Forest of Dean parkrun # 141 External Results
Forest of Dean
29 Dec 12
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:57   Ben Curtis SENMUnattached    
220:16   Marcus Bennetto  U20MForest of Dean19:0717:181.4 
321:09   Leyton Fleet  V40MForest of Dean19:3318:085.7 
421:39   Gavin McCaugherty  S30MBRAT18:1617:0012.0 
522:07   Mick Jones  V50MBlackheath & Bromley19:1719:1016.6 
622:30   John Russell  V40MUnattached19:5418:495.0 
723:16   Craig Churchill  V35MTeignbridge20:4820:2310.6 
823:18   Ian Lowton  V40MUnattached20:3220:108.6 
923:22   Andy Batts  V40MUnattached20:1920:1936.0 
1023:37   Carsten Marott Holse V35MUnattached    
1124:09   Julian Michael Boon  V40MForest of Dean19:2718:274.1 
1224:26   Jessica Jones SBU20WBlackheath & Bromley24:2621:2818.2 
1324:38   Robert Freeman  V35MForest of Dean21:2620:088.5 
1425:40   Clive Henry Hague Whitehouse V50MUnattached    
1525:54   Lydia Hebbourn U15WUnattached    
1625:56   Alan John Robertson  V55MForest of Dean21:3820:4910.4 
1726:01   Hannah Curtis SENWUnattached    
1826:02   Bayo Alli SENMUnattached    
1926:18   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2026:26   Callum Francis  U18MForest of Dean22:5021:5233.9 
2126:28   Andrew Fewster  V45MEast Hull21:1619:5713.1 
2226:34   Martin Blakebrough  V50MSpirit of Monmouth23:4821:1210.0 
2326:40   Luke Blakebrough SENMUnattached    
2427:05   Neil Peacey  V40MUnattached25:0923:1017.3 
2527:31   Alan Walker  V45MUnattached22:4721:5033.9 
2627:47   Ellis Peacey  U15MForest of Dean26:0520:2311.5 
2727:52   Ivan Woodward  V45MForest of Dean23:5022:2020.2 
2828:40   Stefanie Francis  V45WForest of Dean25:5524:1615.8 
2928:47   Graham Bennetto  V50MForest of Dean/Fire Service24:1524:1517.5 
3028:54   Peter Woodward  S20MForest of Dean17:0416:21-0.2 
3130:48   Christopher Frank Hawkins  V60MForest of Dean24:5223:0721.2 
3231:01   Jessica Amber Moncrieffe SENWUnattached    
3331:02   Joe Big Nuts Curtis SENMUnattached    
3431:04   Anna Marie Freeman  V40WForest of Dean27:2325:1118.5 
3531:24   William Marks  V70MOak Park27:0226:4433.2 
3638:53   Helen Prince V45WUnattached    
3743:35   Lisa Maria Medcalf-Woodward  V45WUnattached36:0534:2736.0