2K1:50:05MBNA Chester Metric Marathon 26.2K1.40.75 Oct 14
10K40:12Leyland Boxing Day 10K1.21.826 Dec 14
HM89:07Macclesfield Half Marathon2.30.928 Sep 14
HM85:39Wirral Half Marathon0.21.412 Oct 14
HM87:45Lancaster Half Marathon0.62.02 Nov 14
HM89:08Conwy Half Marathon1.22.023 Nov 14
HM87:44Arley Hall Half Marathon1.01.619 Oct 14
HM85:56Fleetwood Half Marathon0.80.924 Aug 14
HM94:38Liversedge Half Marathon1.74.015 Feb 15
HM86:57Vale of York Half Marathon0.71.57 Sep 14
10M68:29Puma Stockport 101.23.07 Dec 14
HM88:35Haweswater Half Marathon1.60.07 Mar 10
HM86:50Garstang Half Marathon-2.82.019 Sep 10
HM90:38Dumfries Half Marathon0.60.326 Sep 10
HM91:16New Balance English Half Marathon0.40.83 Oct 10
HM92:12Great Cumbrian Half Marathon0.61.010 Oct 10
HM98:07Bradford City Half Marathon3.01.217 Oct 10
HM87:04Stroud Half Marathon0.1-0.824 Oct 10
HM91:47Worksop Half Marathon0.61.631 Oct 10
HM92:33Conwy Half Marathon1.01.521 Nov 10
10M66:57Stockport 101.2-0.212 Dec 10
HM85:59Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon0.2-0.72 Jan 11
HM93:48Liversedge Half Marathon1.81.813 Feb 11
HM87:19Sleaford Half Marathon0.60.020 Feb 11
HM88:31Great North West Half Marathon1.00.227 Feb 11
HM89:00Haweswater Half Marathon1.20.26 Mar 11
10M63:28St Annes 100.5-1.120 Mar 11
10K42:17Radcliffe 10K2.21.73 Apr 11
Mar3:12:00Lochaber Marathon2.4-0.110 Apr 11
10K39:32Bolton 10K1.00.217 Apr 11
10K37:49Salford 10K0.8-1.422 Apr 11
HM93:40Keswick Half Marathon2.62.11 May 11
HM89:59Leeds Half Marathon2.01.08 May 11
10K39:34Alternative Boxing Day 10K0.81.015 May 11
HM96:57Buxton Half Marathon3.42.729 May 11
HM89:02Potters Arf Marathon1.21.412 Jun 11
HM87:27Freckleton Half Marathon1.70.219 Jun 11
10M72:42Great Lanhydrock 105.01.226 Jun 11
10K37:40K-swiss City of Manchester 10K0.3-0.53 Jul 11
5K19:22Gill Pimblott 5K0.62.110 Jul 11
10K41:17Leigh 10K Legacy Event2.01.717 Jul 11
5M31:02The Jubilee Road Race Series1.10.320 Jul 11
4.4M29:21Chorley Harriers 4.4 Series2.42.33 Aug 11
10K41:09Wetherby Run 10K0.92.711 Sep 11
HM90:41Spire Healthcare English Half Marathon0.23.318 Sep 11
HM89:29Dumfries Half Marathon0.82.225 Sep 11
HM91:50Great Cumbrian Run Half Marathon1.12.92 Oct 11
Mar3:18:40MBNA Chester Marathon2.21.59 Oct 11
HM88:13Worksop Half Marathon1.01.430 Oct 11
HM91:37Conwy Half Marathon1.62.320 Nov 11
HM90:35Clowne Half Marathon1.61.927 Nov 11
10M69:19Stockport 101.33.011 Dec 11
10K39:16Ribble Valley 10K (Inc Northern Champs)0.51.127 Dec 11
HM88:00Central Lancashire New Year's Half Marathon1.21.12 Jan 12
HM91:22Inskip Derby Arms Half Marathon1.42.422 Jan 12
HM88:40Sleaford Half Marathon1.61.019 Feb 12
HM82:54Great North West Half Marathon-0.20.126 Feb 12
HM88:07Haweswater Half Marathon1.11.34 Mar 12
HM86:22Retford Half Marathon0.80.811 Mar 12
HM87:59Run Liverpool Half Marathon0.32.118 Mar 12
10K38:58Bent & Bongs 10K1.40.01 Apr 12
10K37:18Salford 10K-0.2-0.16 Apr 12
Mar3:07:29Lochaber Marathon1.31.515 Apr 12
10K41:15Bolton 10K2.02.022 Apr 12
Mar3:10:25Greater Manchester Marathon2.31.129 Apr 12
HM90:04Keswick Rugby Club Half Marathon2.11.56 May 12
HM87:54Jane Tomlinson's Leeds Half Marathon0.91.713 May 12
5.25M34:50Jubilee Road Race Series2.61.816 May 12
HM95:24Eyam Half Marathon3.62.420 May 12
HM90:42Potters Arf Half Marathon2.01.910 Jun 12
HM87:21Freckleton Half Marathon1.50.917 Jun 12
HM90:30Windmill Half Marathon1.82.015 Jul 12
10M66:46Great Warford 101.02.229 Jul 12
10M65:36Wagon & Horses 101.60.95 Aug 12
HM90:00Gin Pit Trail Half Marathon0.03.619 Aug 12
HM87:24Fleetwood Half Marathon0.61.826 Aug 12
HM99:51Wolverhampton Half Marathon1.66.32 Sep 12
HM86:48Spire Healthcare English Half Marathon0.81.39 Sep 12
HM93:34Garstang Half Marathon1.04.216 Sep 12
HM94:17Tatton Half Marathon0.64.94 Nov 12
HM96:11Conwy Half Marathon1.45.018 Nov 12
10M67:17Stockport 101.42.19 Dec 12
10K40:13Leyland Boxing Day 10K1.41.626 Dec 12
10K39:44Ribble Valley 10K (Inc Northern Champs)0.91.630 Dec 12
HM86:21Central Lancashire New Year Half Marathon0.61.36 Jan 13
HM87:14Inskip Derby Arms Half Marathon0.81.520 Jan 13
HM89:01Sleaford Half Marathon0.82.324 Feb 13
HM88:26Haweswater Half Marathon1.31.63 Mar 13
20M2:35:00Spen 202.24.810 Mar 13
10K38:23Salford 10K0.40.729 Mar 13
HM84:43Blackpool Half Marathon0.40.87 Apr 13
10K40:49Bolton 10K2.21.421 Apr 13
HM97:42Snowdonia Half Marathon3.04.028 Apr 13
HM90:58Keswick Rugby Club Half Marathon1.42.65 May 13
HM89:02Leeds Half Marathon1.21.912 May 13
HM96:45Buxton Half Marathon3.43.226 May 13
HM88:12Potters Arf Half Marathon2.10.79 Jun 13
HM87:43Southport Half Marathon1.01.57 Jul 13
10K39:43We Love Manchester 10K1.41.114 Jul 13
HM86:36Arley Hall Half Marathon1.01.021 Jul 13
HM92:50Lions Bridge Trail Half Marathon1.53.44 Aug 13
HM87:15Spire Healthcare English Half Marathon0.61.78 Sep 13
HM93:01Garstang Half Marathon1.03.915 Sep 13
HM91:42Macclesfield Half Marathon1.82.629 Sep 13
13.83M97:28Coniston 142.22.312 Oct 13
HM93:34TUI Half Marathon Palma de Mallorca2.42.820 Oct 13
HM99:49Worksop Half Marathon (Inc Notts Champs)1.16.827 Oct 13
HM90:08Capesthorne Half Marathon1.02.73 Nov 13
HM89:31Conwy Half Marathon1.32.124 Nov 13
10M65:30Guy's 100.61.81 Dec 13
10M67:35Stockport 101.12.68 Dec 13
HM90:35Sleaford Half Marathon1.22.723 Feb 14
HM90:17Haweswater Half Marathon1.42.32 Mar 14
20M2:22:11Trimpell 200.82.616 Mar 14
Mar3:02:59Greater Manchester Marathon1.00.86 Apr 14
Mar3:15:41Virgin London Marathon1.33.213 Apr 14
10M70:37Caldervale Country 102.62.918 Apr 14
10K42:01Radcliffe 10K2.72.127 Apr 14
HM87:24Uttoxeter Half Marathon1.80.64 May 14
HM88:37Morecambe Half Marathon1.81.211 May 14
HM88:07Chester Half Marathon1.71.018 May 14
HM88:45Potters Arf Half Marathon2.60.48 Jun 14
HM87:49Runfest Wales Half Marathon1.21.429 Jun 14
HM2:06:02Southport Half Marathon1.217.06 Jul 14
HM88:07Windmill Half Marathon1.61.113 Jul 14
10M65:52Great Warford 101.51.127 Jul 14
HM1:40:21North Wales Half Marathon4.43.83 Aug 14
HM88:04Wagon & Horses Half Marathon1.41.317 Aug 14
HM96:47Halifax Half Marathon1.55.131 Aug 14
HM91:50Garstang Half Marathon1.62.814 Sep 14
5M37:55Trotters 55.64.61 Mar 15

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