SWVAC Open 5K Championships External Results
27 Aug 07
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:21   Andrew Hussey  V40MCheltenham/Midland Masters15:2515:255.7 
217:03   Angus Henderson  V40MYeovil16:4116:36  
317:12   Leslie Lock SBV55MWells City/South West Vets17:0917:0920.0 
417:14   Amy Campbell PBU23WSouthampton RC/Shaftesbury Barnet17:1417:094.9 
 17:15   Ian Stott SBV35MCity of Salisbury17:1516:3514.5 
617:25   Kevin Sparey  V50MAvon Valley/South West Vets17:0616:5833.0 
717:35   Jonathan Goodland  V50MGreat Western17:0616:555.1 
817:43   Harry Matthews SBV60MElswick/VAA North East17:4317:3112.4 
917:56   Clive Harwood  V55MCrewkerne17:4917:2436.0 
 18:02   Darren Bradley  V40MSouth West Vets/Cambuslang17:4117:41  
1118:29   Arthur Johns SBV55MPoole Runners/South West Vets18:2917:1711.4 
1218:30   Peter Hamilton SBV55MBlackheath & Bromley/Southern Counties Vets18:3018:0212.8 
 18:34   Mick Kelly SBV45MMarshall Milton Keynes/Eastern Masters18:3417:5213.9 
 18:44   Simon Wiltshire SBV35MCity of Salisbury18:4416:5536.0 
1618:53   Anne Luke SBV50WTamar18:5318:3028.3 
1718:54   Caroline Hewitt SBV40WTiverton18:5418:2723.5 
1818:58   Roger Rowe SBV60MExmouth/South West Vets18:5818:0034.1 
 19:00   Andy Kennedy PBV50MExmouth19:0019:0030.3 
2220:16   John Perratt  V70MExmouth/South West Vets20:1519:4336.0 
2320:52   Ray Elston PBV65MExmouth20:5220:5218.6 
2420:53   Gordon Wiltshire  V70MCity of Salisbury20:3920:3136.0 
2521:00   Aly Sloane SBV45WCity of Salisbury21:0019:2816.0 
 21:36   Chris Woodcock SBV60MBlackheath & Bromley21:3620:0034.2 
 22:34   Jim Wyatt PBV65MExmouth22:3422:3434.7 
3122:35   Zina Marchant SBV55WTeam Bath22:3520:5317.3 
3323:27   Janice Rambridge PBV55WTeam Bath23:2723:2730.7 
 23:29   Carol Morgan SBV45WTeam Southampton/South West Vets23:2921:3636.0 
 24:32   David Bucke SBV70MWeymouth24:3223:0436.0 
3825:15   Mary Anstey PBV70WSouth West Vets25:1525:1529.0 
 25:59   Matthew White V45M     
 26:05   Susan White V50W     
 26:38   Kathryn Emmerson SBV55WNewton Abbot26:3825:02  
 27:54   Ed Shillabeer PBV65MLondon Vidarians/South West Vets27:5427:5436.0