Dunbartonshire County Relay Championships External Results
20 Oct 12

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:06Dylan Elliott U11MKirkintilloch12.9 
27:12Euan Chapman U11MGarscube51.0 
37:24Lewis ChalmersU11MWest Dunbartonshire AC  
47:25Emma Gilmour U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow17.9 
57:28Charlotte Caskie U11WHelensburgh50.7 
67:39Niamh Summers U11WKirkintilloch44.8 
77:40Jenna Little U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Glasgow Caledonian Uni7.5 
87:43Jack MacKinnonU11MVP Glasgow  
107:45Laura FergusonU11WWest Dunbartonshire AC  
97:45Ryan Waters U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow  
117:46Lily-Jane Evans HaggertyU11WVP Glasgow  
127:55Blayne Wright U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow-1.2 
137:56Donald Scott U11MVictoria Park City of Glasgow54.0 
147:57Sorcha Hicks U11WHelensburgh53.7 
157:59H LindupU11MClydesdale Harriers  
168:02Stuart Aird U11MClydesdale40.9 
178:05Archie SneddonU11MVP Glasgow  
188:07Amber Jardine U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow52.2 
198:08Keiran Goggins U13MClydesdale  
208:11Jade Steele-Milne U11WClydesdale45.1 
218:11Ross PetersU11MWest Dunbartonshire AC  
228:11Cameron Cromar U11MHelensburgh54.0 
238:14Aaron Belkevitz U11MClydesdale  
248:21Courtney SutherlandU11WHelensburgh AAC  
258:30Jack Dolan U13MClydesdale52.2 
268:44T HearnsU11MClydesdale Harriers  
278:49Cole Murray U11MHelensburgh  
288:49Izzy GeldartU11WVP Glasgow  
298:52Anna PoverU11WGarscube Harriers  
308:52Sinead HigginsU11WWest Dunbartonshire AC  
319:56Charlotte Hanning U11WVictoria Park City of Glasgow54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:18Benjamin Melby SENMGarscube50.9 
210:21Peter Bowman U20MClydesdale/Glasgow Uni14.1 
310:52Hendrick SporingSENMG U Hares and Hounds "B"  
410:53James Waters V40MDumbarton42.8 
511:02Stephen Allan V35MKirkintilloch2.6 
611:09Sam Davies U20MTipton/Glasgow Uni25.1 
711:11Callum Heirs U20MVictoria Park City of Glasgow17.0 
811:13Sam Alexander U23MWesterlands/Glasgow University Hares & Hounds45.1 
911:17Stephen Mulrine V40MGarscube13.6 
1011:42Alasdair Duke SENMWesterlands11.9 
1111:51Derek Watson V50MVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Scottish Vets H49.0 
1211:53Andrew Sutherland V35MMaryhill Harriers17.4 
1311:58Damien Theaker V50MHelensburgh38.5 
1412:07David Pollard V50MDumbarton53.8 
1512:18Howard Smith SENMGarscube28.4 
1612:40Ryan Nelson U23MClydesdale15.3 
1712:50Peter JardineV40MVictoria Park COG "C"  
1812:59Augustine CairneyV40MClydesdale Harriers "C"  
1913:03Andrew Foggo U23MGlasgow University Hares & Hounds/Glasgow Uni14.4 
2013:06Robert WatsonV40MKirkintilloch Olympians "A"  
2113:21David ConnorV40MGarscube Harriers "D"  
2213:30Peter WalshSENMDumbarton AAC "D"  
2313:35Hamilton Semple V55MWesterlands19.6 
2413:39Andy GriffithsV40MGarscube Harriers "E"  
2513:42Frank Yeoman V65MDumbarton51.1 
2613:45Christopher Craig V40MKirkintilloch/Victoria Park City of Glasgow28.4 
2714:54Chris Hever V50MMaryhill Harriers17.1 
2815:17Campbell Cromar V45MHelensburgh37.8 
2916:26Dermot Williamson V60MGarscube54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:07Chris Clarke U23MChester-le-Street/Sheffield RC/Glasgow Uni19.4 
211:21Mark Walsh V35MDumbarton3.5 
311:30Matthew Sogbanmu SENMGarscube/Glasgow Uni48.5 
411:31Crawford Little V40MVictoria Park City of Glasgow18.8 
511:34Brian Gallagher V40MClydesdale40.2 
611:37Jeffrey Malluck SENMKirkintilloch26.9 
711:55Iain Walker V35MWesterlands49.0 
812:01Gary Mitchell V40MKirkintilloch9.1 
912:08Euan Geddes V40MGarscube22.1 
1012:10Andy MacKinnonV40MVictoria Park COG "B"  
1112:11John RitchieSENMHelensburgh AAC "A"  
1212:14Dave McCormackV40MVictoria Park COG "C"  
1312:14Peter Currie V40MDumbarton7.8 
1412:29Craig White SENMMaryhill Harriers15.8 
1512:42Pat McCloskeySENMClydesdale Harriers "C"  
1612:47Jim McAneny V50MGarscube14.6 
1713:06Tony DolanSENMClydesdale Harriers "B"  
1813:07John Quinn V50MWesterlands12.4 
1913:11Tom GreenU20MG U Hares and Hounds "B"  
2013:20Alasdair Duke SENMWesterlands11.9 
2113:33John Pugh V40MKirkintilloch12.3 
2213:48Mark Bjornson-Sutherland U23MGlasgow University Hares & Hounds/Lauderdale16.1 
2314:14Kieran Mclaughlin SENMGarscube19.7 
2414:18Paul Kelly SENMDumbarton15.8 
2514:39Tony HallV40MGarscube Harriers "E"  
2615:21Thomas Kelly V50MDumbarton50.5 
2715:54George Young SENMMaryhill Harriers17.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:32David Savage SENMGarscube15.6 
211:02Ali Wilson U23MGlasgow University Hares & Hounds23.6 
311:02Gregor Stewart SENMWesterlands3.1 
411:02Craig Young U20MVictoria Park City of Glasgow54.0 
511:20Terry Addison V45MKirkintilloch23.1 
611:44Andrew McCormack U20MVictoria Park City of Glasgow54.0 
711:56Craig Prior U20M 1.3 
812:05John McLaughlin V45MGarscube17.4 
912:05Derek Martin V40MKirkintilloch3.5 
1012:18Hugh Duff V40MGarscube40.0 
1112:23Iain Walker V35MWesterlands49.0 
1212:24Gerry Montgomery V50MClydesdale49.6 
1312:27Adam Stark U20MGlasgow University Hares & Hounds5.0 
1412:42Iain Rae SENMDumbarton54.0 
1512:43John WeirV40MMaryhill Harriers "A"  
1612:46Bryan HigginsV40MDumbarton AAC "D"  
1712:50Neil Ramsay V35MKirkintilloch48.5 
1812:56Don Reid V50MWesterlands25.6 
1913:04John Gordon Murray V35MGarscube6.0 
2013:14Alan CarrV40MDumbarton AAC "C"  
2113:57Colin DouglasSENMHelensburgh AAC "A"  
2214:02Gerry KaneV40MClydesdale Harriers "B"  
2314:22Kenny Angove SENMMaryhill Harriers16.1 
2416:11James TaylorV40MGarscube Harriers "E"  
2516:19James OrrSENMG U Hares and Hounds "C"  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:56Ethan Sloan-Dennison U20MVictoria Park City of Glasgow13.2 
210:05Kerrick Hesse U23MShettleston/SCB Berlin/Glasgow University Hares & Hounds/Ger32.8 
310:58Joe McKnight V35MGarscube48.3 
411:08Chris Upson V45MWesterlands1.4 
511:26Paul Carroll V40MClydesdale15.8 
611:34Marco Consani V35MGarscube7.6 
711:55Alan Fleming V45MDumbarton15.8 
811:59Gerry Craig V40MVictoria Park City of Glasgow5.1 
1012:00Marc Casey SENMUnattached51.9 
912:00Euan James Craig SENMKirkintilloch1.9 
1112:07Gianluca CarelliSENMMaryhill Harriers "A"  
1212:31Athole Smith V50MGarscube7.6 
1312:42Alan KellySENMG U Hares and Hounds "B"  
1413:01Peter WalshV40MDumbarton AAC "B"  
1513:11Robert Rogerson V50MKirkintilloch15.8 
1613:20John Quinn V50MWesterlands12.4 
1713:33Andrew StaffordV40MHelensburgh AAC "A"  
1813:43John Hamill V40MDumbarton44.9 
1914:01David McLenaghanV40MMaryhill Harriers "B"  
2014:12Gibson Fleming V65MWesterlands46.2 
2115:11Colin Gray V40MClydesdale23.0 
2216:20Kenny MacannaV40MGarscube Harriers "D"  
2317:29Raghbir Singh V60MGarscube35.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:56Aidan Johnson U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow47.0 
29:30Adam Brady U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow29.7 
39:33Lewis Priest U13MClydesdale16.9 
49:51Holly Little U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow3.5 
59:53Michael Miller U13MHelensburgh2.8 
69:55Ross Chapman U13MGarscube50.2 
79:59Daniel McGarrie U13MGarscube40.9 
810:01Thomas Connolly U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow12.3 
910:24Jake Gumbrell U13MHelensburgh54.0 
1010:31Bruce Cromar U13MHelensburgh51.2 
1110:37Georgia Molloy U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow54.0 
1210:48Luke McCaffrey U13MKirkintilloch12.7 
1310:53Finn JohnsonU13MVP Glasgow "F"   
1410:59Craig Weston U20MGarscube49.2 
1511:01Jacob Siems U15MClydesdale54.0 
1611:05Eilidh Smith U13WGarscube53.5 
1711:05Liam Kavanagh U13MHelensburgh53.7 
1811:07Ronan Ross U13MClydesdale53.9 
1911:09Adrienne Murray U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow20.6 
2011:11Lorne WebsterU13WVP Glasgow "E"  
2111:13Kara Bruce U13WHelensburgh47.7 
2211:16Iona Allan U13WClydesdale36.9 
2311:34Chloe Murphy U13WHelensburgh25.2 
2411:35Steven Kane U13MClydesdale52.1 
2511:55Harry Lamond U13MKirkintilloch22.4 
2611:58Jessica Noble U13WHelensburgh30.7 
2712:07John Lowe U13MVictoria Park City of Glasgow  
2812:08Natasha Shaw U13WClydesdale40.9 
2912:19Lorna Robertson U13WGarscube54.0 
3012:21Matthew Craig U13MKirkintilloch54.0 
3112:34C AllanU13MClydesdale Harriers "B"  
3212:43Ewan MairU13MHelensburgh AAC "D"  
3312:54Zoe ByronU13WGarscube Harriers   
3413:09Kiara KellyU13WKirkintilloch Olympians "B"   
3513:09Holly TateU13WKirkintilloch Olympians "A"  
3613:18Joshua GlassU13MVP Glasgow "G"  
3713:26Sophie Jordan U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow54.0 
3813:29Catlin Stuart U13WClydesdale54.0 
3916:19S HassanU13MClydesdale Harriers "E"  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:37Scott MackayU15MVP Glasgow "A"  
28:53Euan Urquhart U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow22.1 
38:56Jamie MacKinnon U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Strathclyde Uni-4.2 
49:14Lewis Serpell U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow33.9 
59:38Jack McCabe U15MKirkintilloch11.8 
69:38John Law U15MVictoria Park City of Glasgow24.1 
79:49Gregor Chambers U13MHelensburgh48.7 
89:52Lewis Campbell U13MHelensburgh54.0 
910:00Brian Aird U15MClydesdale36.2 
1010:07Aidan McCaffrey U15MKirkintilloch16.1 
1110:10Robyn Connolly U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow22.9 
1210:11Emma Ferrie U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow53.8 
1310:16Cameron Dye U13MHelensburgh54.0 
1410:25Catriona Booth U15WGarscube54.0 
1510:38Arun SmithU13MGarscube Harriers "A"  
1610:43Mhairi Cromar U13WHelensburgh/Clydesdale/West Dunbartonshire50.9 
1710:44Phil Allan U15MClydesdale47.1 
1810:59Rachel Busby U15WGarscube54.0 
1911:04Alicia Paton U15WKirkintilloch4.7 
2011:13Jamie BennettU13MGarscube Harriers "B"   
2111:17Calum BrownU15MVP Glasgow "F"   
2211:18Nicola SharpeU15WGarscube Harriers   
2311:38Connal WhyteU13MVP Glasgow "G"  
2412:01Sarah Goggins U13WClydesdale54.0 
2512:07Toni AllanU15WVP Glasgow "C"  
2612:08Beth Gibbons U13WVictoria Park City of Glasgow31.2 
2712:12Laura Keay U15WKirkintilloch19.1 
2812:51R CampbellU15MClydesdale Harriers "B"  
2913:26Kyle Higgins U13MClydesdale  
3013:42A AbbottU13MClydesdale Harriers "C"  
3114:06Karyn Glen U15WClydesdale51.1 
3214:49A ClarkU15MClydesdale Harriers "E"  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
18:17Liam McLoone U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow53.9 
28:18Craig Jardine U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow/Aldershot, Farnham & District-1.4 
38:31Kieron Rafferty U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow15.4 
48:31Fraser Glass U17MVictoria Park City of Glasgow35.2 
58:59Liam JohnsonU17MVP Glasgow "E"  
69:30Gillian Black U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow4.3 
79:31Adam DuffU15MGarscube Harriers "A"  
89:46Kieran Pugh U17MKirkintilloch-1.9 
99:50David Campbell U17MClydesdale45.9 
1010:03Aidan Kane U17MKirkintilloch54.0 
1110:08Ritchie AustinU15MVP Glasgow "F"   
1210:10Georgia CallanderU17WGarscube Harriers "A"   
1310:22Anya Morrison U17WVictoria Park City of Glasgow48.8 
1410:28Victoria Robertson U15WKirkintilloch23.2 
1510:31Darren Mcgowan U15MGarscube52.9 
1610:40Fionn WhyteU15WVP Glasgow "G"  
1710:55Cara Thom U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow54.0 
1811:10Jenny Lee U15WKirkintilloch51.1 
1911:12Darren Dolan U15MClydesdale48.4 
2011:14E PaxtonU15MClydesdale Harriers "A"  
2111:19Lewis Hay U15MClydesdale44.9 
2211:30Eilidh Chapman U15WGarscube47.2 
2311:52Caitlin McAllister U15WHelensburgh49.7 
2412:05C HaranU17MClydesdale Harriers "B"  
2513:38Nicole Waters U15WVictoria Park City of Glasgow54.0 
2613:51H MacEwanU17MClydesdale Harriers "C"  
2714:57L Steele-MilneU17MClydesdale Harriers "D"  
2815:00Rachel Meehan U13WClydesdale/West Dunbartonshire  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:43Charlene Kelly SENWDumbarton10.3 
212:55Melissa Wylie V45WDumbarton12.5 
313:03Ailsa Currie SENWGarscube/Strathclyde Police46.2 
413:04Neah Evans U23WShettleston48.9 
513:09Ellen Homewood V35WWesterlands7.5 
613:39Pamela McCrossan V50WClydesdale/Scottish Vets H12.4 
713:40Maria Dye SENWHelensburgh32.4 
813:50Ann-Marie McCaffrey V40WKirkintilloch40.7 
914:16Laurie MarsdenSENWHelensburgh AAC "B"  
1015:10Allison LawV35WKirkintilloch Olympians "B"  
1115:29Holly DearSENWMaryhill Harriers "A"  
1215:48Morag Casey V35WGarscube17.4 
1316:00Caroline HassanV35WMaryhill Harriers "B" Vets  
1417:21Kirsty Chatterton V35WDumbarton34.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:00Kristin Nymoen PaulserSENWGU Hares and Hounds "A"  
213:14Lindsey Currie V40WDumbarton14.0 
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