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 Rewards Running 2020 competition runs until September 2020

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10K41:36Jimmy Irvine Bella 10K1.00.817 Nov 19+
10K40:49City of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish Championships)0.10.98 Sep 19+
HM93:39Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon1.11.529 Sep 19+
10K44:45Zafiro Palma 10K3.21.613 Oct 19+
4K17:10Scottish National Relay Championships4.22.026 Oct 19+
2.7M17:21George Cumming Road Relays1.21.75 Oct 19
10K41:31Babcock Shettleston 10K1.20.526 May 19
10K41:26Clydebank 10K1.10.513 Jun 19
10K41:25Brian Goodwin Memorial 10K0.70.921 Jun 19
Mar3:23:23Virgin London Marathon1.02.528 Apr 19
5M40:16Dunbartonshire AAA Championships6.24.023 Nov 19
HM88:52Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon0.5-0.130 Sep 18
HM96:26Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon1.22.610 Mar 19
5K20:26Allan Scally Memorial Relays (4 x 5K)1.01.72 Mar 19
7K26:05Dunbartonshire AAA Championships-2.80.924 Nov 18
10K40:42City of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish Championships)0.90.09 Sep 18
2.7M16:59George Cumming Road Relays1.40.66 Oct 18
Mar3:14:48Edinburgh Marathon Festival Marathon1.30.427 May 18
HM88:32Stirling Scottish Half Marathon1.0-0.729 Apr 18
10K41:22Marymass 10K1.10.422 Aug 18
8.5K41:18Scottish West District Championships6.02.88 Dec 18
HM88:49Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon0.6-0.225 Mar 18
10K40:00Ayrodynamic Turkey Trot 10K1.9-1.726 Dec 17
10K41:11Helensburgh 10K0.90.410 May 18
HM88:21Eddie's Lochaber Half Marathon1.0-0.85 Nov 17
4K18:18Scottish West District Relay Championships5.23.813 Oct 18
10K53:37Lindsays Scottish National Championships6.46.323 Feb 19
10K46:00Lindsays Scottish National Championships4.91.124 Feb 18
HM91:08Dunoon Half Marathon1.40.15 Aug 17
6.4K28:40Scottish West District Championships4.21.89 Dec 17
10K39:51Helensburgh 10K1.0-1.23 May 17
10M66:34Tom Scott Memorial 10 (Inc. Scottish Championships)0.5-0.22 Apr 17
2.7M17:41George Cumming Road Relays1.62.17 Oct 17
10K41:21Polaroid Dumbarton 10K1.30.211 May 17
10K42:32Marymass 10K0.91.823 Aug 17
10K40:37Jack Crawford Springburn Cup 10K1.2-0.611 Mar 17
4K17:41Scottish National Relay Championships4.03.528 Oct 17
10K40:43Cambuslang Down By The River 10K0.70.15 Mar 17
10K40:31Nigel Barge Memorial 10K1.1-0.522 Jan 17
4K18:32Scottish West District Relay Championships5.93.715 Oct 17
10K41:13Ayrodynamic Turkey Trot 10K1.7-0.326 Dec 16
HM89:44Eddie's Half Marathon0.80.16 Nov 16
4M26:27Dunbartonshire Championships3.0-0.613 Nov 16
10K49:32Scottish National Championships6.03.225 Feb 17
4K15:57Scottish West District Relay Championships2.70.58 Oct 16
4K16:09Scottish National Relay Championships2.80.922 Oct 16
10K41:33City of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish 10K Championships)0.81.011 Sep 16
10K41:36Marymass 10K1.30.517 Aug 16
10K40:50Brian Goodwin Memorial 10K (Inc West District Championships)0.80.317 Jun 16
10K41:27Roon the Toon 10K1.20.512 Jun 16
10K40:01Ayrodynamic Turkey Trot 10K0.8-0.626 Dec 15
10K41:04Jack Crawford Springburn Cup 10K0.60.75 Mar 16
HM90:18Eddie's Half Marathon1.6-0.41 Nov 15
Mar3:27:00ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon1.43.110 Apr 16
10M67:15Around Cumbrae 101.2-0.313 Sep 15
10K40:12Bella Belter 10K1.2-0.87 Aug 15
8K37:39Scottish National Championships4.92.727 Feb 16
HM90:52Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon0.70.74 Oct 15
10K40:34Marymass 10K0.80.019 Aug 15
2.7M16:55George Cumming Road Relays1.40.626 Sep 15
4K16:54Scottish National Short Course Championships4.01.67 Nov 15
10K40:07Brian Goodwin Memorial 10K0.7-0.419 Jun 15
Mar3:22:14Edinburgh Marathon Festival Marathon1.71.831 May 15
10K40:37Helensburgh 10K0.80.614 May 15
10K40:16Polaroid Dumbarton 10K0.40.721 May 15
4M27:45Dunbartonshire Championships1.03.414 Nov 15
HM90:23Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon0.31.58 Mar 15
10K40:09Ayrodynamic Turkey Trot 10K0.40.526 Dec 14
HM89:08Eddie's Lochaber Half Marathon1.00.22 Nov 14
HM88:41Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon0.70.35 Oct 14
10K42:21Cambuslang Down By The River 10K0.82.31 Mar 15
10K40:33Jimmy Irvine Bella 10K0.70.78 Nov 14
HM98:25Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon1.10.05 Sep 10
10K43:39St Andrews Hospice 10K1.0-1.93 Oct 10
5M34:21KMPG Glasgow University 50.4-0.86 Nov 10
10K42:57Jimmy Irvine 10K0.8-1.113 Nov 10
10K41:28Nigel Barge 10K Memorial Road Race0.2-1.75 Mar 11
HM93:54Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon0.30.813 Mar 11
10K43:32Buchlyvie 10K1.80.22 Apr 11
10K41:15Helensburgh 10K0.4-0.619 May 11
10K41:58Clydebank 10K0.20.526 May 11
10K42:48Dumbarton 10K0.70.82 Jun 11
10K42:05Vale of Leven 10K0.70.112 Jun 11
10K41:25Brian Goodwin Memorial 10K0.4-0.224 Jun 11
HM93:49Helensburgh Half Marathon0.80.57 Aug 11
10K41:27Paisley 10K0.5-0.328 Aug 11
HM91:27Bank Of Scotland Great Scottish Run Half Marathon0.9-0.74 Sep 11
10K41:00Stirling 10K0.3-0.518 Sep 11
3.25M20:49McAndrew Relay1.2-0.91 Oct 11
4.8M31:55Allan Scally Road Relays (Inc Scottish University Championships)1.2-0.329 Oct 11
HM90:31Eddie's Lochaber Half Marathon0.8-0.86 Nov 11
10K40:58Bella 10K0.4-0.412 Nov 11
10K41:42Buchlyvie 10K1.4-0.721 Jan 12
5K19:09Clydebank 5K-0.2-0.917 Mar 12
10K40:15Jim Dingwall Round The Houses 10K0.6-0.225 Mar 12
HM89:21Balloch To Clydebank Half Marathon0.20.115 Apr 12
10K39:46Helensburgh Polaroid Eyewear 10K0.1-0.217 May 12
10K41:08Clydebank Polaroid Eyewear 10K1.30.124 May 12
10K39:13Dumbarton Polaroid 10K0.0-0.631 May 12
10K40:16Vale of Leven 10K0.30.810 Jun 12
10K40:07Brian Goodwin Memorial 10K0.80.122 Jun 12
HM91:10Isle of Arran Half Marathon1.40.71 Jul 12
HM88:41Helensburgh Half Marathon (Inc West District Champs)1.1-0.15 Aug 12
10K40:23ToC Bella Belter 10K1.00.217 Aug 12
10K40:35Paisley 10K0.50.926 Aug 12
HM90:55Great Scottish Run Half Marathon1.01.02 Sep 12
10M67:35Around Cumbrae 101.40.39 Sep 12
10K40:29Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish Champs)0.50.816 Sep 12
3.25M20:49McAndrew Relay1.50.66 Oct 12
HM89:42Eddie's Lochaber Half Marathon0.80.74 Nov 12
10K40:50Jimmy Irvine Achilles Heel Bella 10K0.61.010 Nov 12
10K40:42Cambuslang Down By The River 10K0.41.13 Mar 13
5K19:11Clydebank 5K0.10.616 Mar 13
10K40:28Jim Dingwall Round The Houses 10K0.70.624 Mar 13
HM90:09Balloch To Clydebank Half Marathon1.40.314 Apr 13
10K39:56Polaroid Helensburgh 10K0.60.116 May 13
10K40:09Clydebank 10K0.00.923 May 13
10K40:22Polaroid Dumbarton 10K0.50.730 May 13
10K40:19Polaroid Vale of Leven 10K0.70.49 Jun 13
HM90:41Helensburgh Half Marathon1.20.74 Aug 13
10M67:33Around Cumbrae 101.00.78 Sep 13
10K41:02City of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish Champs)0.90.915 Sep 13
3.25M21:23MacAndrew Relay2.11.15 Oct 13
10K41:05Bank of Scotland Great Scottish 10K0.21.76 Oct 13
HM89:27Eddie's Half Marathon1.20.23 Nov 13
10K40:49Jimmy Irvine Bella 10K0.41.29 Nov 13
10K39:47Ayrodynamic Turkey Trot 10K0.50.126 Dec 13
8K35:45Scottish National Championships3.22.822 Feb 14
HM87:59Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon0.30.49 Mar 14
10K40:49Jim Dingwall Round The Houses 10K0.90.76 Apr 14
10M68:54Tom Scott Memorial 10 (Inc Scottish Champs)2.40.113 Apr 14
10K40:40Polaroid Helensburgh 10K0.41.115 May 14
10K41:06Poloroid Clydebank 10K0.11.822 May 14
10K41:09Polaroid Dumbarton 10K0.31.729 May 14
10K41:36Polaroid Vale of Leven 10K1.11.38 Jun 14
10K41:35Brian Goodwin Memorial 10K1.01.420 Jun 14
10K41:42Paisley 10K1.11.431 Aug 14
10M68:26Around Cumbrae 100.61.614 Sep 14
3.25M21:29MacAndrew Relay2.01.44 Oct 14

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