RR10 League External Results
24 Apr 13
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Nick Buis SENMTotton16.4 
10NT   Andrew Griggs SENMLordshill3.0 
100NT   Steve Dunford V60MWessex RR26.3 
101NT   Kevin Yates SENMLordshill7.5 
102NT   Richard Gears V45MNew Forest Runners17.4 
103NT   Tony Lees V50MTotton9.5 
104NT   Stephen Reed V40MRomsey31.0 
105NT   Stephen Lowy V40MWinchester8.1 
106NT   Lee Caiels SENMLordshill20.1 
107NT   Kris Reilly V35MHalterworth35.4 
108NT   Godfrey Rhimes V50MEastleigh Junior  
109NT   Nico Beukman V40MStubbington Green26.8 
11NT   Julian Mann V35MWinchester2.6 
110NT   Roger Watson-Hall V50MNew Forest Runners11.1 
111NT   James Archer V35MTotton36.0 
112NT   Tony Rickman V35MLordshill5.6 
113NT   Ben TurleySENMHedge End  
114NT   Paul Hammond V55MStubbington Green12.3 
115NT   Matthew TaylorV40MWinchester  
116NT   David Hollinshead V35MLordshill12.8 
117NT   Alex Dicks SENMWinchester11.2 
118NT   Neil Richardson V40MStubbington Green13.7 
119NT   Paul Burnage V50MRomsey25.2 
12NT   Paul Lacey SENMLordshill5.2 
120NT   Richard Snell V45MStubbington Green16.4 
121NT   Paul Hallett V50MTotton36.0 
122NT   Tim Johnson V45MEastleigh RC33.9 
123NT   Andrew Hayter V40MTotton30.3 
124NT   Darren Foy V40MLordshill9.6 
125NT   David Barnes V55MEastleigh RC7.0 
126NT   Julian Smith V50MNew Forest Runners14.6 
127NT   Gareth Latham V35MLordshill25.1 
128NT   Gavin RamptonSENMHedge End  
129NT   Peter Collier V60MNew Forest Runners13.5 
13NT   Jon Osman V50MEastleigh RC5.0 
130NT   Jamie AliV40MHedge End  
131NT   David Murray V45MTotton19.3 
132NT   Patrick WaltersV40MNew Forest  
133NT   Peter Gregory V55MHardley36.0 
134NT   Colin Jones V55MEastleigh RC18.2 
135NT   Melvin Holloway V50MEastleigh Junior  
136NT   Andrew Archibald V50MRomsey22.2 
137NT   David Gould V50MHardley17.7 
138NT   Kieron Batt V40MEastleigh RC23.7 
139NT   Phil May V55MStubbington Green31.1 
14NT   Francis Handy SENMNew Forest Runners/Birchfield H2.8 
140NT   Martin Keith Nugus V35MTotton22.4 
141NT   Tony Phillips V45MEastleigh RC36.0 
142NT   Douglas WhitbyV40MHedge End  
143NT   Bernard Dutton V60MEastleigh RC/Hedge End11.7 
144NT   Steve Goodwin V55MWinchester10.2 
145NT   David Walker V45MWinchester15.1 
146NT   Steve Robinson V35MLordshill12.5 
147NT   David Pilbeam V60MTotton15.7 
148NT   Paul Garland V45MHalterworth19.6 
149NT   Matthew AbbotSENMStubbington  
15NT   Corrie NortonSENMNew Forest  
150NT   Paul Smith V40MStubbington Green25.0 
151NT   Tom Callaway SENMStubbington Green9.3 
152NT   Neil Jarvis V45MStubbington Green17.2 
153NT   Mark Parkin V55MEastleigh RC14.7 
154NT   Lionel Handy V55MNew Forest Runners9.8 
155NT   Jordi MonsoSENMNew Forest  
156NT   Steven Haysom V55MHardley36.0 
157NT   Liam Dredge V35MStubbington Green24.8 
158NT   Nathan Rendell V35MLordshill20.0 
159NT   Ian Rogers V45MEastleigh RC18.6 
16NT   Peter Willson SENMLordshill35.9 
160NT   Peter Richardson SENMLordshill36.0 
161NT   David Ragg V45MNew Forest Runners20.9 
162NT   Terence Earney V65MHardley22.5 
163NT   Matt Gardner V40MStubbington Green/Hedge End13.6 
164NT   James Nicolas V35MLordshill31.8 
165NT   Charles Bartlett Fox V60MHardley11.1 
166NT   Ashley RandellSENMLordshill  
167NT   Andrew Brooks V60MWessex RR32.6 
168NT   Mark WilsonSENMWinchester  
169NT   Kevin RoweV50MHedge End  
17NT   Graham Bungay V45MTotton7.9 
170NT   Paul Coverdale V35MStubbington Green13.9 
171NT   Darren John Price V40MNew Forest Runners16.9 
172NT   David McElhenny V55MHardley15.1 
173NT   Nigel Whitcher V45MStubbington Green16.1 
174NT   Miles Barber V45MTotton  
175NT   Mark Lee V45MHardley19.2 
176NT   Greg Roulston V55MHavant/Romsey33.4 
177NT   John Simmonds V55MHardley14.2 
178NT   Mick Anglim V65MHardley11.2 
179NT   Richard Alderson V35MTotton35.1 
18NT   Benjamin Pitman SENMLordshill0.1 
180NT   Kevin Ashman V55MStubbington Green26.7 
181NT   Julian Porter V50MLordshill36.0 
182NT   Christopher Neil Lamb V40MLordshill11.4 
183NT   Ian Boshier V45MEastleigh RC12.6 
184NT   Paul MillerV40MHedge End  
185NT   Keith Whitaker V60MStubbington Green17.8 
186NT   Steve Johnson V55MLordshill12.2 
187NT   Cliff Manton V55MEastleigh RC13.3 
188NT   Richard Allen V40MHedge End11.1 
189NT   John Hayes V60MTotton36.0 
19NT   Daragh Hendley V35MStubbington Green18.2 
190NT   Colin Wood V40MRomsey25.2 
191NT   Russell Mead V45MStubbington Green17.4 
192NT   Robson TrendellSENMHedge End  
193NT   John Simister V50MStubbington Green23.3 
194NT   Simon Mason V55MTotton25.5 
195NT   Jeremy TuckerV40MNew Forest  
196NT   Barrie Reeves V60MEastleigh RC30.7 
197NT   David Howells V60MWessex RR14.2 
198NT   James Saunders V40MLordshill34.4 
199NT   Ashley Lovell V50MStubbington Green12.7 
2NT   Owen Hind U23MEastleigh RC-5.0 
20NT   Joe MondinoSENMNew Forest  
200NT   John KeenanV50MLordshill  
201NT   Mark WhitlockSENMTotton  
202NT   Craig Taylor V35MTotton15.9 
203NT   Jeremy Barber V60MHardley18.2 
204NT   Peter ThorntonV60MHardley  
205NT   Douglas Maclean V65MWessex RR31.3 
206NT   Mike Dukes V65MLordshill28.6 
207NT   Alan Grout V55MNew Forest Runners22.6 
208NT   Chris Jackson SENMLordshill30.1 
209NT   John Tussler V60MStubbington Green33.4 
21NT   Daniel Powell U23MHardley7.5 
210NT   Stuart Hines V60MEastleigh RC36.0 
211NT   Andrew Barber V55MHardley26.4 
212NT   Roy S Mcloughlin V65MLordshill24.3 
213NT   Paul Eves V35MLordshill24.6 
214NT   Chris Paterson V55MNew Forest Runners36.0 
215NT   Gary Fhithyan V45MLordshill30.5 
216NT   Peter Lindsell V60MHardley  
217NT   Derek Kelly V65MRomsey30.4 
218NT   Timothy Heath U23MLordshill17.5 
219NT   Richard Widdop V65MWessex RR  
22NT   Mike Bisson SENMLordshill10.9 
220NT   Peter Hawker V70MWessex RR27.1 
221NT   Brian Grierson V70MLordshill31.9 
222NT   Lindsay Davis V50MTotton36.0 
223NT   David Page V65MRomsey  
224NT   Andrew Walter V45MHalterworth36.0 
225NT   Mike Sleath V50MHardley26.2 
226NT   Chris Brown V45MLordshill18.6 
227NT   Martyn Banner V50MStubbington Green20.2 
228NT   Matthew Collins SENMEastleigh RC30.8 
229NT   Graham ClarkeV50MTotton  
23NT   Mike Davies V45MWinchester23.1 
230NT   Allan Stinson V45MStubbington Green34.6 
231NT   Eddie Oliver V50MLordshill25.1 
232NT   Roger Bradley V65MLordshill29.3 
24NT   Mark Stileman V45MHardley1.6 
25NT   Toby Burrows SENMRomsey31.9 
26NT   Graham Bell V45MStubbington Green15.1 
27NT   Mike White V50MStubbington Green4.7 
28NT   Mark Eaton V45MStubbington Green6.9 
29NT   Ian Debnam SENMWinchester5.0 
3NT   Tom Stevens U23MEastleigh RC1.0 
30NT   Elliott Cheesman U17MNew Forest Runners2.9 
31NT   Paul Bartlett SENMNew Forest Runners34.1 
32NT   Mark Hayter SENMEastleigh RC5.9 
33NT   Duncan Dickinson V35MRomsey24.4 
34NT   Robert Benham V40MLordshill7.0 
35NT   Danny White SENMLordshill9.4 
36NT   James Allderidge V35MLordshill36.0 
37NT   Paul Stoodley V50MWinchester12.4 
38NT   Steve Cleeves V40MLordshill14.6 
39NT   Tim Morgan U17MHardley-1.9 
4NT   Matt Hammerton SENMRomsey5.7 
40NT   James Henley SENMNew Forest Runners36.0 
41NT   Steven Morton V40MNew Forest Runners5.8 
42NT   Simon Price V35MTotton7.4 
43NT   Ashley Forbes SENMLordshill7.3 
44NT   Alan Doney V45MWinchester5.0 
45NT   Mark Aston SENMLordshill6.0 
46NT   Chris Chambers V40MEastleigh RC4.5 
47NT   Nick Ambler V35MWinchester3.8 
48NT   Andrew Stockwell V40MStubbington Green7.7 
5NT   Stephen HerringV40MNew Forest  
50NT   Martyn West V60MWinchester7.4 
51NT   Tim Stewart V45MTotton33.3 
52NT   Neil Vincent V40MTotton19.1 
53NT   Gary Painting SENMLordshill5.8 
54NT   James Johnson SENMEastleigh RC7.5 
55NT   Ian Ralph V35MRomsey9.6 
56NT   Andy Gannaway V50MWinchester/Veterans2.6 
57NT   Ian Moran V50MEastleigh RC8.1 
58NT   Steve Wallington V50MTotton9.0 
59NT   Mark Sills V40MHalterworth36.0 
6NT   Ant Gritton SENMLordshill4.1 
60NT   Sean Patrick Driscoll V50MTotton27.5 
61NT   Andrew Adams V45MLordshill5.7 
62NT   Stephen Kivlochan V40MHedge End7.4 
63NT   Euan McGrath V40MStubbington Green20.5 
64NT   Tim Sullivan V50MStubbington Green19.4 
65NT   Adam Wills SENMLordshill6.2 
66NT   Andy Chase V40MNew Forest Runners5.0 
67NT   Jeff Scarle V35MLordshill7.9 
68NT   Henry Szwinto V55MNew Forest Runners17.9 
69NT   Nigel Fenwick V50MWinchester36.0 
7NT   James Dean SENMTotton10.2 
70NT   Mark Darcy V35MHardley30.9 
71NT   Steve Churcher V50MEastleigh RC8.1 
72NT   Eamonn Rivers V50MTotton11.7 
73NT   Jon Leigh V50MStubbington Green9.8 
74NT   John Blake V40MStubbington Green7.7 
75NT   Tony King V35MRomsey9.1 
76NT   Stuart Smith V35MLordshill6.4 
77NT   Michael Patrick Chappell V40MEastleigh RC/Hedge End26.9 
78NT   Andy Lee V50MStubbington Green11.4 
79NT   Andrew Phimister V45MNew Forest Runners35.4 
8NT   Andrew Simpson V40MStubbington Green0.9 
80NT   Andrew Gates V50MTotton8.1 
81NT   Marcus T Lee V40MStubbington Green8.6 
82NT   Sean O'Grady SENMEastleigh RC9.5 
83NT   Nick Crane V55MStubbington Green13.1 
84NT   Christopher Brown SENMRomsey34.9 
85NT   Michael McCabe V55MNew Forest Runners26.0 
86NT   Martin Kerslake V40MEastleigh RC30.8 
87NT   Charlie Cooper V50MHedge End6.3 
88NT   Nick LindseyV40MEastleigh  
89NT   Simon Mccarthy V45MLordshill22.1 
9NT   Stuart McCallum U17MWinchester1.3 
90NT   Dylan Killick V35MEastleigh RC14.3 
91NT   James Keen V40MStubbington Green36.0 
92NT   Alex Johnson V40MHedge End11.7 
93NT   Mark Bartlett U17MNew Forest Runners16.9 
94NT   Mark Pocock V35MEastleigh RC5.9 
95NT   Jim Davies SENMLordshill-0.7 
96NT   Carl Iszatt V35MLordshill/Unattached5.5 
97NT   Callum JarvisSENMStubbington  
98NT   Ken Crassweller V65MDavid Lloyd Leisure - Dorset/New Forest Runners36.0 
99NT   Wayne Vincent V50MEastleigh RC36.0 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Emma Risbey SENW 6.0 
10NT   Laure Vandenbroeck SENWLordshill  
100NT   Lynda Cox V55WLordshill35.5 
101NT   Linda FrancisV50WHedge End  
102NT   Stephanie Cooley SENWEastleigh RC15.9 
103NT   Luana Cox V45WLordshill21.7 
104NT   Ann Sales V55WSolent Running Sisters23.0 
105NT   Hayley Payne V40WEastleigh RC12.5 
106NT   Julie Bowden V50WStubbington Green34.9 
107NT   Katherine Smart SENWLordshill29.9 
108NT   Caroline Street V55WStubbington Green27.9 
109NT   Sarah Nancholas V35WEastleigh RC36.0 
11NT   Sonia Rushby V40WEastleigh RC9.6 
110NT   Loraine Harris V45WLordshill26.8 
111NT   Donna Lovelock SENWLordshill19.7 
112NT   Sarah Martin V45WStubbington Green33.1 
113NT   Susie MacGregor V40WStubbington Green10.4 
114NT   Rene Elizabeth Pilbeam V60WTotton25.8 
115NT   Jo Morley V40WEastleigh RC31.1 
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