European Air Force Championships External Results
Ramstein, NED
13-15 Nov 12
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ZXC SM (13 Nov)
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
431:26   Ben Livesey SENMBirchfield H/Royal Air Force-3.1 
631:58   Sam Mitchell SENMNotts/Royal Air Force/Worcester-2.3 
732:05   Rob Bugden SENMBristol & West/Royal Air Force23.6 
1333:17   Matt Blunden SENMNotts/Royal Air Force2.7 
1433:28   Kieran White V35MHercules Wimbledon/Royal Air Force-1.0 
1533:59   Mark Hopkinson SENMTaunton/Royal Air Force29.4 
1834:45   Oz Ellis SENMTipton/Royal Air Force1.6 
2035:02   Alan Turnbull V45MBedford & County/Royal Air Force/Riverside1.2 
ZXC SW (13 Nov)
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
218:36   Tamsyn Rutter SENWWeymouth/Royal Air Force6.1 
719:54   Lucy Cotman SENWRoyal Air Force9.6 
920:03   Rebecca GriffithSENWRAF  
1220:34   Hannah PikeSENWRAF  
1520:46   Roe JoanneSENWRAF  
1720:58   Helen Davies SENWRoyal Air Force27.0