Buckinghamshire Cross Country Championships External Results
Milton Keynes
5 Jan 13
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
140:06Tom Beedell SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Chiltern-1.5 
240:19Fabian Downs SENMChiltern/Oxford Uni/Reading AC-0.5 
340:30Charlie May SENMVale of Aylesbury2.6 
441:07Tom Comerford SENMMarshall Milton Keynes1.4 
541:41Phil Holland V35MAmpthill & Flitwick/Olney4.6 
642:06Steven Tuttle SENMMarshall Milton Keynes-1.2 
742:14Benjamin Tanner U23MLeicester Uni45.7 
842:20Matt Taylor SENMBelgrave9.7 
942:31Keith Miller V45MRedway Runners36.1 
1043:11Justin Fowler V40MChiltern18.5 
1143:18Stephen Green SENMMarshall Milton Keynes1.2 
1243:47Richard Ashton V45MNewham & Essex Beagles/Marshall Milton Keynes2.4 
1343:48Frank Fulcher V40MHandy Cross4.5 
1443:53Rob Taylor V35MVale of Aylesbury5.2 
1544:14Stephen Herring V40MMarshall Milton Keynes4.4 
1644:20Sam Deathe U23MMarshall Milton Keynes/St. Mary's Uni33.6 
1744:28Simon Beedell SENMChiltern-0.4 
1844:31Mark Dowson V35MMarshall Milton Keynes6.0 
1944:59Max Dillon SENMAmpthill & Flitwick14.8 
2045:04Thomas Watson SENMOlney8.2 
2145:04Jeremy Vick SENMMarshall Milton Keynes4.4 
2245:23James Down SENMRedway Runners4.0 
2345:28George Ashdown SENMMarshall Milton Keynes9.2 
2445:29Gary Blaber V35MMarshall Milton Keynes2.2 
2545:37Ross Threlfall SENMMarshall Milton Keynes11.2 
2645:56Derek Brown V50MChiltern17.0 
2746:09Declan Hamblin V40MVale of Aylesbury/London Heathside10.6 
2846:35Jonathan Taylor SENMChiltern9.7 
2947:00Andrew Kirschner SENMShenley4.6 
3047:08Stephen Patey V35MRedway Runners7.3 
3147:10James Ferguson U23MOxford Brookes Uni25.3 
3247:14Sean Wilson SENMVale of Aylesbury1.7 
3347:24Chris SimsmSENMVegan Runners UK  
3447:32Henrik Hartmann V40MVale of Aylesbury17.0 
3547:42Kevin P Minter V45MOlney54.0 
3647:46Lewis Meredith SENMVale of Aylesbury11.4 
3748:17Robin Dowswell V45MMarshall Milton Keynes12.1 
3848:42Thomas Inchley SENMLeighton Buzzard4.0 
3949:13Alec Patterson V35MOlney52.0 
4049:22Andrew R Wasdell V35MMarshall Milton Keynes5.3 
4150:11Spencer Ollington SENMRedway Runners/Unattached14.2 
4250:37Stuart Woodruff V40MOlney/Shires Triers45.1 
4350:54Nigel Sheppard V50MRedway Runners11.1 
4451:02Douglas Chrystie V35MOlney49.1 
4551:06Neil Jones V35MMarshall Milton Keynes7.1 
4651:08Chris Cahill V40MMarshall Milton Keynes8.3 
4751:40James Ward SENMRedway Runners7.2 
4851:42Henry Edwardes-Evans V45MVale of Aylesbury19.3 
4952:03Dean Sartin V35MRedway Runners7.3 
5052:30Chris Youens SENMMarshall Milton Keynes30.8 
5152:32Ashley Bourne SENMRedway Runners26.0 
5252:44Martin Erasmus V45MTeam Milton Keynes/Marshall Milton Keynes/Vegan20.1 
5353:02Alan Roberts V45MVale of Aylesbury10.9 
5453:17Mike Pezaro V35MOlney45.2 
5553:19Clive Cohen V55MTring RC11.2 
5653:40Julius Fawcett V40MChiltern46.1 
5753:46Mervyn Phillips V55MMarshall Milton Keynes/Sevenoaks/Royal Mail14.8 
5853:50Chris Mahon V45MMarshall Milton Keynes33.2 
5954:27Garry Biddle V45MRedway Runners/Ampthill & Flitwick28.9 
6054:45Tony Daglish V45MRedway Runners5.7 
6154:55Steve Rice V55MOlney52.5 
6255:46Peter Simpson V50MVegan17.8 
6356:16Martin McPheat V50MMarshall Milton Keynes16.8 
6456:45Gareth Snelson V40MRedway Runners9.6 
6556:47Terry D Down V55MMarshall Milton Keynes19.1 
6657:50Martin Lawrence V50MRedway Runners16.6 
6759:30Christopher Michael Barnes V45MOlney17.7 
6859:38Steve Dicks V40MOlney6.4 
6959:53Derek Slann V55MRedway Runners18.6 
7064:11Glenn Dickinson V45MRedway Runners17.6 
7166:48Christopher Amesbury V35MRedway Runners/Unattached15.2 
7278:03Bob Varney V50MRedway Runners54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
130:45Alex Goodall U20MWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow6.4 
231:42Mateusz Sliwimski U20MWycombe24.3 
332:53Alex Bampton U20MSwindon-4.1 
433:07Kieran Gilfedder U20MWycombe1.5 
533:12Ryan Burling U20MMarshall Milton Keynes0.0 
633:15Liam McDonald U20MChiltern48.2 
733:56George Gillingwater U20MChiltern12.2 
834:45Sam Redding U20MMarshall Milton Keynes34.9 
935:45Luke Elton U20MMarshall Milton Keynes43.3 
1036:33George Langston U20MVale of Aylesbury53.4 
1136:51Tom Cox U20MMarshall Milton Keynes41.1 
1240:25Steve Cox U20MMarshall Milton Keynes40.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
119:51Ben Sutherland U17MWycombe/Warwickshire Schs/Rugby & Northampton13.6 
219:54James McCarthy U17MChiltern2.7 
320:09James Davis U17MVale of Aylesbury0.1 
420:23Bradley Lawrence U17MWycombe19.9 
520:37Kieran Wye U17MWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow6.1 
621:15Patrick Taylor U17MVale of Aylesbury-0.7 
721:19Michael Goddard U17MChiltern/Hertfordshire Schs8.8 
824:28Michael Greener U17MMarshall Milton Keynes2.1 
1028:19Daniel CravenU17MUnattached  
928:19Matt Robinson U17MVale of Aylesbury  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:36Louis Clarke U15MMarshall Milton Keynes/Thames Valley29.2 
215:57Callum Bampton U15MSwindon11.8 
316:13Bill Hughes U15MWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow25.5 
416:29Owen Seamark U15MMarshall Milton Keynes37.4 
516:34Joe Thrush U15MWycombe51.2 
617:02Toby Herdman-Smith U15MMarshall Milton Keynes40.2 
717:03Luke Paulley U15M 50.5 
817:24Dominic Murphy U15MMarshall Milton Keynes48.2 
917:25Richard Slade U15MChiltern-3.6 
1017:27Charles Wheeler U15MMarshall Milton Keynes-5.9 
1117:33Jack Blyth U15MWycombe5.3 
1217:38Samuel Henning U15MChiltern44.7 
1317:46James Kingston U15MWycombe30.9 
1417:55Harri Kane U15MVale of Aylesbury21.5 
1518:10George Glinski U15MMarshall Milton Keynes30.8 
1618:21Benjamin Minter U15MOlney  
1718:32Daniel Weathers U15MWycombe25.7 
1818:50Jacob Tresham U15MMarshall Milton Keynes/Northamptonshire Schs49.0 
1919:29Oli Brown U15MChiltern54.0 
2020:03Will Oleksiuk U15MChiltern5.0 
2121:32David Clark U15MWycombe-3.6 
2221:41Harry Ford U15MMarshall Milton Keynes  
2321:59James Mottram U15MMarshall Milton Keynes50.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:59Alfred Yabsley U13MMarshall Milton Keynes-4.5 
210:03Ben Smith U13MChiltern/London Schs15.2 
310:18Cameron Almand U13MWycombe23.4 
410:19Angus Denison-Smith U13MChiltern27.7 
510:30Theo Kontos U13MChiltern46.0 
610:34Cameron Reid U13MChiltern-0.1 
710:46Jake Cox U13MMarshall Milton Keynes28.9 
810:56Harvey Green U13MMarshall Milton Keynes27.7 
911:12Sebastian MillsU13MUnattached  
1011:13Maximus Gilhespy U13MBedford & County20.6 
1111:20Matthew BirdU13MVale of Aylesbury AC  
1211:24Shea Minty U13MVale of Aylesbury45.7 
1311:40James Minter U13MOlney-2.4 
1411:43Ewan Forsythe U13MMarshall Milton Keynes-1.2 
1511:44Finn Bell U13MWycombe13.3 
1611:45Sammy Taylor U13MWycombe36.1 
1711:55Harry Brandon U13MChiltern49.0 
1811:59Alex Rice U13MVale of Aylesbury  
1912:02Joshua BrownU13MVale of Aylesbury AC  
2012:02Oliver Jackson U13MChiltern16.2 
2112:08Edward Jennings U13MMarshall Milton Keynes51.2 
2212:10Freddie Thornton-BettU13MMarshall Milton Keynes  
2312:11Phoenix Everiss U13MChiltern32.9 
2412:19Kristian Everiss U13MChiltern40.9 
2512:21Edward WatsonU13MChiltern Harriers AC  
2612:24Tom Norfolk U13MWycombe54.0 
2712:24Jack Meijer U13MMarshall Milton Keynes-4.7 
2812:28Alex Boyd U13MChiltern53.1 
2912:32Charley Madgin U13MMarshall Milton Keynes21.2 
3012:33Ollie SaundersU13MWycombe Phoenix Harriers AC  
3112:43Charlie SandersU13MMarshall Milton Keynes  
3212:44Max HornshawU13MMarshall Milton Keynes  
3313:03Marcus Lovell U13MMarshall Milton Keynes-0.1 
3413:10Redford Denson U13MChiltern29.9 
3513:14James Dowsett U13MMarshall Milton Keynes9.1 
3613:27Timothy McElligott U13MMarshall Milton Keynes5.2 
3713:31Arron WootonU13MMarshall Milton Keynes  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
136:33John Skelton V60MMarshall Milton Keynes/Eastern Masters6.6 
239:26Kelvin Smith V60MMarshall Milton Keynes16.0 
341:07Paul Mason V60MMarshall Milton Keynes16.5 
442:17Dave Findel-Hawkins V60MMarshall Milton Keynes14.7 
546:25Trevor Brawn V60MChiltern20.4 
650:01Brian Layton V60MTring RC30.5 
752:06Fred Ashford V75MHandy Cross46.3 
863:34Jim McKellar V75MMarshall Milton Keynes54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
122:43Lara Bromilow SENWMarshall Milton Keynes/Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets2.5 
222:59Juliette Minter V40WOlney51.4 
323:09Wendy Webber SENWMarshall Milton Keynes8.2 
423:43Lucy Rogers U23WWycombe9.7 
524:07Julia Austin V45WVale of Aylesbury14.7 
624:31Iona Craft SENWTring RC16.6 
724:32Sophie Delderfield SENWVale of Aylesbury1.7 
825:15Alexandra Knowles V45WMarshall Milton Keynes14.6 
926:04Frances Malin V45WWootton RR/Marshall Milton Keynes12.5 
1026:49Julie Jones V45WMarshall Milton Keynes18.7 
1126:52Debbie Channer V40WVale of Aylesbury15.6 
1226:54Abigail Gooch V35WRedway Runners/Police10.6 
1327:15Claire Doherty V40WBearbrook/Tring RC42.9 
1427:25Mary Ward V45WTring RC9.7 
1527:45Ellen Fulcher V45WHandy Cross15.5 
1627:47Sarah Bird V40WRedway Runners11.9 
1728:01Kirsten Lawton V40WVale of Aylesbury54.0 
1828:09Rachel Edwards V45WRedway Runners11.0 
1928:14Maria Calleia V40WMarshall Milton Keynes28.8 
2029:02Julie-Ann HammondV35WUnattached  
2129:03Victoria Berry SENWRedway Runners17.6 
2229:15Victoria Sheldon V45WVale of Aylesbury21.6 
2330:09Johann Vick V35WMarshall Milton Keynes15.8 
2430:19Heather Fallaize V50WVale of Aylesbury27.4 
2531:19Julie Martin V40WRedway Runners14.6 
2631:19Veritie YatesV45WDavid Lloyd Redway Runners  
2732:53Dawn Blaber V35WRedway Runners17.0 
2832:58Ursula Ghaleb V55WMarshall Milton Keynes34.6 
2933:13Theresa Catherine Sholl V40WRedway Runners23.5 
3033:46Donna Law SENWRedway Runners27.5 
3134:02Vanessa Stride V50WRedway Runners26.1 
3234:15Annie HullyV45WDavid Lloyd Redway Runners  
3334:43Portia SimondV35WDavid Lloyd Redway Runners  
3434:46Karen Lawrence V50WShenley23.3 
3537:01Riitta Liisa Wood V55WRedway Runners25.5 
3639:41Pat Card V55WVale of Aylesbury34.1 
3741:24Debbie Dickinson V45WRedway Runners24.9 
3841:45Leigh Steere V45WShenley/Redway Runners24.0 
3942:20Karen Bugaj V50WRedway Runners27.5 
4044:35Rose Biddle V45WRedway Runners37.6 
4144:35Fay Chester SENWRedway Runners42.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
122:19Maryse Haynes U20WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Birmingham Uni11.2 
222:34Connie Lewis U17WChiltern51.1 
324:58Jasmine Finlay U17WMarshall Milton Keynes47.8 
424:59Sophia Cliffe U17WMarshall Milton Keynes8.4 
525:35Jess Hall U17WMarshall Milton Keynes43.2 
625:52Fern Yull U17WMarshall Milton Keynes13.8 
726:22Emma Barraclough U17WChiltern24.5 
826:30Georgina Russell U20WWycombe9.0 
927:22Amy Botham U17WMarshall Milton Keynes44.0 
1027:29Emily Bousfield U17WMarshall Milton Keynes6.6 
1129:56Chelsea Hunt U17WMarshall Milton Keynes50.1 
1231:47Sophie Crisp U17WMarshall Milton Keynes54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:25Amy Radford U15WMarshall Milton Keynes8.4 
218:27Hannah Thear U15WChiltern22.5 
319:10Alice Wright U15WVale of Aylesbury/Oxfordshire Schs1.7 
419:17Eliza Taswell-Fryer U15WVale of Aylesbury9.8 
519:23Katie Bench U15WChiltern45.6 
619:30Amy Gant U17WBuckinghamshire Schs53.4 
719:47Sophie Botham U15WMarshall Milton Keynes15.6 
819:53Natasha Taylor U15WWycombe16.5 
921:03Megan Styles U15WWycombe31.3 
1021:09Isabella Thornton-BettU15WMarshall Milton Keynes  
1122:23Katie McCartney U15WChiltern54.0 
1222:41Iona Norwood U15WMarshall Milton Keynes14.0 
1322:46Izabella Hodgson U15WMarshall Milton Keynes27.5 
1423:23Alexandra Hughes-Morgan U15WChiltern54.0 
1523:37Georgina Barnett U15WChiltern54.0 
1623:58Jade Brown U15WMarshall Milton Keynes9.9 
1724:16Elise CrawleyU15WThornton College  
1826:12Louise GallavanU15WThornton College  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:20Emma Mears U13WMarshall Milton Keynes17.1 
211:21Jessica Orr U13WChiltern22.5 
311:29Olivia Lowrie U13WWycombe32.4 
411:37Lizzie Barraclough U13WChiltern10.9 
511:58Orla Fawcett U13WChiltern14.9 
612:09Caroline Spence U13WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow37.4 
712:10Katie Jones U13WVale of Aylesbury22.4 
812:11Anna Croft U13WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow36.9 
912:20Mimi Houlihan-Burne U13WChiltern31.4 
1012:21Madeleine Lacey U13WChiltern/Buckinghamshire Schs36.5 
1112:26Abigail Fricker U13WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow39.5 
1212:28Charlotte Moyse U13WMarshall Milton Keynes24.5 
1312:33Sandie Pohlman U13WChiltern/Cookham20.0 
1412:33Magda Rospedzihowsk U13WChiltern50.5 
1512:40Maisie Pennant U13WWycombe24.1 
1612:53Cleo Pryor U13WWycombe49.1 
1713:00Anna RadfordU13WThornton College  
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