Christchurch Christmas 10K External Results
9 Dec 07
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
132:21   Williard Chinhanhu  SENMPoole Runners/Zimbabwe29:0129:0136.0 
232:31   Andrew Morgan-Lee  V35MSalford H/Woodford Green Essex Ladies/Southampton RC31:0929:411.3 
333:05   Lee Rodriguez SBSENMPoole Runners33:0530:2533.8 
433:09   Mark Hargreaves  V45MBournemouth32:1931:2320.5 
533:38   Pete Roper SBV40MVOTwo TC33:3832:1922.5 
633:50   Andy Blow SBSENMVOTwo TC33:5031:283.2 
734:09   Andy Clements  V45MPoole AC/Hamworthy33:2831:537.9 
834:29   Jon Sharkey  SENMBournemouth34:2031:580.7 
934:39   Ryan Trew  U20MVOTwo TC32:3532:3536.0 
1034:49   Mike Grist  V45MPoole Runners33:3931:273.4 
1134:56   David Caddy  V35MEgdon Heath34:0033:39  
1436:21   Kath Bailey  V35WWinchester/New Forest Runners35:2634:453.7 
1536:55   Henry Szwinto  V50MNew Forest Runners34:4134:2716.2 
1737:26   Simon Hunt SBV50MBournemouth37:2636:0510.1 
2137:50   Malcolm Renyard  V60MHardley37:3337:0911.2 
2237:52   Ian Barnes  V60MPoole Runners37:1335:569.0 
2638:03   Howard Doe  V55MNew Forest Runners36:0136:0115.1 
2738:05   Kaye Mansbridge  SENWWinchester36:3435:30  
4239:28   Alex Savage PBSENWVOTwo TC39:2839:28  
4639:52   Sally Gilbert  V45WTeam Southampton39:3939:3929.2 
5240:14   Alison Barnes SBV35WBournemouth40:1437:03  
5440:21   Valeria Sesto SBSENWNew Forest Runners/Argentina40:2136:464.0 
5740:31   Christine Thomas  V45WPoole Runners39:0338:1636.0 
6140:38   John Hunt SBV60MNew Forest Runners40:3839:1325.1 
6840:52   Ian Graham  V60MBournemouth39:3338:4512.7 
6940:56   Mick Anglim  V60MHardley39:4938:5010.9 
9642:35   Janie Chapman  V40WLittledown41:1439:3333.5 
12644:10   Jenny Moloney  V45WRoyal Manor of Portland42:0640:4536.0 
12744:13   Suzanne Hines PBV50WEastleigh RC44:1344:1336.0 
15445:21   Caroline Horder  V55WBournemouth Joggers44:4243:329.6 
15545:23   Ros Parkhouse PBV50WSouthampton TC45:2345:23  
20047:58   Judith Boichot  V55WWeymouth47:0946:4227.7 
20948:34   Rosemarie Osborn SBV60WNew Forest Runners48:3445:1521.7 
22049:05   Sarah Barrett  V60WPoole Runners48:0145:0020.4 
23249:47   Maggie Kirk SBV55WNew Forest Runners49:4749:3333.1 
26851:16   Jackie Jenkins SBV65WNew Forest Runners51:1648:0517.8 
52381:18   Bruce Davidson  V85MNew Forest Runners74:1764:5936.0