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HM1:49:11Lancaster Half Marathon2.00.24 Nov 18+
HM1:54:01Windmill Half Marathon1.82.321 Jul 19+
HM1:54:27Uttoxeter Half Marathon1.33.05 May 19+
HM1:55:13Wilmslow Half Marathon0.44.224 Mar 19+
HM1:52:27Conwy Half Marathon1.22.318 Nov 18+
HM1:53:39Worksop Halloween Half Marathon1.03.028 Oct 18
HM1:56:24Windmill Half Marathon3.41.915 Jul 18
HM1:50:45Shrewsbury Half Marathon1.41.717 Jun 18
HM1:55:52Macclesfield Half Marathon1.83.323 Sep 18
HM1:53:10Wilmslow Half Marathon1.72.424 Jun 18
HM1:55:29Potters Arf Half Marathon2.22.810 Jun 18
HM1:48:30Lancaster Half Marathon1.51.35 Nov 17
HM1:49:53Worksop Halloween Half Marathon1.02.329 Oct 17
HM1:55:34Macclesfield Half Marathon2.53.124 Sep 17
HM1:49:23Fleetwood Half Marathon1.02.120 Aug 17
HM1:48:58Windmill Half Marathon1.21.816 Jul 17
HM1:58:02Four Villages Half Marathon1.64.321 Jan 18
HM1:59:25Blackpool Festival of Running Half Marathon0.55.922 Apr 18
HM1:54:32Shrewsbury Half Marathon2.72.518 Jun 17
HM1:56:29Potters Arf Half Marathon2.13.811 Jun 17
HM1:47:40Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon0.51.919 Feb 17
HM1:50:43Wilmslow Half Marathon0.92.819 Mar 17
HM1:43:51Lancaster Castle Half Marathon0.80.118 Sep 16
HM1:48:24Keyworth Turkey Trot Half Marathon0.72.011 Dec 16
HM1:51:16Four Villages Half Marathon1.22.715 Jan 17
HM1:49:44Lancaster Half Marathon1.32.06 Nov 16
HM1:45:34Fleetwood Half Marathon0.80.821 Aug 16
HM1:58:19North Wales Half Marathon5.21.430 Jul 16
HM1:55:20Worksop Half Marathon1.24.330 Oct 16
HM1:53:06Windmill Half Marathon1.33.317 Jul 16
HM1:43:10Worksop Half Marathon0.60.025 Oct 15
HM1:54:56Potters Arf Half Marathon1.63.712 Jun 16
HM1:45:01JWK Lancaster Half Marathon1.00.31 Nov 15
HM1:47:12Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon0.31.914 Feb 16
HM1:53:11Wilmslow Half Marathon1.03.63 Apr 16
HM1:44:58Prudent Riverside Half Marathon1.6-0.316 Aug 15
HM1:50:54Four Villages Half Marathon1.22.517 Jan 16
HM1:51:25Wrexham Marathon Festival Half Marathon0.43.56 Mar 16
HM1:45:01Lancaster Castle Half Marathon0.80.520 Sep 15
HM1:46:03Windmill Half Marathon1.60.219 Jul 15
HM1:53:07Sleaford Half Marathon1.41.028 Feb 10
HM1:47:07Wilmslow Half Marathon0.5-2.028 Mar 10
HM1:50:46Uttoxeter Half Marathon0.80.72 May 10
HM1:51:18Shell Chester Half Marathon0.80.916 May 10
HM1:55:23Potters Arf Half Marathon1.61.713 Jun 10
HM1:56:54Newark Half Marathon1.42.58 Aug 10
HM1:54:32Experian Robin Hood Half Marathon1.41.612 Sep 10
Mar4:03:38Dublin Marathon1.22.125 Oct 10
HM1:54:44Keyworth Turkey Trot Half Marathon1.02.012 Dec 10
HM1:55:31Shell Four Villages Half Marathon0.23.123 Jan 11
HM1:55:13Village Bakery Half Marathon0.32.927 Feb 11
HM1:51:14Twin Piers Half Marathon0.80.913 Mar 11
HM1:55:50Wilmslow Half Marathon (inc England Championships)0.13.427 Mar 11
HM2:05:30Mansfield Half Marathon2.44.626 Jun 11
HM1:56:08Newark Half Marathon1.22.414 Aug 11
HM1:56:56Macclesfield Half Marathon1.92.025 Sep 11
HM1:52:53Coventry Half Marathon1.60.72 Oct 11
HM1:52:12Conwy Half Marathon1.60.420 Nov 11
HM1:50:29Clowne Half Marathon1.6-0.227 Nov 11
HM1:52:28Keyworth Turkey Trot Half Marathon0.51.611 Dec 11
HM1:48:30Essar Four Villages Half Marathon0.9-0.322 Jan 12
HM1:46:30Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon0.7-1.019 Feb 12
HM1:49:23Wilmslow Half Marathon (Inc England Champs)0.80.425 Mar 12
HM1:57:48Shifnal Half Marathon1.23.31 Jul 12
HM1:45:19Fleetwood Half Marathon0.6-1.126 Aug 12
HM1:42:43Blackpool Hilton Half Marathon0.4-1.52 Sep 12
HM1:50:35Macclesfield Half Marathon1.61.630 Sep 12
Mar3:54:30MBNA Chester Marathon (Inc Welsh Champs)1.42.17 Oct 12
HM1:57:55Clowne Half Marathon1.74.425 Nov 12
HM1:51:32Keyworth Turkey Trot Half Marathon1.02.69 Dec 12
HM1:53:16Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon0.63.717 Feb 13
HM2:02:57Wilmslow Half Marathon0.77.224 Mar 13
HM1:54:13Blackpool Half Marathon0.44.37 Apr 13
HM1:57:32Potters Arf Half Marathon2.13.89 Jun 13
HM2:12:27North Wales Half Marathon3.67.64 Aug 13
HM1:54:06Fleetwood Half Marathon1.53.125 Aug 13
HM1:47:04Blackpool Hilton Half Marathon0.81.01 Sep 13
HM1:54:12Macclesfield Half Marathon1.82.829 Sep 13
HM1:52:11Worksop Half Marathon (Inc Notts Champs)1.12.827 Oct 13
HM1:56:13Conwy Half Marathon1.34.124 Nov 13
13.7M2:01:25Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon0.44.916 Feb 14
HM1:50:56Blackpool Half Marathon2.01.46 Apr 14
HM1:57:58Potters Arf Half Marathon2.63.58 Jun 14
HM1:48:07Windmill Half Marathon1.60.613 Jul 14
HM1:52:44Fleetwood Half Marathon0.83.324 Aug 14
HM1:46:21Blackpool Hilton Half Marathon1.40.131 Aug 14
HM1:45:15Castle Half Marathon0.80.321 Sep 14
HM1:59:52Macclesfield Half Marathon2.34.528 Sep 14
HM1:44:37Worksop Halloween Half Marathon1.3-0.526 Oct 14
HM1:43:24Lancaster Half Marathon0.6-0.32 Nov 14
HM1:45:31Conwy Half Marathon1.20.023 Nov 14
HM1:41:493-1-5 Lancaster Half Marathon1.4-1.87 Dec 14
HM1:43:11Wrexham Village Bakery Half Marathon (Inc North Wales Championships)0.10.515 Feb 15
HM1:51:59Great North West Half Marathon1.82.422 Feb 15
HM1:49:59Wilmslow Half Marathon0.43.022 Mar 15
HM1:45:40Blackpool Half Marathon1.20.426 Apr 15
HM1:48:26Bosworth Half Marathon1.61.110 May 15
HM1:48:22Potters Arf Half Marathon1.71.014 Jun 15
HM1:59:22North Wales Half Marathon4.62.426 Jul 15

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ROAD1:52:59Fleetwood Half Marathon19 Aug 18