South East Lancashire League External Results
16 Nov 13
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
136:09Dave Norman V35MAltrincham-2.4 
236:14Patrick Gardiner SENMEast Cheshire19.4 
336:18Joe Steward U20MEast Cheshire-4.1 
436:23Chris Farrell SENMHorwich17.1 
537:01David Proctor SENMSale Harriers Manchester/Rochdale H-4.6 
637:23Joe Mercer SENMSkipton/Oxford Uni/Achilles/Trafford-3.1 
737:38Luke Towers U20MSt. Helens Sutton1.7 
838:06Howard Oldham SENMEast Cheshire7.6 
938:31Colin Bishop V40MSaddleworth38.7 
1038:39Mike Flatley V40MMiddleton34.3 
1139:17Phillip Williams SENMLeigh3.1 
1239:34Ian Roberts SENMRochdale H11.6 
1339:36David Smith V35MLeigh2.3 
1439:46John Sloan V40MEast Cheshire46.3 
1539:57Alister GouldingV45MLeigh Harriers & Ac  
1640:00Roger Alsop V45MSalford H/Edinburgh AC/Northern Masters7.1 
1740:08Paul Birkett V45MSalford H7.9 
1840:13Calum Lockett U20MSt. Helens Sutton37.3 
1940:15Andrew Whittingham SENMAltrincham24.3 
2040:17John Howe V35MTrafford36.3 
2140:25Aaron Schofield U20MEast Cheshire27.7 
2240:37Stuart Hodgkinson V40MBury39.0 
2340:39Matthew Jackson SENMRochdale H18.0 
2440:48Michael Mawby SENMGlossopdale2.9 
2541:05Karl Herod U20MEast Cheshire44.8 
2641:14Andy SteveleyV50MBurnden Road Runners  
2741:26Sean Willis V45MSaddleworth31.5 
2841:28Tom BattersbySENMLeigh Harriers & Ac  
2941:31Steve Crossman V45MGlossopdale4.1 
3041:32Billy McCartney V35MSalford H0.7 
3141:37Chris Jackson SENMGlossopdale9.6 
3241:41David Garner V45MManchester YMCA10.9 
3341:50Stephen Robinson V50MEast Cheshire38.1 
3441:53Gary Matthews V50MEast Cheshire17.9 
3541:54Barry Hirst V50MEast Cheshire9.2 
3642:02Ian Fraser V45MEast Cheshire6.5 
3742:08Dave Peart V45MRoyton7.9 
3842:09Dan Yarwood SENMRoyton12.1 
3942:13Keith Thomas V55MBurnden9.7 
4042:19Mark Griffiths SENMManchester YMCA7.9 
4142:29Simon Pymm SENMSaddleworth17.3 
4242:31Richard Clancy V35MTrafford11.5 
4342:44Craig MorganSENMUnattached  
4442:55Albert Castile V40MSalford H18.7 
4543:01Phil Jacques V45MEast Cheshire23.0 
4643:10Ian Stainthorpe V50MRochdale H9.6 
4743:14Paul Leary V45MRochdale H47.3 
4843:32Chris March SENMManchester YMCA11.3 
4943:35Paul Mannion V45MTrafford11.7 
5043:37Jamie Ward SENMRochdale H43.6 
5143:42Daniel Hitchings U23MRochdale H40.6 
5243:45Thomas Hyde SENMManchester YMCA29.3 
5343:47Shaun Armstrong SENMRoyton23.7 
5443:50Thomas Skelton SENMGlossopdale/Belle Vue24.7 
5543:51Neil Mcgraw V40MGlossopdale24.2 
5643:54Andy PooleV50MUnattached  
5744:09Marcus Gregory V40MEast Cheshire24.1 
5844:10Shane Reading V40MRoyton4.2 
5944:11Alexander Urmston SENMLeigh10.9 
6044:12Derek Hughes V50MEast Cheshire12.6 
6144:14David Smith V50MOldham & Royton16.5 
6244:21Shaun Jackson V40MAltrincham6.9 
6344:32Stuart HutchinsonSENMSaddleworth Runners Club  
6444:38Martyn Pollitt V50MBurnden14.0 
6544:41Daniel Timperley SENMOldham & Royton5.9 
6644:42Richard Brailsford V35MManchester YMCA9.1 
6744:52David Ward V40MRadcliffe28.3 
6844:58Richard Sample V35MSaddleworth10.1 
6945:12Les Smalley V45MBury13.4 
7045:14Ian Dale V50MRoyton6.4 
7145:16Christopher Swire V45MEast Cheshire4.0 
7245:20John Cook V55MRochdale H11.2 
7345:28Paul Kenny V50MEast Cheshire43.6 
7445:30Nick Walsh V45MRochdale H14.1 
7545:33Alec Roberts SENMMiddleton50.7 
7645:44David Emanuel V50MRoyton9.9 
7745:50Jamie HelmerSENMGlossopdale Harriers  
7845:52Roger Thomas V40MManchester TC7.3 
7946:02Mark Wilde V35MRoyton18.6 
8046:07Francis Day V60MEast Cheshire15.8 
8146:17Paul Wareing V50MChorley ATC7.1 
8246:24Ian West V50MRadcliffe38.7 
8346:31John Hudson V60MOldham & Royton13.9 
8446:31Greg Oates V45MRoyton48.9 
8546:35Graham Harrison V50MAltrincham7.8 
8646:40John HowarthSENMRochdale Tri  
8746:48Luke HigginsSENMSaddleworth Runners Club  
8846:55Gavin Meadows V35MRochdale H34.9 
8946:58Neil Hughes V35MAstley & Tyldesley8.0 
9047:00James Sheard V45MSaddleworth9.3 
9147:03Oliver Radford SENMGlossopdale48.0 
9247:05John Bowker V45MEast Cheshire14.9 
9347:06John Hewitt V45MGlossopdale30.4 
9447:07Daniel Bamber SENMEast Cheshire8.2 
9547:11Marcus Taylor V40MBurnden3.6 
9647:12Giles Bennett V45MBury5.2 
9747:19Andrew Taylor V35MBelle Vue9.4 
9847:20Paul Jibson V45MMiddleton15.2 
9947:24Robert Kellett V45MRoyton9.9 
10047:32Nigel Sedman V45MBelle Vue15.7 
10147:37Craig Partridge V45MAltrincham12.2 
10247:38David Bartlett SENMRadcliffe18.0 
10347:42Colin Allen Carter V45MMiddleton16.4 
10447:43Mohammed Yousaf Butt U20MRoyton8.4 
10547:44Pete HillV50MAltrincham & District Ac  
10647:46Chris JonesV45MSalford Metropolitan Ac  
10747:54Tony Hesketh V65MHorwich15.6 
10847:58Mark Checkley V50MLostock21.1 
10948:01David Sloan SENMAstley & Tyldesley13.0 
11048:03Neil Hirst V40MRochdale H16.0 
11148:07Mike CounsellSENMUnattached  
11248:12Ali Alsaadi V35MBelle Vue15.0 
11348:20Ben SpeddingSENMRossendale Harriers & Ac  
11448:35Brian LawtonV45MRoyton Road Runners  
11548:36James Fairfield V40MEast Cheshire14.4 
11648:37Colin Wood V55MHorwich37.2 
11748:42Andy Wood V45MBelle Vue18.9 
11848:43Mark Catherall V55MRochdale H23.6 
11948:47David Wells V35MRadcliffe53.3 
12048:50Eamonn Nolan V50MRoyton9.5 
12148:54An OtherSENM   
12249:00Jeff Norman V65MAltrincham16.0 
12349:06Don Nichol V55MBurnden16.6 
12449:18Mark Shuttleworth V45MLostock13.9 
12549:28Kevin Duckworth V55MEast Cheshire/Rochdale H18.9 
12649:38Roland Robson V55MMiddleton17.6 
12749:42Sean Stafford V45MEast Cheshire14.8 
12849:44Stephen Hindley V45MBury45.1 
12949:50Jason Stott V40MBelle Vue20.5 
13050:04Stuart Mairs V35MSalford Met14.0 
13150:18Simon Bruce-LakeV55MRoyton Road Runners  
13250:31David Flood V45MBury15.1 
13350:33Mark Wolfenden V45MRadcliffe25.8 
13450:44John Andrew V40MRadcliffe26.6 
13550:46James Gu SENMManchester YMCA41.4 
13650:48Charlie Barlow V55MSaddleworth22.6 
13750:55Paul Collinge V55MMiddleton32.4 
13851:00Mark Cartwright V45MRadcliffe38.5 
13951:13Alan Garvey V55MMiddleton15.4 
14051:17John Lambe V50MRoyton42.4 
14151:24Danny Parr SENMMiddleton21.5 
14251:28Darren RitchieV40MRochdale Tri  
14351:32An OtherSENM   
14451:38Lewis Rostron U20MRochdale H53.9 
14551:48Apul TaylorV45MMiddleton Harriers Ac  
14651:53Craig Sutherland V55MMiddleton19.4 
14751:54Tony Atkinson V60MRochdale H52.5 
14852:06George Critchley V55MRadcliffe17.1 
14952:08Chris GreenhallV40MBurnden Road Runners  
15052:18Geof Sale V55MLostock54.0 
15152:29Barry Chester V60MChorley ATC41.1 
15252:32Ken Smith V55MRadcliffe19.1 
15352:34Chris Blackshaw V55MEast Cheshire47.0 
15452:43Howard Bamber V55MEast Cheshire24.7 
15552:47Geoff Cotterill V55MManchester YMCA38.0 
15652:56Neville McGraw V65MGlossopdale30.2 
15753:06Tom Lavin V55MAltrincham21.7 
15853:15Tony Hillier V65MEast Cheshire15.5 
15953:16Simon Mark Howard V40MRoyton13.8 
16053:31Lee Buckley SENMEast Cheshire22.4 
16153:34Nigel Brady V45MBury32.9 
16253:36Matthew Cox V55MRochdale H16.4 
16353:43Barry Fairbrother V65MMiddleton38.3 
16453:46Colm O'Brien V50MBurnden14.1 
16553:48John Carney V55MSalford Met29.2 
16653:49John Sweeney V35MRoyton16.9 
16753:52James Corrigan V35MBelle Vue16.4 
16853:56Guy Whitfield V40MEast Cheshire22.7 
16954:04Jon Paramor V60MManchester YMCA17.0 
17054:24Paul Murray V70MHorwich28.0 
17154:41Stephen Symons V45MManchester YMCA15.6 
17254:49Keith Parker V55MEast Cheshire48.4 
17355:03Mike Jones V55MAltrincham30.7 
17455:36Barry Guy V60MBelle Vue46.2 
17555:59Gordon Stone V55MHorwich16.7 
17656:20Mark Emmett V55MRadcliffe42.3 
17756:32Pete WoodwardSENME Cheshire H & Tameside Ac  
17857:07Mauro Rotondi V40MRadcliffe21.0 
17957:27Ian Manners V45MManchester YMCA25.0 
18057:38Philip McCullagh V55MChorley ATC/Lancashire WC33.2 
18157:47Mark Murphy V40MRadcliffe24.5 
18257:51Anthony Foster V65MBurnden40.5 
18358:13Chris Johnson V65MEast Cheshire28.2 
18459:09Adrian BocockV50MMiddleton Harriers Ac  
18559:22David Carroll V45MBury27.3 
18659:38Bob Horrocks V65MMiddleton37.7 
18759:59Martin Lewis V45MEast Cheshire33.0 
18860:31Alan Thomas V60MSalford Met21.2 
18962:35Alan JonesV65MLostock Ac  
19071:55Tom West V70MRadcliffe52.4 
19172:48Mark Smith V35MLostock54.0 
19276:32David Sinnott V60MSaddleworth/Northern Masters30.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:20Benn Heywood U17MBury24.5 
216:34Tom McGuinness U17MEast Cheshire2.0 
316:36James Wardle U17MLeigh/St Helens Tri46.1 
416:42Max Steward U17MEast Cheshire43.3 
517:31Danial Tahir U17MRochdale H  
617:31Maxwell Hobson U17MEast Cheshire48.3 
718:47Alex Proctor U17MOldham & Royton44.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:22Louie Haynes U15MEast Cheshire38.6 
215:37George Lewis U15MEast Cheshire2.0 
316:20Dillon Cooper U15MEast Cheshire22.5 
416:37Sam Brooks U15MBury35.2 
516:55John Trotman U15MEast Cheshire26.5 
617:27Jacob Briscoe U15MLeigh19.4 
717:57Paolo Guarnieri U15MEast Cheshire19.1 
8NTJordan Hilditch U15MOldham & Royton  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:12Ethan Glasgow-Lattibeaudiere U13MOldham & Royton28.0 
213:37Kristian Wade U13MLeigh8.4 
314:14Joseph Wane U13MLeigh-2.2 
414:17Jake Smith U13MEast Cheshire22.0 
514:28Jake Holt U13MOldham & Royton13.9 
614:34Jack Thomas U13MEast Cheshire43.1 
714:41Callum Atkinson U13MOldham & Royton34.6 
814:52Harry Collier U13MOldham & Royton14.8 
914:53Billy Joe Blain U13MLeigh44.6 
1015:01George Martin U13MOldham & Royton39.9 
1116:28Joseph Moore U13MRochdale H  
1217:02Mikey Hodgkinson U13MBury49.1 
1318:12Lucas White U13MLeigh29.6 
1419:22Daniel Wright U13MSalford Met  
1520:02George Brooks U13MRochdale H  
1620:57Daniel TromansU13MSaddleworth Runners Club  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:06Josef Short U11MLeigh16.8 
26:07Kyle Alan Jones U11MLeigh44.0 
36:22Thomas Massey U11MHorwich13.3 
46:40Alfie HolmesU11MHorwich R M I Harriers  
56:41Nathan Lancaster U11MHorwich24.2 
66:45James Parvin U13MSalford Met  
76:48Matthew Oldfield U11MHorwich52.7 
86:50Thomas Manton U11MStockport-2.5 
96:51Cian HealeyU11MHorwich R M I Harriers  
107:00Patrick McGuinness U11MEast Cheshire31.2 
117:10Joseph BronnU11ME Cheshire H & Tameside Ac  
127:20Ryan O'Neill U11MEast Cheshire43.8 
137:21Loui WilliamsU11MRochdale Harriers & Ac  
147:23Lucas Milliken U11MHorwich0.8 
157:52Kieran Carrigan U13MRochdale H30.3 
167:59Andrew CloughU11MSaddleworth Runners Club  
178:38Joshua Houghton U11MHorwich16.5 
188:44George Tisdall U11MRochdale H24.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
129:18Donna Cartwright V35WRadcliffe12.9 
229:43Tania Hernandez SENWSalford H/Mexico33.2 
330:18Claire O'Connor V35WSalford H50.3 
430:54Lauren MarsdenV40WSalford Metropolitan Ac  
531:01Ann-Marie Jones V60WAltrincham17.4 
631:23Kirsty Sharp SENWGlossopdale11.1 
731:28Holly Gartside SENWEast Cheshire39.7 
831:41Rose Mather U20WOldham & Royton4.4 
931:48Kirsty White V40WRoyton18.7 
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