Champagne League External Results
Wauldby Green
2 Jul 13
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
148:50   Stuart Carmichael V40MBeverley/City of Hull/Kingston upon Hull1.2 
249:52   Gregan Clarkson SENMKingston upon Hull-0.9 
351:27   James Pearson V35MBeverley3.6 
452:22   Aubrey Morrell V45MBeverley2.9 
553:41   Nigel Sisson V40MEast Hull0.8 
653:59   Jim Rogers V45MCity of Hull/East Hull2.1 
754:37   Stephen Rennie V55MCity of Hull3.4 
855:17   Sean Rouse V40MCity of Hull8.2 
955:36   Mark Dalton V50MBeverley4.9 
1055:49   Gary Slater SENMCity of Hull26.4 
1156:10   Mark Spikings SENMCity of Hull1.9 
1256:16   Jim McGivernV45MBEV  
1356:57   Brian Ward V50MCity of Hull6.1 
1457:09   Joseph Kirkup SENMEast Hull14.3 
1557:25   Carla Stansfield SENWBeverley2.3 
1657:29   Christopher Healy V45MCity of Hull6.7 
1758:10   James Abel V55MCity of Hull10.5 
1858:24   Daniel Barrass SENMHull Springhead5.3 
1959:08   Andrew Watson V45MEast Hull7.7 
2059:56   Paul Cartwright V55MHull Springhead6.5 
2160:03   Paul Body V40MCity of Hull9.7 
2260:22   Nick Harne SENMCity of Hull2.6 
2360:24   Andrew Johnson V40MBeverley6.1 
2461:06   Stephen TaylorSENMEHH  
2561:23   Charlotte Ward U20WCity of Hull2.7 
2661:25   Lewis Beecher V35MEast Hull6.6 
2762:01   Andrew Tate V50MBeverley8.9 
2862:18   Andrew Collinson V50MEast Hull27.3 
2962:40   Amanda Dean V50WWest Hull13.8 
3062:53   Tom MorganSENMBEV  
3163:13   Alexandra Campbell V40WHull Springhead/City of Hull31.1 
3263:20   Stuart Spooner V50MBridlington15.0 
3363:23   Niki Whitaker V35WCity of Hull8.6 
3463:31   Alan Smith V40MWhite City (Hull)3.7 
3564:07   Katie Dunn V35WCity of Hull26.5 
3664:17   Pam Richards V40WCity of Hull35.6 
3764:34   Chris PickeringSENMCoH  
3865:20   Stephen Williets V45MBeverley16.5 
3965:27   Ian McCoid V50MCity of Hull9.0 
4065:33   Ian Fergusson V40MCity of Hull13.9 
4166:07   Nick Maynard V40MCity of Hull5.9 
4266:08   Graham Wilkinson V55MEast Hull13.6 
4366:14   Peter Watkinson V60MBeverley13.9 
4466:29   Fiona Robinson V45WCity of Hull14.0 
4567:51   Guy Gibson V45MEast Hull9.6 
4668:12   Richard Harrison V40MCity of Hull6.0 
4768:12   Simon Pick SENMBeverley18.9 
4868:18   Emma Greensmith V35WBeverley10.4 
4968:44   Lynda Hields V35WWest Hull/City of Hull22.8 
5069:06   Martin Young V50MWhite City (Hull)13.6 
5169:15   Ian Tasker V40MWhite City (Hull)15.0 
5269:33   Bill Grieve V50MBeverley36.0 
5370:08   Denis Healy V50MCity of Hull29.5 
5470:43   David Anderson V50MEast Hull13.3 
5570:55   Graham Naylor V60MWhite City (Hull)11.4 
5671:35   Tanwen Gray V35WBeverley16.5 
5771:35   Yannick Peron V40MCity of Hull21.5 
5871:55   Kenneth Barnes V70MEast Hull32.1 
5972:17   Deborah Watson V50WWest Hull20.7 
6072:26   Sally Widdowson SENWWest Hull24.2 
6172:32   Stephen Coveney V60MCity of Hull14.5 
6272:35   Kerry Wilson SENWEast Hull14.9 
6373:00   Alison Hayes V35WEast Hull14.7 
6473:00   Shane Nicholson V45MCity of Hull36.0 
6573:41   Roy Dennison V65MCity of Hull20.6 
6673:54   David Johnson V50MCity of Hull22.2 
6774:41   Alex Gymer V55MBeverley36.0 
6875:21   Steven John Hadley V45MBeverley33.5 
6975:24   Stephen Brotherton V40MBeverley18.9 
7075:36   Chris Tute V50MCity of Hull36.0 
7175:42   Zoe Jameson SENWWest Hull24.5 
7275:46   Derek Ricketts V60MCity of Hull21.2 
7376:06   Angela Collins V45WBeverley32.6 
7476:09   Paul Kenneth Evans V45MBeverley23.3 
7576:23   Neil Plummer V50MHull Springhead29.1 
7678:21   Philip Dewberry V60MHull Springhead/City of Hull16.2 
7778:30   Sandra Holdsworth V55WWest Hull15.9 
7878:42   Kevin McManus V55MCity of Hull22.7 
7979:01   Terry SellersV55MCoH  
8079:10   Adam Thompson V40MHull Springhead12.6 
8179:17   Verity Pick SENWWest Hull27.7 
8279:18   Christopher Wood V70MCity of Hull22.6 
8379:28   Andrew Meese V35MBeverley21.2 
8480:03   Jill Jameson V50WWest Hull21.7 
8581:02   Jeffrey Copping V65MCity of Hull23.0 
8681:21   Penny Darmody V50WEast Hull21.3 
8781:28   AN Other      
8882:00   Steven M Dawson V50MWhite City (Hull)31.2 
8982:27   Simon Gower V50MHull Springhead36.0 
9082:29   Eileen P Henderson V50WCity of Hull21.7 
9182:56   Timothy Welbourn V55MCity of Hull21.0 
9285:04   Julie HankinV50WCoH  
9386:51   Elaine Julian V45WBeverley19.2 
9486:54   Julie Thomson V50WCity of Hull27.7 
9588:43   Peter Kirk V70MCity of Hull26.4 
9690:38   Antonia Goodison V35WWest Hull/City of Hull35.9 
9790:42   John Boardley V70MBeverley28.6 
9891:45   Helen McCoid SENWWest Hull36.0 
9993:25   Frank Harrison V70MCity of Hull26.5 
10094:17   Penelope Booth V55WBeverley25.4 
10196:30   Peter McNally V70MBeverley36.0 
10297:37   Richard Tomlinson V60MBeverley35.2 
10398:26   Mary Harrington V35WBeverley36.0 
1041:42:45   Lynn Griffin V35WCity of Hull36.0 
1051:43:38   Mary Carrick V60WEast Hull/Beverley30.2 
1061:50:52   Carol Miller V40WWest Hull26.5 
1071:51:15   Kate Thompson V65WWest Hull36.0