Plymouth Coasters Pyjama 5K External Results
2 Jun 13
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:26   Edmund Kramarr V40M     
218:29   Mark Davidson PBV45MEast Cornwall18:2918:295.3 
320:37   Michael Yearling SENM     
421:05   Mike Saunders PBSENMPlymouth Musketeers21:0520:2211.7 
521:25   Daniel Baugh SENM     
624:18   Malcolm Moody PBV55MPlymouth Coasters24:1824:1836.0 
725:46   Simon Ayres SENM     
826:02   Andrea Butterworth PBV45WPlymouth Musketeers/Plymstock RR26:0226:0236.0 
926:15   Andrew Proudfoot SBV50MPlymouth Coasters26:1525:4216.6 
1027:25   Paul Riggs PBV35MMounts Bay27:2527:2536.0 
1127:42   Richard Edwards SENM     
1228:28   Anthony McCann V50MBMF    
1328:37   Julia Proudfoot SBV50WPlymouth Coasters28:3727:5923.0 
1428:48   Adam McIntyre V40M     
1532:09   Lorraine Davies  V50WPlymstock RR/Plymouth Musketeers31:2627:5436.0 
1637:17   Nina Shillabeer  V55WPlymstock RR32:5432:5433.9 
1737:17   Richard Walters SBV65MPlymstock RR37:1730:5531.3 
1838:53   Eloise Woodward SENW     
1952:38   Tracey Taylor SBV45WPlymouth Coasters52:3831:0436.0 
2052:38   Cathy Moody V50W     
2153:47   Karen Tibbs V50W