53-12 League External Results
2 Feb 14
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTMatthew Spencer SENMIpswich Jaffa/Bungay Black Dog7.6 
10NTMark Furnace V40MIpswich Jaffa37.3 
100NTJim ClarkSENMHalstead  
101NTGraeme Moon V55MTiptree33.7 
102NTJon Legge V45MSpringfield16.4 
103NTIan CatchpoleSENMIpswich  
104NTPhil Sanderson V50MHarwich11.7 
105NTPhil Presland V40MGreat Bentley14.4 
106NTShawn Beckerleg V40MWitham (Essex)33.8 
107NTHarry William Borley SENMWitham (Essex)47.8 
108NTMark Williams V50MWitham (Essex)35.7 
109NTFrancis Mills V35MHarwich12.9 
11NTChristopher Warren V40MGreat Bentley5.5 
110NTIan Brazier V40MSpringfield12.0 
111NTCarl Ashton V35MIpswich Jaffa16.1 
112NTAlan Jarvis V35MHadleigh Hares  
112NTDavid Reaves V65MBraintree/Mid Essex13.5 
113NTJames Blackshaw V35MWitham (Essex)9.3 
114NTJames Calver SENMIpswich Jaffa22.2 
115NTPaul Wheeldon V40MSpringfield54.0 
117NTSteve Hunt V50MHadleigh Hares16.8 
118NTScott Young V40MGreat Bentley15.7 
119NTGraham Clarke V65MColchester H22.7 
12NTBenjamin Turley SENMIpswich Jaffa8.9 
120NTMike Barstow V35MHarwich23.2 
121NTAlistair Godfrey U20MSudbury Joggers54.0 
122NTSam Wolton V35MHalstead12.9 
123NTPaul Lacey V40MHadleigh Hares23.2 
124NTShawn Leek V35MGreat Bentley29.3 
125NTPaul Davison V40MHarwich/Great Bentley6.1 
126NTRob Hadgraft V55MTiptree29.7 
127NTClive Jones V55MGreat Bentley54.0 
128NTLeighton Williams V35MMid Essex13.1 
129NTMark Steadman V50MSpringfield54.0 
13NTLee Martin V40MSpringfield/Chelmsford/Eastern Masters2.2 
130NTBrian Butcher V60MMid Essex18.9 
131NTJeff Higgon V60MHarwich15.8 
132NTPeter Fraser-Hopewell V60MHarwich21.3 
133NTAndy Fuller V50MGreat Bentley30.3 
134NTJames Mann V40MHarwich27.7 
135NTPaul R Tawn V50MMid Essex15.3 
136NTAndrew Stewart V50MHadleigh Hares24.8 
137NTWilliam Day SENMSpringfield46.4 
138NTDavid Game V60MMid Essex24.2 
139NTAnthony Knight V40MTiptree24.6 
14NTMark Edwards V40MSpringfield47.8 
140NTTim Long V50MIpswich Jaffa18.0 
141NTSimon Miller V45MSpringfield13.5 
142NTJames Slater V65MTiptree32.6 
143NTTim Warner V50MHarwich42.6 
144NTGordon Shrimpton V65MHalstead54.0 
145NTTim Newton V60MIpswich Jaffa14.5 
146NTMark Blackburn V40MIpswich Jaffa37.9 
147NTMartin West V65MGreat Bentley34.6 
148NTGraham LeeSENM53-12  
149NTThomas MunsonSENM53-12  
15NTStephen Moore V45MSpringfield19.1 
150NTKenneth Leonard Edwards V60MSpringfield53.5 
151NTTony Anderson SENMHarwich42.8 
152NTPeter Fuller SENMTiptree24.4 
153NTBrian Telford V45MGreat Bentley35.5 
154NTMon Lee V55MIpswich Jaffa17.6 
155NTIvan Howlett V65MSpringfield22.4 
156NTEdward McCreadie V45MHarwich28.4 
157NTDel Godden V35MGreat Bentley33.5 
158NTStuart Hunt SENMHadleigh Hares20.4 
159NTFrank Gardiner V55MGreat Bentley24.8 
16NTMark Lloyd V40MHarwich3.2 
160NTJohn Pettifer V65MMid Essex26.0 
161NTKevin AdamsonSENMMid Essex  
162NTMatt Doran V40MHarwich18.9 
163NTLiam NolanSENM53-12  
164NTJeffrey Fairfull V65MTiptree32.5 
165NTMichael Purkiss V60MHalstead29.1 
166NTMark Crittenden V40MGreat Bentley25.3 
167NTGary HillSENMGt. Bentley  
168NTAdrian CrooksSENM53-12  
169NTBruce Hogarth JonesSENMMid Essex  
17NTSteven Parry V45MIpswich Jaffa15.8 
170NTMaurice Young V75MHalstead46.1 
171NTEd PageSENM53-12  
18NTSimon Dale V35MGreat Bentley46.4 
19NTJoseph Peat SENMIpswich Jaffa19.6 
2NTTom Cammack SENMSpringfield4.6 
20NTTim Ballard V35MColchester H5.0 
21NTLeo Cole V45MWitham (Essex)5.8 
22NTSam Gooding-Matthews SENMHarwich15.9 
23NTAdam Richardson SENMTiptree37.1 
24NTPeter Riley V40MWitham (Essex)4.3 
25NTMatt ReesSENMHalstead  
26NTCharlie Keitch V35MGreat Bentley4.0 
27NTStephen Burbidge SENMHarwich37.4 
28NTScott MacSephney V45MIpswich Jaffa10.1 
29NTDave GoldsmithSENMGt. Bentley  
3NTRobert Reason SENMHarwich8.4 
30NTStuart Prestney V35MHalstead/Braintree29.6 
31NTMichael Simmons V45MGreat Bentley15.5 
32NTSteve NorrisSENMWitham  
33NTDavid Wright V55MColchester H10.4 
34NTChris Martin SENMWitham (Essex)3.8 
35NTClive Thomas V50MGreat Bentley5.7 
36NTDan FosterSENMGt. Bentley  
37NTRuss Sharp V35MGreat Bentley18.5 
38NTCraig Dawson SENMTiptree19.1 
39NTJason Bilton V40MColchester H36.1 
4NTRyan Ostler SENMIpswich Jaffa25.4 
40NTLeon HaywoodSENMHadleigh  
41NTChris Manby V35MColchester H9.4 
42NTBenjamin Ficken SENMGreat Bentley7.1 
43NTRichard Newman V45MHarwich7.9 
44NTMathew Blacoe V45MHadleigh Hares12.7 
45NTRichard Flutter V45MHarwich8.3 
46NTDarran McGill SENMColchester H38.6 
47NTJon Byford V40MSpringfield8.3 
48NTSimon Morgan V45MTiptree9.9 
49NTDaniel Preece SENMHadleigh Hares3.4 
5NTGavin Allen V35MSpringfield-0.2 
50NTAndrew Mason V45MSpringfield25.9 
51NTKenneth Hands V45MSpringfield/Unattached24.2 
52NTAndre Besant V40MHarwich14.1 
53NTKevin Stevens V35MGreat Bentley19.5 
54NTBrian Rogers V55MIpswich Jaffa9.1 
55NTRichard MillwardSENMColchester Harriers  
56NTJason Meachen V40MHarwich12.8 
57NTDan Quartly SENMBrentwood RC8.8 
58NTDavid WatkinsSENMHarwich  
59NTRoy Read V45MMid Essex10.4 
6NTAllen Smalls V45MColchester H3.5 
60NTSimon SmithSENMColchester Harriers  
61NTAndy TurnerSENMHadleigh  
62NTGary Donoghue V45MHarwich8.9 
63NTJames Haskey-Jones V45MTiptree16.3 
64NTRobin Brookes V45MHarwich5.4 
65NTIan Cannons V40MHarwich10.1 
66NTDuncan Chenery V50MIpswich Jaffa/Bungay Black Dog13.7 
67NTMarc Driscoll V35MColchester H29.3 
68NTMark Healey V45MSpringfield54.0 
69NTJohn Weston V55MIpswich Jaffa21.1 
7NTGavin Davies SENMIpswich Jaffa5.7 
70NTKevin McAldonSENMColchester Harriers  
71NTMalcolm Jarvis V50MGreat Bentley17.3 
72NTCraig Western SENMHadleigh Hares54.0 
73NTJames Kennerley SENMWitham (Essex)25.8 
74NTNick Beales V55MHarwich35.8 
75NTTony Wallen V40MWitham (Essex)10.2 
76NTPete JonesSENM53-12  
77NTMarcus Catlin V35MIpswich Jaffa6.2 
78NTMark Ross V50MGreat Bentley34.8 
79NTLee Pembroke V40MWitham (Essex)22.4 
79NTMark Lawes V40MTiptree10.9 
8NTJonathan Booty V35MWitham (Essex)53.3 
80NTPhilip Watts V40MSpringfield14.3 
81NTJulian Catmull V45MSpringfield10.2 
82NTRobert W Thorpe V35MGreat Bentley29.5 
83NTAndrew Conway V45MTiptree16.9 
84NTMike Grealy V55MHalstead13.8 
85NTPerry BealeSENM53-12  
86NTMark Leeks V35MIpswich Jaffa23.1 
86NTPatrick Marsh V45MColchester H18.0 
87NTGary Wright V50MSpringfield21.2 
88NTMark Buckley V35MSpringfield14.8 
9NTJames Farren V40MWitham (Essex)35.3 
90NTPeter SteadmanSENM53-12  
91NTAlexander Stuckey V40MWitham (Essex)13.9 
92NTStuart Turnbull V40MMid Essex  
93NTMark Shillaker V45MTiptree33.9 
94NTSteven Vincent SENMHalstead  
95NTMarc Underdown V35MWitham (Essex)18.9 
96NTJamie NealSENMGt. Bentley  
97NTPaul Carlisle V50MGreat Bentley17.1 
99NTRichard Taylor V55MSpringfield16.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTJake Young U15MColchester H25.3 
10NTKatie Faint U15WChelmsford42.5 
11NTMatthew Smith U13MColchester H41.8 
12NTMax AshmoreU11MIpswich Jaffa  
13NTHarry Varela U15MColchester H41.8 
14NTThomas Abbott U13MIpswich Jaffa19.6 
15NTBen DisneyU17MGreat Bentley  
16NTDanny Millward U13MColchester H2.7 
17NTEthan Thrower U15MColchester H18.9 
18NTThomas Moore U15MColchester H47.6 
19NTMax ChlifieldU13MColchester Harriers  
2NTJosh NewlynU17MHarwich  
20NTGeorge Stevenson U13MWitham (Essex)40.3 
21NTFreddy Richardson U13MColchester & Tendring-2.7 
22NTAlfie KellewayU11MColchester & T  
23NTJuliet StevensonU17WWitham RC  
24NTArchie Barrington U13MHarwich7.4 
25NTDrew Olley U15MColchester H5.0 
26NTArchie French U13MColchester H28.7 
27NTHarrison Ward U13MIpswich Jaffa41.4 
28NTDaisy Partridge U13WBraintree27.3 
29NTGeorgia Tombs U11WBraintree16.4 
3NTPaul Wain U15MIpswich Jaffa2.4 
30NTEvie MorganU13WIpswich Jaffa  
31NTEmily Donoghue U15WColchester & Tendring22.9 
32NTSean O'Connor U15MWitham (Essex)25.5 
33NTMatthew AllenU13MSpringfield Striders  
34NTJack Hayes U11MIpswich Jaffa38.1 
36NTJonah Varela U13MColchester H54.0 
37NTMia Patterson U11WColchester & Tendring54.0 
37NTKatie MillerU17WColchester Harriers  
38NTKatie Presland U13WColchester & Tendring/Great Bentley36.1 
39NTRichard FaintU11MTiptree  
4NTBen StedmanU17M53-12  
40NTOliver ChamberlainU11MIpswich Jaffa  
41NTElliot DawsonU13MColchester Harriers  
42NTJoshua BeckealegU11MWitham RC  
43NTSavanna Harrison U13WColchester H39.1 
44NTGeorge Barrington U15MHarwich47.3 
45NTLee Harrison U13MIpswich Jaffa27.1 
46NTGeorge MorganU11MIpswich Jaffa  
47NTJack TerdorskiU11MTiptree  
48NTGrace GardinerU11WIpswich Jaffa  
49NTLawrence Martin U11MChelmsford/Essex Schs11.3 
5NTWilliam BlackburnU17MIpswich Jaffa  
50NTBen KerseyU13MSpringfield Striders  
51NTBryce BannisterU11MSpringfield Striders  
52NTCallum O'Connor U11MWitham (Essex)54.0 
53NTMilly PreslandU11WGreat Bentley  
54NTMichael OatesU17MGreat Bentley  
55NTJeniffer BorgU17WColchester & T  
56NTLois GordonU11WWitham RC  
57NTIsabelle LaneU11WWitham RC  
58NTEmma Gadsdon U13WColchester & Tendring39.8 
59NTDan JonesU17M53-12  
6NTOscar Dawson U15MColchester H11.2 
60NTCharlotte Maher U11WColchester & Tendring  
61NTSarah Hughes U15WHarwich54.0 
62NTPhoebe Sanderson U15WHarwich  
63NTHarrison LeekU11MGreat Bentley  
64NTFreya Richardson U11WColchester & Tendring49.8 
65NTRobin MatthewsU11MMid Essex  
66NTCharlie HandsU13MSpringfield Striders  
67NTMelissa Wyard U17WColchester H53.4 
68NTRalph EdwardsU11MSpringfield Striders  
69NTLuca Blackburn U13MIpswich Jaffa51.0 
7NTCharlie Everest U15MColchester H9.3 
70NTMatida GreenU11WMid Essex  
71NTSamantha SmithU11WColchester Harriers  
72NTRonlad WilliamsU11MMid Essex  
73NTLydia JacksonU13WMid Essex  
74NTGeorgina Haskey-JonesU13WTiptree  
75NTHarvey PayneU13MWitham RC  
76NTElizabeth Stewart U13WHadleigh Hares18.1 
77NTDanielle SirettU11WSpringfield Striders  
78NTMax ChilverU11MHarwich  
79NTGeorgina SmithU11WColchester Harriers  
8NTGhiles Salhi U17MColchester H46.2 
80NTEmily CookU11WGreat Bentley  
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