Medina I.O.W. parkrun # 82 External Results
Medina I.O.W.
1 Dec 12
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
119:34   Stuart Backhouse  V40MIsle of Wight RRC/Prison Service Du-Tri Club18:2517:363.0 
219:55   Simon Lewis  V35MUnattached19:3118:467.2 
320:05   Simon Randall  V40MIsle of Wight RRC18:3717:536.8 
420:07   Graham Tuck  V60MIsle of Wight18:4818:4816.2 
521:48   Keith Masterton  V50MUnattached19:3819:3836.0 
622:17   Paul Charlton-Smith  V60MRyde21:1321:1322.7 
722:19   Joan Lennon  V55WSteyning20:2719:4211.6 
822:22   Rob Holdsworth  V40MUnattached21:4220:0211.3 
922:26   Peter Wilkinson  V45MUnattached21:5021:0936.0 
1022:52   Christopher Murphy  V45MUnattached20:5620:1412.0 
1123:03   Sean Furmidge  V35MRyde21:0719:239.2 
1223:14   Steven Michael Apsey  S30MIsle of Wight21:3719:305.7 
1323:36   Timothy Keyte  V45MUnattached22:3120:5010.7 
1423:42   Michael Coultrup  V45MIsle of Wight RRC/Unattached23:3620:3512.5 
1523:43   Samuel Sussmes U20MUnattached    
1623:45   Dominic Jacobs  U18MRyde21:3221:3234.1 
1724:00   Steve Bennett  V50MUnattached21:4520:209.7 
1824:02   Austin Law U15MUnattached    
1924:06   Matthew Sussmes V45MUnattached    
2024:07   Mandy M Womack  V45WRyde22:4421:3819.8 
2124:08   Penny Brook  S20WUnattached21:4820:338.2 
2224:12   Kevin Fry  V40MIsle of Wight RRC21:4420:4316.3 
2324:15   Benjamin Timmons  U11MIsle of Wight22:4219:3711.5 
2424:26   Trish Train  V45WIsle of Wight RRC22:4820:2010.6 
2524:27   Stuart Gordon Murray V50MUnattached    
2624:29   Dylan Holdsworth PBU11MIsle of Wight24:2919:054.2 
2725:12   Gary Lloyd  V65MDorking & Mole Valley22:4222:4216.3 
2825:17   Sara Denise Truckel  V35WIsle of Wight RRC23:3123:2914.9 
2925:34   Sam Smith SENMUnattached    
3025:37   Ian Jolliffe  V65MWest Wight22:1421:3616.7 
3126:02   Peter Burke V50MUnattached    
3226:06   Fraser Law U15MUnattached    
3326:28   Helen Batchelor  V40WIsle of Wight RRC24:4124:4136.0 
3426:32   Harry Furmidge  U18MUnattached25:5519:196.1 
3527:01   David McDine  V40MWight Tri23:1522:5134.8 
3627:06   Cohan Tyler  U20MIsle of Wight RRC18:5018:3631.2 
3727:11   Bridget Lewis  V50WRyde25:2223:5414.7 
3827:41   Margaret Niland-Murphy  V45WUnattached24:1321:3515.2 
3927:47   Mark Richards SENMUnattached    
4027:48   Glyn Phillip Williams  V55MUnattached26:0026:0036.0 
4127:51   Dave Furmidge  V60MRyde25:5625:5322.4 
4227:54   Cheryl Frampton  V50WUnattached26:0125:0623.8 
4328:02   Stephen Duff  V60MIsle of Wight24:5623:4936.0 
4428:09   Katy Smith SENWUnattached    
4528:14   Jacob Keyte  U18MUnattached24:4724:4433.6 
4628:18   Simon Anthony Richard Everett V35MUnattached    
4728:46   Fiona Attwood  S30WIsle of Wight RRC27:3225:1925.5 
4829:28   Elaine Parry PBV40WUnattached27:5622:0014.5 
4929:32   Alison Batchelor V45WUnattached    
5029:34   Louise Bayne SENWUnattached    
5130:10   Fiona Gwinnett  V50WUnattached29:3828:5730.0 
5230:34   William Michael Timmins  V55MUnattached27:5026:3124.5 
5331:02   Arielle Rosa Elton-walters  SENWUnattached27:5821:2714.4 
5431:11   Owen Furmidge  U18MUnattached25:5318:494.2 
5531:15   John Victor Langley  V75MUnattached30:3630:1130.7 
5631:19   Daisy Furmidge  S30WRyde24:2023:1417.6 
5731:40   Chris M Amy  V60WWest Wight26:2425:0224.8 
5831:48   Lizzi Elton-Walters  S20WUnattached28:3923:0625.5 
5932:07   Bridget Keyte  V40WIsle of Wight RRC28:5228:4323.1 
6032:25   Brian Rayner V70MUnattached    
6132:50   Abigail Keyte  U18WUnattached28:2023:2715.9 
6233:15   Peter Jolliffe  V65MRyde23:2422:0916.8 
6333:23   Lisa Pennells  V40WUnattached32:0932:0934.4 
6435:02   Aidee Matthew Ray  U18MUnattached28:3228:0432.0 
6535:05   Julie Ray  V40WIsle of Wight RRC25:2323:3419.0 
6636:01   Sally Cooney V35WUnattached    
6736:33   Christine Powell  V60WRyde33:4833:3430.4 
6836:46   Tracey Cooper  V45WRyde/Petts Wood33:2832:2836.0 
6937:07   Alexander Cooper  U18MIsle of Wight29:4825:5921.8 
7037:08   Neil Cooper  V40MWight Tri21:4420:3115.1 
7140:19   Jan Hickman  V50WAshford RRC36:1135:5036.0 
7240:20   Stephen Hickman  V50MAshford RRC/Isle of Wight RRC/Isle of Wight23:5122:0819.2 
7340:21   Anne Dines V50WUnattached    
7440:21   Patrick Anthony Skelton  V65MUnattached30:4929:4836.0