Promenade 5K External Results
8 Aug 07
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:24   James Baker  SENMChichester15:2115:10-3.3 
215:45   Mark Le Gassick PBSENMStubbington Green15:4515:2631.1 
315:59   Richard Batchelor SBSENMAldershot, Farnham & District/Waverley15:5915:328.1 
416:05   Craig Williams PBU20MAldershot, Farnham & District/Army16:0516:0511.5 
516:09   Stephen Laidler PBV40MAldershot, Farnham & District/Army16:0916:0936.0 
616:24   Paul Bleach SBV40MCity of Portsmouth16:2416:1113.0 
716:28   Julian Mann SBSENMWinchester16:2815:484.1 
816:29   Ray Marriott SBV50MSouth London16:2916:1216.7 
916:30   Simon Ridley PBV35MSouthampton RC16:3016:30  
1116:58   Keith Donkin SBV50MAldershot, Farnham & District16:5816:0936.0 
1317:00   Mike Davies PBV40MWinchester17:0016:5824.6 
1717:14   Reg Ball SBV50MPortsmouth JC17:1417:009.0 
1817:16   Chris Hall SBV40MStubbington Green17:1616:518.0 
2117:24   Lucy Elliott SBV40WWinchester17:2415:543.7 
2217:28   Martyn West SBV50MSouthampton RC17:2816:048.0 
2317:32   David Thomson SBV45MCity of Portsmouth17:3216:2836.0 
2417:35   Malcolm Hargraves SBV45MCity of Portsmouth17:3517:2030.8 
2517:39   Glenn Tracey PBU15MCity of Portsmouth17:3917:39  
2617:50   Alistair Darwent PBU15MCity of Portsmouth17:5017:50  
2817:55   Simon McMorran PBV45MWest Wight17:5517:0728.4 
2918:15   Vince Stamp SBV45MCity of Portsmouth18:1517:2936.0 
3118:20   Bill Mullett PBV55MLewes18:2018:20  
3318:26   Karrie Blake  SENWDenmead/City of Portsmouth18:2516:5124.5 
3618:47   Ian Richardson PBV50MSouthampton RC18:1418:149.7 
3918:51   Nicci Bolinger PBSENWSouthampton RC18:5118:107.8 
4018:55   Jane Harrop SBV45WHavant18:5518:407.6 
4218:58   David Carter SBV50MSouthampton RC18:5818:4136.0 
4719:11   Georgina Gair PBU17WCity of Portsmouth19:1118:4335.1 
5820:00   Dave O'Toole PBV55MPortsmouth JC20:0020:00  
5420:42   Peter Newton  V60MCity of Portsmouth/South West Vets20:1418:3331.1 
10422:33   Carwyn Hughes PBV70MHavant22:3322:3336.0 
10522:42   Lynne Newton SBV60WCity of Portsmouth22:4222:1536.0 
11823:34   Marilyn Crocker PBV55WVictory/Havant23:3423:3428.4 
 23:46   William Davies SBV75MWinchester/Welsh Masters23:4622:1236.0