Forest of Dean parkrun # 173 External Results
Forest of Dean
3 Aug 13
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:09   Kyran Hale  U20MSevern16:4516:4018.6 
219:36   Daren Mark Smith  V45MForest of Dean18:5218:5211.5 
319:36   John Russell  V40MUnattached19:0018:495.5 
419:41   Leyton Fleet  V40MForest of Dean18:5318:084.8 
520:24   Grant Morris U20MUnattached    
620:26   Richard Pegler  V35MForest of Dean19:5618:305.4 
720:30   Jack Fleet  U18MForest of Dean19:0918:056.7 
820:33   Mark Mathews  V40MForest of Dean19:2519:257.3 
920:38   Christopher Frederick Williams V45MUnattached    
1020:39   Kim Mazzucca SBV50WForest of Dean20:3917:2629.1 
1121:25   Lewis Bennett SENMUnattached    
1221:34   Andy Batts  V40MUnattached20:5220:1936.0 
1321:43   Walter Leach  V50MForest of Dean20:5619:145.5 
1421:47   Warren Day V40MUnattached    
1521:55   Wayne Stewart  V45MUnattached21:2021:1113.8 
1622:06   Robert Freeman  V40MForest of Dean21:0019:598.9 
1722:09   Jason Ross-Collins  V40MForest of Dean22:0721:4017.0 
1822:44   Ellis Peacey  U15MForest of Dean21:0620:238.7 
1922:52   Jeremy Creasey  V45MSpirit of Monmouth21:0521:0410.9 
2022:54   Georgie Parnell SBS30WChepstow H/Newport/Southampton Uni22:5418:544.7 
2123:03   Brian Francis PBV50MForest of Dean22:0720:5410.9 
2223:13   Sam Lattimer SENMUnattached    
2323:17   Callum Francis  U18MForest of Dean21:5221:5231.8 
2423:20   Lindsey John Baker  V40MUnattached22:4522:4536.0 
2524:01   Ian Morgan  S25MForest of Dean21:2220:209.3 
2624:05   Emma Davies  V40WSpirit of Monmouth23:1523:1516.6 
2724:24   Guy Maskall  V40MUnattached23:1122:1812.3 
2824:53   Fiona Creasey V45WUnattached    
2924:54   Jacqui Wynds  V55WForest of Dean24:2223:5715.8 
3025:24   Stefanie Francis PBV45WForest of Dean24:5524:1615.4 
3125:35   Neil Peacey  V40MUnattached23:5623:1016.6 
3225:46   Christopher Michael Barnes V45MUnattached    
3326:05   Harry Fleet  U15MForest of Dean25:0123:0734.0 
3426:17   Hannah Milton  S30WSteel City24:5022:2315.4 
3526:39   Kate Frost PBV35WForest of Dean25:4825:4820.9 
3626:42   Layla Gunter SENWUnattached    
3726:42   Angus Purcell SBV35MUnattached24:5924:4117.8 
3827:11   Charles Taylor V60MUnattached    
3927:32   Michael Gibbons  V55MBramhall Runners22:2521:1615.7 
4027:37   Andrew Bray  V55MChepstow H25:0723:5521.4 
4127:41   Jane Creed PBV35WForest of Dean24:4123:5320.5 
4227:43   Katherine Winterborne PBV40WSpirit of Monmouth27:4327:4336.0 
4327:45   Tony Highfield V50MUnattached    
4427:57   Angela Bowkett SBV45WForest of Dean27:5726:3521.7 
4528:35   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4628:44   Richard Ford V45MUnattached    
4728:48   Christine Miles  V55WWomens Running Network/Brighton TC26:1125:2820.5 
4828:51   Michelle Peacey  V45WUnattached27:0626:5424.3 
4929:05   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5029:06   Sharla Fleet  V40WForest of Dean28:5527:4926.9 
5129:09   Bev James  V55WForest of Dean/Unattached28:0227:0826.1 
5229:26   Michelle Ward  V40WNorthern Ireland Masters28:1026:3522.9 
5329:32   Melvyn Powell  V50MUnattached29:0326:2836.0 
5429:46   Michele Purcell  SENWUnattached28:0525:4720.8 
5529:53   Kelton Morris U15MUnattached    
5630:00   Mark Bennett V40MUnattached    
5730:01   Vanessa Pegler  V40WForest of Dean27:2025:3118.4 
5831:35   Sydney Wheeler  V75MChepstow H25:4725:4729.6 
5931:38   Tracy Hale  V35WUnattached29:4029:4036.0 
6031:52   Ali Williams V35WUnattached    
6131:52   Haley Turner V40WUnattached    
6233:33   Todd Morris U15MUnattached    
6333:44   Andrew William Philip Knott  S30MForest of Dean30:5622:3121.7 
6433:55   Claire White  V45WUnattached29:1229:1233.6 
6534:45   Nichola Drinkwater  SENWRonhill Sports33:4533:3436.0 
6635:57   Joseph McVelia U15MTiptree Road Runners    
6736:01   Rebecca McVelia  V35WTiptree27:2624:0515.8 
6846:59   Deborah White  V40WForest of Dean32:0829:5535.7 
6946:59   John Tonks V40MUnattached