Jean-Luc Hoez
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

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Time  Hrs  Mins  Secs

5K23:49Self Transcendence 5K0.51.55 Aug 19+
5K24:01Self Transcendence 5K0.71.729 Jul 19+
5K24:11Self Transcendence 5K0.72.015 Jul 19+
5K24:23Self Transcendence 5K0.52.58 Jul 19+
10K53:42London Summer League1.73.821 Jul 19+
5K25:37Self Transcendence 5K0.64.610 Jun 19
7K33:38Wedding Day 7K1.51.027 Jul 18
10K52:48Self Transcendence 10K0.74.616 Mar 19
5K24:27RunThrough Chase The Moon Olympic Park 5K1.02.61 Nov 18
10K51:42RunThrough Chase The Moon Olympic Park 10K0.04.312 Dec 18
10K57:21RunThrough Greenwich Park 10K1.57.014 Sep 19
HM2:00:44Hampton Court Half Marathon0.36.117 Feb 19
5K23:54Self Transcendence 5K0.73.011 Jun 18
10K53:09London Summer League 10K2.54.115 Jul 18
10K49:08Run London Victoria Park 10K1.02.525 Feb 18
10K50:15RunThrough Chase the Sun Clapham Common 10K1.23.318 Apr 18
10K48:36Self Transcendence 10K0.62.417 Feb 18
10K49:14RunThrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 10K0.13.511 Apr 18
10K49:49Self Transcendence 10K0.63.524 Mar 18
7K32:07Wedding Day 7K1.40.028 Jul 17
10K47:30RunThrough Chase the Sun Victoria Park 10K1.40.626 Jul 17
10K49:38RunThrough Chase the Moon Olympic Park 10K0.63.310 Jan 18
10K49:36RunThrough Chase the Moon Olympic Park 10K1.02.96 Dec 17
10K47:37Self Transcendence 10K0.91.222 Jul 17
10K47:21RunThrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 10K0.01.913 Sep 17
10K49:31London Summer League2.81.318 Jun 17
5K22:53Self Transcendence 5K0.81.317 Jul 17
10K50:24RunThrough Crystal Palace 10K2.62.02 Jul 17
10K48:29RunThrough Clapham Common 10K1.81.330 Apr 17
10K50:59RunThrough Clapham Common 10K1.23.99 Sep 17
10K49:00RunThrough Chase the Sun Finsbury Park 10K1.22.410 May 17
10K55:08RunThrough Chase the Sun Brixton 10K5.43.421 Jun 17
10K51:56Nice Work Richmond Park 10K Series2.04.211 Jun 17
10M89:31Cabbage Patch 101.25.615 Oct 17
10M86:03RunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark 10-0.65.730 Sep 17
10M83:26Maidenhead Easter 100.73.214 Apr 17
10K48:55RunThrough Battersea Park 10K-0.16.221 Jan 17
6M42:31Streatham Common Open-3.24.817 Sep 16
HM1:58:52Hastings Half Marathon2.04.819 Mar 17
5K22:40Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K1.53.027 May 16
7K32:59Wedding Day 7K1.04.429 Jul 16
10K49:38Self Transcendence 10K1.35.410 Sep 16
10K47:48Self Transcendence 10K1.04.111 Jun 16
5K22:30Self Transcendence 5K0.53.76 Jun 16
10K51:44Emer Casey London 10K1.86.830 Oct 16
2M14:17Self Transcendence 20.94.81 Aug 16
10K47:52Self Transcendence 10K0.94.321 May 16
5K22:52Self Transcendence 5K0.64.313 Jun 16
10M85:43Cabbage Patch 100.94.216 Oct 16
5K23:51Self Transcendence 5K1.05.711 Jul 16
5K22:16Self Transcendence 5K0.83.027 Jul 15
5K21:58Serpentine RC 5K Championships0.42.816 Jul 15
10K46:23Self Transcendence 10K1.02.813 Jun 15
HM1:54:24Hastings Half Marathon0.84.320 Mar 16
5K21:59Self Transcendence 5K0.42.825 May 15
5K21:47Self Transcendence 5K0.02.88 Jun 15
5K22:17Self Transcendence 5K0.43.413 Jul 15
5K22:36Self Transcendence 5K1.03.46 Jul 15
Mar4:26:13Virgin London Marathon1.10.025 Apr 10
10K43:35Self Transcendence 10K0.80.09 Oct 10
10M70:29Cabbage Patch 100.3-1.217 Oct 10
5K20:35Self Transcendence 5K0.8-1.530 Oct 10
HM1:44:19Hastings Half Marathon0.44.020 Mar 11
10K43:45 Metropolitan Summer League0.60.55 Jun 11
2M13:20Self Transcendence 21.60.76 Jun 11
10K43:10Self Transcendence 10K0.20.311 Jun 11
5K21:21Self Transcendence 5K0.60.913 Jun 11
10K44:00Metropolitan Summer League1.20.126 Jun 11
2M12:54Self Transcendence 21.6-0.727 Jun 11
5K20:28Self Transcendence 5K0.4-0.64 Jul 11
5M34:22Ealing Summer League0.8-0.210 Jul 11
2M12:49Self Transcendence 2 Miles1.0-0.111 Jul 11
10M74:54Self Transcendence 101.61.016 Jul 11
5K20:33Self Transcendence 5K0.6-0.418 Jul 11
10K43:03 Metropolitan Summer League0.9-0.524 Jul 11
7K29:22The Wedding Day 7K1.2-1.029 Jul 11
2M12:38Self Transcendence 2 Miles1.2-0.91 Aug 11
10M74:19Cabbage Patch 10-0.12.316 Oct 11
HM1:50:52Hastings Half Marathon0.96.225 Mar 12
Mar4:14:54Brighton Marathon1.64.915 Apr 12
5K21:49 Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K0.91.827 Apr 12
2M13:19Self Transcendence 21.41.128 May 12
10K44:40Metropolitan Summer League1.40.610 Jun 12
5K20:52Self Transcendence 5K0.60.218 Jun 12
7K30:19Wedding Day 7K1.60.029 Jun 12
5K21:15Self Transcendence 5K1.00.62 Jul 12
2M13:01Self Transcendence 21.40.19 Jul 12
10M75:59Cabbage Patch 100.32.921 Oct 12
10K46:12Emer Casey London 10K-0.23.628 Oct 12
HM1:50:25Hastings Half Marathon (Inc Sussex Champs)1.25.724 Mar 13
Mar4:32:15Brighton Marathon2.37.114 Apr 13
5K21:50Self Transcendence 5K0.42.33 Jun 13
10K47:15Self Transcendence 10K1.03.413 Jul 13
5K22:10Self Transcendence 5K2.01.422 Jul 13
7K31:53Wedding Day 7K1.91.826 Jul 13
5K22:05Self Transcendence 5K0.62.629 Jul 13
10M80:03Cabbage Patch 100.74.320 Oct 13
10K48:28Emer Casey London 10K2.03.527 Oct 13
10K47:29Self Transcendence 10K0.04.630 Nov 13
5M43:42ATW Metropolitan League5.25.921 Dec 13
5.5M49:02ATW Metropolitan League5.46.311 Jan 14
5K20:23Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K0.8-1.031 Jan 14
HM1:48:28Old Deer Park Richmond Half Marathon0.05.723 Feb 14
5K21:10Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K1.40.228 Feb 14
HM1:57:58Hastings Half Marathon (Inc Sussex Champs)1.18.323 Mar 14
5K22:00Self Transcendence 5K0.62.62 Jun 14
5K22:09Self Transcendence 5K0.53.09 Jun 14
10K46:10Self Transcendence 10K1.02.614 Jun 14
5K21:40Self Transcendence 5K0.02.623 Jun 14
5K21:52 Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K0.82.227 Jun 14
5K22:05Self Transcendence 5K0.33.130 Jun 14
1M6:21Self Transcendence Relay1.20.07 Jul 14
10K47:25Self Transcendence 10K0.83.912 Jul 14
5K22:27Self Transcendence 5K0.83.321 Jul 14
7K32:16Wedding Day 7K1.92.525 Jul 14
5K22:34Self Transcendence 5K0.53.828 Jul 14
10M86:32Cabbage Patch 101.04.719 Oct 14
5K22:44Brooks Serpentine Last Friday 5K1.23.430 Jan 15
10K48:06Sutton Runners 10K1.44.010 May 15
5K22:20Self Transcendence 5K0.73.211 May 15
10K49:52Lexus Croydon 10K1.25.718 Oct 15

Order By:

XC36:51Metropolitan League13 Nov 10
XC46:06London Championships20 Nov 10
XC40:43Ellis Trophy4 Dec 10
XC39:40Metropolitan League15 Jan 11
XC77:08Southern Cross Country Championships29 Jan 11
XC59:52Streatham Common 629 Sep 12
XC43:38ATW Metropolitan League15 Dec 12
XC46:31ATW Metropolitan League12 Jan 13
XC48:48London Championships16 Nov 13
XC56:13Streatham Common 627 Sep 14
XC53:06London Championships19 Nov 16