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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

 Rewards Running 2018 competition runs until September 2018

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10K33:08Babcock Shettleston 10K (incorporating West District 10K Road Championships)2.0-0.427 May 18+
10K33:28Vale of Leven 10K2.3-0.42 Jun 18+
10K33:07Cambuslang Down By The River 3K / 10K1.60.020 May 18+
10K33:14Paisley 10K1.00.519 Aug 18+
2.7M13:38George Cumming Road Relays1.40.56 Oct 18+
HM73:06Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon0.50.930 Sep 18
3K9:153K on the Green Series1.50.325 May 18
10K34:08City of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish Championships)0.91.59 Sep 18
10K33:42Babcock Dumbarton 10K0.91.317 May 18
10M55:07Tom Scott Memorial 10 (Inc. Scottish Championships)0.12.41 Apr 18
3.1M16:28Scottish National Mens 6-Stage Road Relay Championships2.10.925 Mar 18
10K37:11Lindsays Scottish National Championships4.91.724 Feb 18
3K9:093K on the Green Series0.31.227 Apr 18
5M26:47Glasgow University 51.31.617 Feb 18
10K32:42Linlithgow 10K1.40.48 Oct 17
HM72:00Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon0.71.11 Oct 17
5K15:57Armagh International Road Races0.21.715 Feb 18
10K34:47Scottish West District Championships2.31.89 Dec 17
4K13:03Scottish Short Course Championships3.50.511 Nov 17
4K12:43Lanarkshire AAA Relay Championships2.40.621 Oct 17
4K13:49Scottish West District Relay Championships5.90.315 Oct 17
2.7M13:30George Cumming Road Relays1.60.47 Oct 17
4K13:29Scottish National Relay Championships4.01.228 Oct 17
10M54:03Great Edinburgh 101.90.123 Apr 17
10K33:15Paisley 10K0.91.520 Aug 17
10K33:33City of Stirling 10K1.01.810 Sep 17
5.8M30:01Scottish Men's 6-Stage Relays1.50.026 Mar 17
10K33:46Vale of Leven 10K2.01.010 Jun 17
HM71:56Alloa Half Marathon1.20.719 Mar 17
10K33:14Babcock Shettleston 10K1.31.328 May 17
10M53:00Tom Scott Memorial 10 (Inc. Scottish Championships)0.50.82 Apr 17
500015:56.45Shettleston Milnbank Housing Association Open Graded Meetings0.11.929 Aug 17
10K32:48Helensburgh 10K1.01.13 May 17
1000032:39.44BMC / GAA Regional Races (Inc Scottish 10,000m Championships)0.81.228 Apr 17
8002:06.8Central & South of Scotland League Division 31.4-0.86 Aug 17
10K33:47Roon the Toon 10K1.51.511 Jun 17
10K32:42Jim Dingwall Round the Houses 10K1.20.89 Apr 17
10K33:16Polaroid Dumbarton 10K1.31.311 May 17
5M25:56Glasgow University 52.0-0.118 Feb 17
10K31:56Cambuslang Down By The River 10K0.70.55 Mar 17
10K32:02Nigel Barge Memorial 10K1.10.222 Jan 17
15004:16.83BMC Regional Races0.40.028 Jul 17
30009:16.14BMC Regional Races0.62.12 Jun 17
10K38:21Scottish National Championships6.02.025 Feb 17
5K16:15Self Transcendence 5K (Inc Scottish Championships)0.52.75 May 17
HM68:56Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon (149.7m short)0.10.32 Oct 16
5K15:29Armagh International Road Races0.11.418 Feb 17
4.8M25:08Allan Scally Relays1.90.529 Oct 16
10K32:37Linlithgow 10K1.90.025 Sep 16
10K32:05Lanarkshire Championships0.31.019 Nov 16
4K12:29Scottish National Relay Championships2.80.222 Oct 16
10K37:37Scottish West District Championships6.01.34 Dec 16
8002:08.47BMC Regional Races0.20.92 Jun 17
2.7M13:15George Cumming Road Relays2.00.024 Sep 16
4K12:32Scottish West District Relay Championships2.70.58 Oct 16
10K32:18City of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish 10K Championships)0.80.811 Sep 16
4K13:14Scottish National Short Course Championships3.91.35 Nov 16
10K32:49Paisley 10K1.30.821 Aug 16
10K31:58Polaroid Vale of Leven 10K1.00.25 Jun 16
10K32:12Roon the Toon 10K1.20.312 Jun 16
10K32:27Polaroid Helensburgh 10K1.70.412 May 16
10K31:56Polaroid Clydebank 10K0.51.119 May 16
10K32:11Polaroid Dumbarton 10K0.71.226 May 16
30009:11.56Shettleston Harriers' Open Graded Meeting1.11.323 Aug 16
500015:49.19Shettleston Harriers' Open Graded Meeting0.22.130 Aug 16
HM70:58Alloa Half Marathon0.71.120 Mar 16
10M54:16Great Edinburgh 101.41.217 Apr 16
5.8M30:14Scottish 6 Stage Road Relays1.50.73 Apr 16
15004:14.48BMC Regional Races (Inc Scottish East & West District 5000m Championships)0.70.829 Jul 16
10K32:57Nigel Barge Memorial 10K2.00.724 Jan 16
10M54:50Tom Scott Memorial 10 (Inc. Scottish National & West District 10 mile Championships)0.42.510 Apr 16
5K15:36Self Transcendence 5K (Inc Scottish Championships)0.12.16 May 16
15004:23.92Scottish Athletics League Division 11.41.417 Jul 16
5K15:21Clydebank 5K-0.31.919 Mar 16
1000033:30.48BMC Regional Races (Inc Scottish 10,000m Championships)0.42.929 Apr 16
10K32:59Jack Crawford Springburn Cup 10K0.62.15 Mar 16
15004:14.31Scottish Athletics League Division 10.41.18 May 16
8002:05.26BMC Regional Races0.00.13 Jun 16
HM70:21Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon0.70.84 Oct 15
12K45:50Scottish National Championships5.02.927 Feb 16
10K33:03Lanarkshire Cross Country Championships1.21.621 Nov 15
8K28:45Great Edinburgh Cross Country International (Inc Scottish Inter District Championships)4.12.39 Jan 16
10K32:57Linlithgow 10K1.80.920 Sep 15
4K13:01Scottish National Short Course Championships4.01.07 Nov 15
4K13:01Scottish West District Relay Championships4.30.711 Oct 15
2.7M13:17George Cumming Road Relays1.41.126 Sep 15
10K32:52Paisley 10K1.11.530 Aug 15
10M52:44Morrisons Great Edinburgh 101.40.119 Apr 15
4K13:40Scottish National Relay Championships4.72.124 Oct 15
10K31:42Polaroid Vale of Leven 10K1.10.27 Jun 15
10K31:41Polaroid Clydebank 10K0.50.828 May 15
10M51:20Tom Scott Memorial 10 (Inc Scottish Champs)0.30.35 Apr 15
10K31:49Polaroid Dumbarton 10K0.41.021 May 15
10K32:06Helensburgh 10K0.81.014 May 15
5.8M30:17Scottish Relay Championships1.70.629 Mar 15
HM69:14Alloa Half Marathon0.10.915 Mar 15
10K34:19City of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish 10K Championships)0.83.413 Sep 15
500015:33.25Scottish Athletics League Division 11.01.110 May 15
5K15:25Self Transcendence 5K (Inc Scottish Championships)0.61.129 Apr 15
10K31:41Jim Dingwall Round The Houses 10K0.11.212 Apr 15
5M25:32Kings Buildings 51.00.87 Mar 15
5K15:08Clydebank 5K0.01.121 Mar 15
5M25:28Renfrewshire AAA County Road Race Championships0.61.11 Feb 15
HM68:43Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon0.70.05 Oct 14
5M25:34Glasgow University 51.20.629 Nov 14
30009:12.3Central & South of Scotland League Division 20.62.117 May 15
8K29:09Great Edinburgh XCountry (inc Scottish Inter-District)5.41.610 Jan 15
10K32:11Linlithgow 10K1.80.128 Sep 14
10K31:22Paisley 10K1.1-0.231 Aug 14
2.7M12:53George Cummings Relay1.40.027 Sep 14
3.25M16:19MacAndrew Relay2.00.14 Oct 14
10K31:55City of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish Championships)0.11.514 Sep 14
10M52:37Bupa Great Edinburgh 101.50.027 Apr 14
10K31:33Polaroid Vale of Leven 10K1.10.18 Jun 14
10K30:53Polaroid Dumbarton 10K0.30.129 May 14
10K31:13Men's Health 10K0.40.415 Jun 14
10K32:21Brian Goodwin Memorial 10K1.01.020 Jun 14
10K31:11Poloroid Clydebank 10K0.10.622 May 14
10M54:20Tom Scott Memorial 10 (Inc Scottish Champs)2.40.213 Apr 14
10K31:21Polaroid Helensburgh 10K0.40.515 May 14
5.8M29:42Scottish Relay Championships1.10.530 Mar 14
12K40:54Scottish National Championships3.60.022 Feb 14
10K31:58Jim Dingwall Round The Houses 10K0.90.76 Apr 14
HM69:51Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon0.31.09 Mar 14
5K15:26Self Transcendence 5K (Inc Scottish Champs)0.51.37 May 14
5M25:05Glasgow University 51.6-0.430 Nov 13
5M25:27Renfrewshire AAA County Road Race Championships1.00.72 Feb 14
5K15:15Clydebank 5K0.31.115 Mar 14
HM69:05Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon0.90.06 Oct 13
10K30:54Paisley 10K0.8-0.425 Aug 13
3.25M16:12MacAndrew Relay2.1-0.35 Oct 13
10K32:01Linlithgow 10K1.40.329 Sep 13
2.7M12:56George Cummings Relay1.7-0.228 Sep 13
10K31:34Bupa Great Edinburgh 10K2.1-0.914 Jul 13
10K31:39City of Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish Champs)0.90.415 Sep 13
30008:41.0Shettleston Harriers Open Graded1.00.020 Aug 13
10K31:18Brian Goodwin Memorial 10K0.90.021 Jun 13
10K30:31Polaroid Dumbarton 10K0.5-0.830 May 13
10K30:55Polaroid Vale of Leven 10K0.7-0.39 Jun 13
HM69:19Balloch To Clydebank Half Marathon1.4-0.714 Apr 13
10K31:02Polaroid Helensburgh 10K0.6-0.316 May 13
5.8M29:36Scottish Relays Championships1.5-0.431 Mar 13
HM81:23Alloa Half Marathon0.66.316 Mar 14
HM68:28Alloa Half Marathon0.20.117 Mar 13
10K31:40Jim Dingwall Round The Houses 10K0.70.324 Mar 13
5K15:08Self Transcendence 5K (Inc Scottish Champs)0.00.81 May 13
5K15:02Clydebank 5K0.10.416 Mar 13
5K15:22Armagh International Road Race0.11.214 Feb 13
HM70:20Great Scottish Run Half Marathon1.00.22 Sep 12
10K32:50Linlithgow 10K2.00.330 Sep 12
3.25M16:18McAndrew Relay1.50.26 Oct 12
5K15:09Bella 5K0.9-0.119 Aug 12
10K31:45Stirling 10K (Inc Scottish Champs)0.50.616 Sep 12
10K31:52Paisley 10K0.50.726 Aug 12
1M4:11Sports Relief Elite Mile1.0-3.525 Mar 12
500015:32.82Scottish Athletics League Division 10.61.115 Jul 12
10K32:09Vale of Leven 10K0.31.210 Jun 12
3.1M15:24Scottish Relays Championships1.8-0.331 Mar 12
15004:10.84Scottish Athletics League Division 10.8-0.35 Aug 12
15004:07.63BMC Regional Races0.3-0.63 Aug 12
10K33:14Brian Goodwin Memorial 10K0.81.922 Jun 12
8.663K27:45ERRA National Men's 12-Stage Road Relays (Long Legs)1.20.514 Apr 12
Mile4:33.3Shettleston Harriers Graded Open0.40.421 Aug 12
HM70:03Alloa Half Marathon0.20.918 Mar 12
10K33:41Clydebank Polaroid Eyewear 10K1.31.924 May 12
5M25:03Edinburgh KB50.40.410 Mar 12
10K32:20Jim Dingwall Round The Houses 10K0.61.125 Mar 12
10K32:44Dumbarton Polaroid 10K0.02.131 May 12
5K14:58Clydebank 5K-0.20.617 Mar 12
9K33:51Bupa Great Edinburgh International5.81.39 Jan 10
5M25:22Kings Building 50.80.06 Mar 10
HM71:41Balloch To Clydebank Half Marathon0.60.214 Mar 10
5K15:12Clydesdale Harriers 5K1.0-0.520 Mar 10
HM70:55Alloa Half Marathon0.6-0.221 Mar 10
10K32:21Jim Dingwall Memorial 10K1.5-0.228 Mar 10
10M52:54Tom Scott Memorial 6K/10m1.0-0.811 Apr 10
4.819K14:58ERRA National Men's 12 Stage Road Relays (Short Legs)2.7-0.617 Apr 10
8002:04.5Central & South Scotland League - Division 11.10.025 Apr 10
HM71:35Gothenburg Half Marathon1.0-0.322 May 10
10K31:48Clydebank 10K0.8-0.227 May 10
10K32:17Dumbarton 10K1.10.13 Jun 10
HM70:32Dunfermline City Half-Marathon0.8-0.613 Jun 10
10K33:06Kirkintilloch 10K1.60.517 Jun 10
5K15:06Healthy Working Lives JogScotland 5K Challenge0.8-0.623 Jun 10
10K32:07Scottish Gas 10K1.00.01 Aug 10
5K15:00Achilles Heel 5K0.4-0.68 Aug 10
500015:10.5Shettleston Harriers Open0.5-0.124 Aug 10
10K32:31Paisley 10K1.40.029 Aug 10
HM71:02Bank of Scotland Great Scottish Half Marathon1.1-0.65 Sep 10
10K31:24Stirling 10K0.10.119 Sep 10
10K31:45Linlithgow 10K1.6-1.026 Sep 10
8K29:05Bupa International (inc Scottish Inter District Championships)6.00.18 Jan 11
5K14:50Clydesdale Harriers 5K0.2-0.619 Mar 11
HM69:09Alloa Half Marathon0.4-0.520 Mar 11
10K31:16Round the Houses 10K0.7-0.327 Mar 11
10K29:35Scottish Athletics 6 Stage Road Relay Long Legs-0.5-1.03 Apr 11
8.663K27:34ERRA Men's National 12-stage Relays (Long Legs)1.7-0.49 Apr 11
5K15:16Self Transcendence 5K (inc Scottish Championships)0.40.611 May 11
10K31:34Helensburgh 10K0.40.419 May 11
10K31:05Clydebank 10K0.20.026 May 11
10K31:45Dumbarton 10K0.70.32 Jun 11
10K30:48Carluke Development Trust 10K0.2-0.35 Jun 11
10K30:53Vale of Leven 10K0.7-0.612 Jun 11
10K31:58Kirkintilloch 10K1.20.116 Jun 11
HM70:29Dunfermline Half Marathon1.6-0.326 Jun 11
5K15:14Achilles Heel Bella 5K1.1-0.121 Aug 11
30008:53.0Shettleston Harriers Graded Open1.00.823 Aug 11
HM69:34Bank Of Scotland Great Scottish Run Half Marathon0.9-0.14 Sep 11
5.848K18:10ERRA National 6 Stage Relays1.4-0.115 Oct 11
4.8M24:48Allan Scally Road Relays (Inc Scottish University Championships)1.20.829 Oct 11

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