Peter Pan parkrun # 14 External Results
Peter Pan
13 Jul 13
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:09Peter Johnston PBS25MUnattached17:0917:061.8 
219:15Craig Lane SENMUnattached    
319:40David Birkin  V40MCity of Hull18:3418:348.8 
419:55Andrew Tate  V50MBeverley19:4319:3311.1 
520:02Alan Pollard  V35MCity of Hull19:4019:3515.3 
620:03Mark Stevenson PBV35MUnattached20:0320:0316.4 
720:51Callum Milner  SENMUnattached17:4717:282.5 
820:58Stuart Lazenby V45MUnattached    
921:25Nicole Peters SBU20WCity of Hull21:2519:268.5 
1021:38Jayne Dale PBV50WBeverley21:3821:3813.6 
1121:57Lee Craven PBS30MCity of Hull21:5719:037.0 
1222:15Matt Henry SENMUnattached    
1322:38Jamie Rhodes  V35MFetch Everyone21:4021:3313.2 
1422:44Simon Jones SENMUnattached    
1522:49Joe White SENMUnattached    
1623:13Andrew Hemmings  S30MCity of Hull18:3817:447.6 
1723:14Nick Maynard  V40MCity of Hull18:3618:146.8 
1823:15Brian Lee V45MUnattached    
1923:25Ethan Bennett U15MUnattached    
2023:29Jennie Wilberforce  V35WHull Achilles22:3722:0530.0 
2123:54David Andrew Ostler V45MUnattached    
2224:02Geoffrey Wilcox  V55MCity of Hull22:3322:1115.4 
2324:10Connor Pickering D PBU11MKingston upon Hull23:0123:0139.8 
2424:19James Pearson  V35MBeverley16:2316:179.2 
2524:26Glenn Campbell V50MUnattached    
2624:31Kate Birkenhead  V50WFitmums & Friends23:5123:1317.1 
2724:50Peter Taylor  V65MCity of Hull/Unattached20:5320:5313.5 
2824:56David Rivers  V40MCity of Hull23:0422:0012.5 
2924:59Amy Ainsworth SENWKingston upon Hull AC    
3025:18Verena Golach  V55WCity of Hull24:1124:0217.6 
3125:19Caroline Wilson V35WUnattached    
3225:35Shaun Megginson SENMUnattached    
3325:55Martyn Hicks V55MUnattached    
3427:46Gill Holden PBV50WCity of Hull/Unattached27:2027:2028.1 
3528:06David Coulson SENMUnattached    
3628:34Mary Kogi V35WUnattached    
3728:44Debra Margerison V45WUnattached    
3828:46Maxine Whitelock V45WUnattached    
3928:53Alex Pollard  U11MUnattached26:1923:4033.7 
4029:18George Bailey U15MUnattached    
4129:19Debbie Carmichael V40WUnattached    
4230:11Kathryn Wilson V50WUnattached    
4330:15Maria Diaz  V50WWest Hull Ladies27:5827:3920.9 
4431:33Diane Pickering  V40WWest Hull Ladies27:5625:3219.0 
4532:22Lisa Patel  S25WWest Hull Ladies29:0625:4747.8 
4632:38Natalie Sharpe SENWUnattached    
4732:42Peter Draper  V55MWhite City (Hull)26:2426:0423.8 
4832:45Kim Hewson  V45WUnattached28:3528:1525.0 
4933:04Malcolm James Roberts V55MUnattached    
5033:06Jane Allen  S30WWest Hull Ladies29:5128:0924.6 
5133:15Cheryl Elsworthy  V35WUnattached29:1228:2327.9 
5233:43Sarah May SENWUnattached    
5334:15Jo Okey V35WFitmums and Friends    
5434:47Angela Peck V55WUnattached    
5535:56Teresa Ann Stamp SBV35WUnattached30:4630:4649.5 
5636:12Caroline Taylor V35WUnattached    
5736:19Oscar Pearson U15MUnattached    
5836:53Andrew Penn U15MUnattached    
5936:54Anya Betts U15WFitmums and Friends    
6036:54Jayne Betts  V45WFitmums & Friends27:3027:3045.9 
6136:54Gavin Betts V40MUnattached    
6239:49Marie Page V40WUnattached    
6347:25Sophie Penn U15WUnattached    
6447:37Helen Penn  V35WFitmums & Friends26:0423:1915.1