Gwent Leisure Centre League External Results
7 Oct 12
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTRyan Mcflynn SENMFairwater/Ireland3.5 
10NTSimon Lewis V45MParc Bryn Bach12.9 
11NTSteve Davies V50MGriffithstown/Pont-Y-Pwl5.0 
12NTSimon A Lewis V35MParc Bryn Bach-1.2 
13NTMatthew Lawson V40MChepstow H8.4 
14NTHaydn Hartnell V50MIslwyn7.6 
15NTJim King SENMCaerleon  
16NTPaul Dodd V50MChepstow H4.4 
17NTRobert Anderson V70MLliswerry19.7 
18NTMark Harvey SENMChepstow H31.3 
19NTPaul Lidgett V45MChepstow H14.0 
2NTSean Taylor V35MFairwater1.1 
20NTSteve Harrhy V45MLliswerry32.4 
21NTPaul Thomas V40MLliswerry53.6 
22NTIestyn Rhodes V35MUsk5.0 
23NTMike Dury SENMIslwyn27.8 
24NTPhilip John Williams V35MIslwyn5.1 
25NTColin Wilmott V50MGriffithstown7.4 
26NTRichard Thomas SENMFairwater54.0 
27NTPhil Miles V60MParc Bryn Bach15.4 
28NTPeter J Thomas V50MCaerleon14.7 
29NTAndrew Thompson V55MGriffithstown22.2 
3NTJames Elgar SENMLliswerry5.1 
30NTJames Foulkes-Nock U17MLliswerry38.2 
31NTTony FidoSENMLliswerry  
32NTRussell FinchV45MMonmouth  
33NTMatthew Lloyd SENMFairwater8.8 
34NTPaul Harmes V45MLliswerry18.8 
35NTRoger Mills V40MFairwater17.6 
36NTHoward Charles Mason V45MCaerleon24.6 
37NTMartin Chammings SENMParc Bryn Bach19.8 
38NTJonathan Williams V40MFairwater49.5 
39NTNicholas Walsh V40MGriffithstown7.6 
4NTRichard Johnstone SENMIslwyn  
40NTDaman Jukes V40MParc Bryn Bach32.3 
41NTShaw JonesSENMPont-Y-Pwl  
42NTThomas Guy V40MGriffithstown16.3 
43NTJohn Thomas V45MChepstow H51.5 
44NTMike Davies V50MCaerleon8.3 
45NTDavid Smout V60MParc Bryn Bach22.5 
46NTStewart ThomsonV50MPont-Y-Pwl  
47NTDave Timson V45MPont-Y-Pwl30.7 
48NTMartyn Jenkins V50MFairwater21.3 
49NTGarry Woods V50MFairwater25.8 
5NTLeighton Rawlinson SENMCaerleon0.4 
50NTGerry Ashton V55MChepstow H16.0 
51NTPaul Day V60MLliswerry16.4 
52NTVinny DuffinSENMMonmouth  
53NTJustin Pocknell V40MCaerleon15.0 
54NTKim Wehden V50MIslwyn7.7 
55NTRhys Parfitt SENMPont-Y-Pwl19.9 
56NTJoe FullaloveSENMIslwyn  
57NTRichard M Bowie V50MFairwater20.7 
58NTGlyn Hicks V60MIslwyn21.4 
59NTKevin McEntee V55MChepstow H11.8 
6NTChris Harrhy V45MLliswerry24.8 
60NTPeter Rodger V55MCaerleon6.1 
61NTRichard Davies V45MLliswerry54.0 
62NTStephen Williams V55MLliswerry26.0 
63NTSean Davey V45MCaerleon17.5 
64NTMike Evans V55MForest of Dean AC/Chepstow H14.2 
65NTSteve HaydnV50MIslwyn  
66NTMichael Bonnett V55MLliswerry23.5 
67NTHoward Martin Attwood V60MLliswerry19.0 
68NTLee JamesV40MMonmouth  
69NTNick JacksonV40MLliswerry  
7NTDafydd LambethSENMIslwyn  
70NTAndrew Taylor V55MCaerleon26.9 
71NTJeremy CreasetV45MMonmouth  
72NTRobert Brown V60MChepstow H34.5 
73NTLee Durkee SENMPont-Y-Pwl34.5 
74NTAndrew Cockeram V45MLliswerry17.0 
75NTGeoffrey Bayliss V65MChepstow H27.3 
8NTRichard John Lloyd SENMFairwater7.8 
9NTRay Evan Morgan SENMGriffithstown8.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTJane Horler V40WChepstow H10.5 
10NTMaria Richards V35WIslwyn11.8 
11NTBecky Comins V40WChepstow H  
12NTJacky Miles V60WParc Bryn Bach20.7 
13NTRebecca Poole SENWFairwater20.7 
14NTAlison Scrivens V40WCaerleon40.3 
15NTJulie Roche V40WFairwater14.7 
16NTDaniela Woodbridge V40WGriffithstown21.0 
17NTSusanne Tagg V45WParc Bryn Bach/Police17.4 
18NTKaren Payne V40WCaerleon16.4 
19NTEmma Sowrey V35WPont-Y-Pwl24.4 
2NTJenna Roberts SENWFairwater  
20NTEmma DaviesV40WMonmouth  
21NTAN Other      
22NTLucy AllenV45WMonmouth  
23NTAmanda Waters SENWGriffithstown54.0 
24NTLowri Williams U17WIslwyn16.9 
25NTJulie DaviesV40WPont-Y-Pwl  
26NTCeri JonesSENWLliswerry  
27NTEmma KingSENWMonmouth  
28NTHelen Thomas V50WCaerleon34.5 
29NTShelagh Adkins V65WCaerleon27.3 
3NTNicola Jukes V40WParc Bryn Bach6.6 
30NTJoyce Dodd V55WChepstow H37.3 
31NTStella Symons V45WFairwater23.9 
32NTCoral Putman V40WVegan21.0 
33NTJo MarshV40WMonmouth  
34NTChristine Vorr├ęsV50WPont-Y-Pwl  
35NTHayley Pierce SENWPont-Y-Pwl54.0 
36NTMichelle Jayne V35WParc Bryn Bach25.4 
37NTHelen Gwilliam V45WFairwater25.9 
38NTJeanette Jenkins V50WFairwater15.9 
39NTSara Wakefield V35WPont-Y-Pwl52.1 
4NTVanessa Lawson V40WChepstow H10.3 
40NTLinda Spillane V60WLliswerry/Newport & District20.5 
41NTJacqueline Louise Lambeth V40WIslwyn36.7 
42NTRuth Louise Treharne V45WIslwyn19.4 
43NTJayne Bayliss V55WChepstow H  
44NTJane Rymer V45WChepstow H21.8 
45NTRaven Timms V35WIslwyn/Unattached35.2 
46NTYvonne Forsey V50WLliswerry31.2 
47NTSinead TomsonSENWLliswerry  
48NTGwyneth Howells V60WCaerleon30.2 
49NTDeb Wood V40WLliswerry38.4 
5NTEmma Wookey U20WLliswerry5.2 
50NTDebbie CummingsV45WCaerleon  
6NTSamantha Toop SENWPont-Y-Pwl/Pont-Y-Pwl/Army10.3 
7NTHelen Lodder V40WIslwyn54.0 
8NTNicola Haines-Jones V45WNeath/Newport H26.9 
9NTLou Summers V45WChepstow H6.2