Timothy Allsop
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

 Rewards Running 2020 competition runs until September 2020

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Time  Hrs  Mins  Secs

5M31:19Bridges of The Tyne 51.20.22 Jul 19+
2M11:33Gordon Smith Memorial Relays2.0-0.88 May 19+
7.5M45:44Pier to Pier 7.5-1.00.519 May 19+
10K39:11Sunderland City 10K1.10.112 May 19+
5K19:07Sunderland 5K0.71.111 Jul 19+
2.22M14:50North East Road Relay Championships2.94.115 Feb 20
7M51:37Gibside Fruit Bowl 77.30.34 Nov 18
6.3M43:16Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League4.00.817 Nov 18
HM83:51Sunderland City Half Marathon0.7-0.113 May 18
5M31:22Bridges of The Tyne 51.50.63 Jul 18
6M36:10George Ogle Memorial 6-0.10.223 May 18
7.5M46:08Pier to Pier 7.5-0.20.620 May 18
5K18:30Sunderland 5K0.40.712 Jul 18
10K38:05Port of Blyth 10K0.8-0.28 Apr 18
5M30:31Hartlepool Marina 50.70.315 Apr 18
2.22M13:35North East Counties Relay Championship2.51.417 Feb 18
7M52:29Gibside Fruit Bowl 77.51.25 Nov 17
10K39:56McCain Yorkshire Coast 10K1.31.222 Oct 17
6M36:40George Ogle Memorial 61.4-0.724 May 17
HM83:33Sunderland City Half Marathon1.1-0.57 May 17
10K37:59North Tyneside 10K1.3-0.616 Apr 17
7.5M44:19Pier to Pier 7.5-0.4-0.614 May 17
10M63:07Thirsk 101.20.119 Mar 17
5M30:07Hartlepool Marina 51.3-0.69 Apr 17
2.5M15:50Weetslade Relays3.81.321 Jun 17
10K37:28McCain Yorkshire Coast 10K0.8-0.230 Oct 16
10K39:40Run Northumberland Cragside 10K1.42.119 Mar 16
5M30:50Hartlepool Marina 50.41.73 Apr 16
10K40:43Sunderland City 10K1.32.71 May 16
10K37:20Darlington 10K0.80.39 Aug 15
5.2M35:14Elvet Striders Clamber Jul 15
2.22M13:51North East Road Relay Championship2.53.420 Feb 16
10K39:16Lambton Run 10K2.80.321 Jun 15
10K38:13Tynedale 10K1.70.31 Jul 15
6.5M40:06Newburn River Run Jun 15
5.67M33:21Blaydon Races 5.670.40.19 Jun 15
2.2M13:20Good Friday Relays 4.725 Mar 16
5K18:42Watergate 5K1.41.427 Aug 15
10M60:59Thirsk 100.60.122 Mar 15
5M30:33Bridges of The Tyne 51.21.17 Jul 15
6M36:35George Ogle Memorial 60.61.227 May 15
5M29:41Hartlepool Marina 50.90.229 Mar 15
10K37:16Blyth Valley 10K0.70.312 Apr 15
10K39:09Sunderland City 10K1.91.13 May 15
1.8M11:17NEMAA Open Road Relay Championships May 15
6M45:27Start Fitness North East Harrier League5.94.926 Sep 15
2.2M12:40Good Friday Road Relays1.11.63 Apr 15
5.5M36:02Old Monks Jan 15
5.2M34:15Elvet Striders Clamber 5.26.0-0.123 Jul 14
6M47:31Gibside Fruit Bowl 66.06.718 Oct 15
10K36:47Tynedale 10K0.90.32 Jul 14
6.5M40:00Newburn River Run Jun 14
5.5M36:42Angel View Jul 14
7M45:47Kilburn 74.20.813 Jul 14
10K38:55Ray Harrison Memorial 10K1.61.917 Aug 14
10K37:04Newton Aycliffe 10K1.00.515 Jun 14
5K17:56Sunderland 5K0.71.116 Jul 14
10K37:21Sunderland City 10K1.70.14 May 14
10K38:45Raby Castle 10K2.60.718 May 14
10K38:16Lambton Challenge 10K1.41.429 Jun 14
5M28:49Hartlepool Marina 50.30.430 Mar 14
6M36:25George Ogle Memorial 60.81.528 May 14
10K37:46North Tyneside 10K1.21.120 Apr 14
7.5M43:49Pier to Pier 7.5-0.81.211 May 14
2.2M12:34Elswick Good Friday Relays0.92.218 Apr 14
7.5M63:35Pier to Pier 7.5-0.415.122 May 16
6M46:55Gibside Fruit Bowl 66.06.919 Oct 14
2M11:30Gordon Smith Memorial Relays-0.13.714 May 14
10K36:40Tynedale 10K0.90.23 Jul 13
10K39:23Adnams Southwold 10K1.02.924 Nov 13
10K37:53Alnwick 10K1.21.223 Jun 13
5.67M33:43Blaydon Races 5.670.90.79 Jun 13
5K17:46Sunderland 5K (Inc North East Champs)0.21.217 Jul 13
10K38:04Darlington 10K0.52.111 Aug 13
10K38:28Marathon of the North 10K1.61.428 Apr 13
10M58:52Brampton to Carlisle 100.3-0.518 Nov 12
7.5M43:45Pier to Pier 7.5-1.51.812 May 13
10M59:49Tynedale Jelly Tea 10 (Inc NE Veterans Champs)1.5-1.12 Sep 12
HM80:30Redcar Half Marathon1.3-0.630 Sep 12
10K38:46Blyth Valley 10K0.52.87 Apr 13
2.22M12:55Royal Signal Road Relays1.91.916 Feb 13
6M45:29Gibside Fruit Bowl 65.06.520 Oct 13
10K35:50New Marske Victorian 10K (Inc NE Veterans' Champs)1.1-1.422 Jul 12
5M30:38Prudhoe Miners Run 54.2-1.615 Jul 12
10K35:21Newton Aycliffe 10K0.8-1.917 Jun 12
10K36:33Saltburn Phoenix 10K1.4-0.629 Jul 12
10K36:05Pitstop 10K1.3-1.64 Jul 12
6M38:30Gibside 63.21.121 Oct 12
5.67M32:11Blaydon Races 5.670.6-1.69 Jun 12
7.5M40:49South Shields Pier to Pier 7.5-1.9-1.220 May 12
10K36:28Sunderland City 10K1.3-1.26 May 12
5K18:48Bupa Great North 5K1.61.815 Sep 12
10K36:54North Tyneside 10K0.8-0.28 Apr 12
2M10:57Gordon Smith Memorial Relays0.40.42 May 12
2.25M12:11Elswick Good Friday Races0.00.16 Apr 12
10M60:07Brampton to Carlisle 10 (inc Northern Championships)0.2-1.219 Nov 11
HM93:41Hadrian's Wall Half Marathon1.55.39 Sep 12
6M38:02Gibside Fruit Bowl 62.9-0.76 Nov 11
2.22M13:20Royal Signal Road Relays2.12.118 Feb 12
5M31:31Hartlepool Marina 5 (Inc NE Veterans' Champs)-0.23.61 Apr 12
10K37:33Middlesbrough Tees Pride 10K0.9-0.64 Sep 11
HM82:48Redcar Half Marathon1.4-1.112 Jun 11
10K38:07Bupa Great North 10K1.2-0.317 Jul 11
10K38:20Marske Victorian 10K1.4-0.324 Jul 11
5M30:24Angel View Run 52.2-1.22 Jun 11
10K37:21Tynedale 10K0.5-0.46 Jul 11
5.9M35:38Blaydon Race 5.90.8-0.49 Jun 11
7.5M45:57Brooks Pier To Pier Run 7.50.8-0.422 May 11
5K18:35Watergate 5K0.80.624 Aug 11
10K37:57Bupa Great North 10K1.40.018 Jul 10
10K41:02Richmond Castle 10K2.60.517 Oct 10
5M30:12Hartlepool Marina 50.6-0.527 Mar 11
10K37:17Blyth Valley 10K (inc Necaa Championships)0.3-1.03 Apr 11
10K37:57Sand Dancer 10K (inc Vaane Championships)1.0-0.310 Apr 11
2.28M13:11Elswick Good Friday Races1.00.722 Apr 11

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XC38:58Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League30 Oct 10
XC44:34North East Harrier League6 Feb 11
XC38:49Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League28 Feb 11
XC33:26Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League12 Mar 11
XC34:31Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League26 Mar 11
XC37:30Start Fitness North East Harrier League8 Oct 11
XC38:29Start Fitness North East Harrier League29 Oct 11
XC33:43Start Fitness North East Harrier League26 Nov 11
XC11:43Durham Cathedral Relays22 Jan 12
XC36:35Start Fitness North East Harrier League11 Feb 12
XC40:42Start Fitness North East Harrier League3 Mar 12
XC36:16Start Fitness North East Harrier League24 Mar 12
XC40:19Start Fitness North East Harrier League27 Oct 12
XC30:08Start Fitness North East Harrier League17 Nov 12
XC36:59Start Fitness North East Harrier League15 Dec 12
XC9:48Durham Cathedral Relays13 Jan 13
XC42:31Start Fitness North East Harrier League2 Mar 13
XC45:09Start Fitness North East Harrier League23 Mar 13
XC30:35North East Harrier League26 Oct 13
XC38:15North East Harrier League24 Nov 13
XC42:48North East Harrier League30 Nov 13
XC50:08North Eastern County Championships14 Dec 13
XC11:52Durham Cathedral Cross Country Relays12 Jan 14
XC42:31North East Harrier League1 Mar 14
XC11:45Durham Summer Relays18 Aug 14
XC10:35Sunderland Open and Relays13 Sep 14
XC42:58Start Fitness North East Harrier League22 Nov 14
XC43:34Start Fitness North East Harrier League29 Nov 14
XC49:51North Eastern County Championships13 Dec 14
XC11:37Durham Cathedral Relays11 Jan 15
XC40:41Start Fitness North East Harrier League31 Jan 15
XC40:22Start Fitness North East Harrier League28 Feb 15
XC36:33Start Fitness North East Harrier League14 Mar 15
XC38:10Start Fitness North East Harrier League10 Oct 15
XC48:34Start Fitness North East Harrier League21 Nov 15
XC11:42Durham Cathedral Relays17 Jan 16
XC48:00Start Fitness North East Harrier League5 Mar 16
XC36:47Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League1 Oct 16
XC39:09Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League9 Oct 16
XC41:10Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League26 Nov 16
XC39:58Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League7 Jan 17
XC49:17Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League11 Feb 17
XC44:49Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League4 Mar 17
XC40:33Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League8 Oct 17
XC45:18Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League17 Mar 18
XC38:01Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League29 Sep 18
XC39:35Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League7 Oct 18
XC42:47Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League9 Feb 19
XC43:00Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League2 Mar 19
XC39:18Start Fitness North Eastern Harrier League28 Sep 19