Medina I.O.W. parkrun # 94 External Results
Medina I.O.W.
9 Mar 13
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:35   Stuart Backhouse SBV40MIsle of Wight RRC/Prison Service Du-Tri Club18:0117:363.0 
219:03   Alan Rowe  V45MIsle of Wight RRC18:2918:247.9 
319:18   Stephen Rumsey PBV45MIsle of Wight/Isle of Wight RRC18:3718:375.0 
419:34   Cohan Tyler  U20MIsle of Wight RRC18:3618:3631.2 
520:18   Peter Sexton  V45MIsle of Wight RRC19:2717:495.5 
620:22   Sean Williams PBV40MWight Tri18:2616:444.7 
722:09   Christopher Murphy  V45MUnattached20:5520:1412.0 
822:12   Steven Michael Apsey SBS30MIsle of Wight20:1219:305.7 
922:30   Benjamin Timmons PBU11MIsle of Wight21:1119:3711.5 
1022:39   Josh Coultrup PBU18MUnattached21:1619:3426.6 
1122:49   Eden Crumplin SBU15WIsle of Wight22:2121:3731.4 
1222:53   Ellie Witty SBU15WIsle of Wight22:5321:3829.0 
1323:07   Dylan Holdsworth  U11MIsle of Wight23:0419:054.2 
1423:28   Mark Christopher Jenkinson SBV35MUnattached23:2422:5616.3 
1523:32   Kevin Fry  V40MIsle of Wight RRC21:2220:4316.3 
1623:41   Cherry Shannon PBV50WRyde22:3722:0215.8 
1724:08   Mark Capodici  SENMIsle of Wight RRC21:1420:0915.0 
1824:11   John Timmons  V55MUnattached23:1923:1920.6 
1924:27   Tracey Sangster  V35WIsle of Wight RRC22:5422:5422.7 
2024:30   Jessica Gray SENWUnattached    
2124:36   Harry Furmidge  U18MUnattached23:0519:196.1 
2225:04   Katie Patricia Lewis PBV35WUnattached25:0422:3516.1 
2325:04   Simon Lewis  V35MUnattached19:2818:467.2 
2425:13   Gordon Stainer  V55MUnattached25:0124:4123.1 
2525:13   Bridget Lewis  V50WRyde24:5423:5414.7 
2625:20   Thomas Timmons  U15MIsle of Wight22:5919:498.1 
2725:21   Justine Bacon PBV40WIsle of Wight/Havant25:2123:3917.4 
2826:00   Katie Mackenzie PBU18WIsle of Wight RRC24:4423:1319.5 
2926:14   Maisie Witty  U11WIsle of Wight23:0122:1722.9 
3026:23   Fiona Attwood PBS30WIsle of Wight RRC25:1925:1925.5 
3126:27   Sarah Crabb  S30WUnattached25:0125:0121.3 
3226:32   Arielle Rosa Elton-walters  SENWUnattached24:3221:2714.4 
3326:34   Ellie Lovett PBU11WIsle of Wight24:1322:4325.4 
3426:41   Milly Bacon SBU11WIsle of Wight25:2122:119.0 
3526:45   Dave Furmidge  V60MRyde25:5325:5322.4 
3626:47   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3726:48   Jason Siviter V40MUnattached    
3826:50   Andrew David Tapsell  V40MIsle of Wight RRC22:4522:1518.7 
3926:55   Cheryl Frampton  V50WUnattached25:0625:0623.8 
4027:01   Stephen Duff  V60MIsle of Wight25:0823:4936.0 
4127:04   Milly Williams PBU11WIsle of Wight25:2023:0116.4 
4227:10   Peter Jolliffe  V65MRyde23:5122:0916.8 
4327:27   Rees Cooper  U18MIsle of Wight24:1119:305.9 
4427:27   Simon Anthony Richard Everett V35MUnattached    
4527:28   Neil Cooper  V40MWight Tri21:1720:3115.1 
4627:29   Christopher John Eade  V60MUnattached27:0326:4336.0 
4727:34   Shelagh Thornett PBV50WIsle of Wight RRC27:3427:3436.0 
4827:35   Glyn Jenkins SBV60MRyde23:5221:1420.4 
4928:03   William Michael Timmins SBV55MUnattached26:4126:3124.5 
5028:09   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5128:22   Paul Whitter  V45MUnattached27:1925:3822.2 
5228:36   Margaret Niland-Murphy  V45WUnattached26:5321:3515.2 
5328:38   Helen Ralfs V40WUnattached    
5428:38   Lisa Straughton PBV35WUnattached28:3828:3836.0 
5528:43   Orla Gradwell U15WUnattached    
5628:46   Lynda Evans V60WUnattached    
5728:54   Sarah Fifield V40WUnattached    
5828:57   Fiona Gwinnett PBV50WUnattached28:5728:5730.0 
5928:58   Bridget Keyte SBV40WIsle of Wight RRC28:5828:4323.1 
6028:59   Clare Newman  SENWUnattached27:0125:5536.0 
6129:04   Eden Canning SBU11WIsle of Wight28:5326:1820.8 
6229:22   Nigel Mason V45MUnattached    
6329:52   Shelly Harris  V40WIsle of Wight RRC29:1528:1231.3 
6430:07   Frankie Witty  U11MIsle of Wight25:2123:2624.4 
6530:50   Lenaic Gravis V40WUnattached    
6630:51   Katherine Marriott V40WUnattached    
6731:28   Eadie Sollars PBU11WIsle of Wight30:0729:3626.0 
6831:28   Charlotte Sollars PBU11WIsle of Wight30:2424:5624.8 
6931:35   Abigail Sollars V45WWomens Running Network    
7031:55   Emile Bleriot U15MUnattached    
7131:58   John Victor Langley  V75MUnattached30:1130:1130.7 
7231:59   Joclyn Bleriot V40MUnattached    
7332:00   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7432:27   Patrick Harris PBV45MIsle of Wight RRC28:5728:2932.6 
7532:27   Michael Coultrup  V45MIsle of Wight RRC/Unattached21:4820:3512.5 
7632:31   Sarah Turtle  SENWUnattached29:1729:1734.2 
7733:15   Patrick Anthony Skelton  V65MUnattached29:4829:4836.0 
7833:20   Gethin Hepworth U15MUnattached    
7933:44   Becky Hepworth V40WUnattached    
8034:26   Christine Powell  V60WRyde33:3433:3430.4 
8134:57   Alexander Cooper  U18MIsle of Wight27:5025:5921.8 
8235:06   Joy Furmidge  V60WRyde31:1230:3229.8 
8335:06   Lisa Pennells  V40WUnattached33:4632:0934.4