Rother Valley Trail Run External Results
13 Oct 07
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
133:26   Damian Nicholls  SENMMacclesfield/Wilmslow32:5531:562.0 
233:54   Martin Reid SBSENMCity of Sheffield/Sheffield Hallam Uni33:5432:254.6 
334:11   Gareth Turner  U23MHallamshire/Manchester Uni/Unattached33:5832:2211.5 
434:56   Steve Evison PBSENMCity of Sheffield/Sheffield Hallam Uni34:5634:5617.2 
535:17   Kev Lilley  V45MSheffield RC/Dark Peak34:1132:4314.4 
635:47   Stephen Penney SBV35MChesterfield/North Derbyshire35:4734:4314.5 
736:22   Michael Sprot  SENMHallamshire34:1833:391.6 
836:35   Stuart Cunningham  V40MNorth Derbyshire35:4434:5610.4 
937:09   Michael Stenton SBV45MDark Peak37:0934:3112.7 
1037:30   Darren King SBV35MKillamarsh37:3033:240.6 
1338:22   Paul Blakeney PBV50MSheffield RC38:2238:2221.4 
1438:45   Peter Clements SBV40MAskern38:4536:2136.0 
1538:53   John Wood  V45MKillamarsh37:2936:1336.0 
1739:10   Michael Marsters SBV55MRotherham39:1038:2216.3 
2440:35   Alan Ashburner PBV50MNorth Derbyshire40:3540:3516.7 
3042:19   Carol Wolstenholme  V60WHallamshire40:1237:2321.6 
3944:19   Helen Brown PBV35WTotley44:1944:1927.1 
4846:23   Mike Bravin SBV60MNorth Derbyshire46:2341:4836.0 
4946:42   Bryan Rogers PBV70MNorthern Vets46:4246:4236.0 
5046:46   Elizabeth Gregory PBV40WTotley46:4646:4631.6 
5146:54   Barbara Bly  V50WHallamshire45:2045:1036.0