Medio Maraton de Valencia External Results
Valencia, ESP
20 Oct 13
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PosGunChip   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
2769:3469:33   Chris Rainsford PBSENMHeanor/Loughborough Students/Highgate69:3367:54-4.0 
50786:0385:46   Louise Insley PBV40WHeanor/South Derbyshire/Midland Masters85:4682:377.3 
56787:0086:43   Lisa Palmer-Blount  V35WHeanor/Derby/Midland Masters80:5078:323.0 
67288:3688:27   Alastair Hobday  V45MDerby/Heanor88:2783:0619.9 
105392:0691:56   David Evans PBV40MBeeston90:4690:468.0 
126193:3893:21   Jill Burke  V50WHeanor/Midland Masters93:2184:159.7 
170797:2095:45   Carl Hughes  V35MHeanor85:2181:254.8 
180297:5396:34   Robin Bacon  V45MBeeston92:1788:3221.2 
198399:1099:02   John O'Donnell  V65MBeeston96:0591:3815.9 
23251:41:0099:53   Paul Mercer PBV40MHeanor98:5298:1710.9