North West Sunday League External Results
4 Nov 12
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTMatthew Rose SENMBuckley RC34.7 
10NTJonathon Smith SENMLymm0.2 
100NTGordon Scholefield V60MPensby17.6 
101NTGraham Cushion V35MLiverpool RC8.3 
102NTMike ConnorV40MKnowsley Harriers  
103NTConor McGarry V35MKnowsley34.5 
104NTMichael Lamb V35MLiverpool RC39.1 
105NTMartin Hirrell V45MPenny Lane10.8 
106NTJohn Atkinson SENMKnowsley54.0 
107NTAndrew Leslie SENMPenny Lane3.5 
108NTMick Charman V60MSpectrum21.9 
109NTAndy Smith V50MHelsby RC/St Bees Triers15.4 
11NTChristopher Millington V40MSpectrum4.2 
110NTJoshua Brown U13MKnowsley54.0 
111NTCiaran Marron SENMKnowsley23.7 
112NTMike Devereux V60MPenny Lane33.3 
113NTFrankie Smith V40MLiverpool RC29.5 
114NTRod JonesV50MLiverpool RC  
115NTIan Sneddon V60MBirkenhead27.4 
116NTKenny WorralSENMLiverpool RC  
117NTIan BroadhurstV40MKnowsley Harriers  
118NTStephen Green SENMLiverpool RC13.4 
119NTNeville Griffiths V65MSpectrum28.5 
12NTNeil Bullock SENMPenny Lane3.9 
120NTChris Hatton V60MHelsby RC20.2 
121NTSteven Higham V45MLiverpool RC51.6 
122NTPaul Cunningham U20MKnowsley14.8 
123NTTommy Gates V50MPenny Lane23.0 
124NTDavid Swingler SENMLiverpool RC30.7 
125NTDavid Mangan V55MPenny Lane25.9 
126NTBrian ForthV40MWarrington Road Runners  
13NTRobert Kelly SENMKnowsley/Liverpool John Moores Uni3.4 
14NTColin Bishop V50MHelsby RC1.1 
15NTDavid Edwards V50MKnowsley5.7 
16NTMarc Jacques V45MKnowsley6.8 
17NTPaul Schumann V45MKnowsley5.3 
18NTIan Bamber V45MSpectrum53.0 
19NTKarl Steinegger SENMSpectrum/Ambleside14.3 
2NTMatthew Smith SENMLiverpool RC30.5 
20NTJohn McMasterSENMSkemersdale Boundary Harriers  
21NTNeil Kelly V35MPenny Lane31.9 
22NTNeil Cosgrove SENMKnowsley10.7 
23NTColin Martin V50MSpectrum41.5 
24NTJulian Spencer V50MSpectrum9.9 
25NTStephen Pilditch V35MSpectrum40.5 
26NTLawrence Eccles SENMPenny Lane1.0 
27NTTony Jackson V50MNewburgh11.2 
28NTRob Williams V35MKnowsley20.7 
29NTIan Russell V45MPenny Lane11.2 
3NTMark Clair SENMKnowsley1.1 
30NTDean Wilson V35MLiverpool RC6.4 
31NTDylan Cole-JonesV40MSkemersdale Boundary Harriers  
32NTBrad WarburtonSENMKnowsley Harriers  
33NTIan McAuslan SENMSpectrum17.0 
34NTJamie O'Brien SENMWarrington RR  
35NTStephen Millar SENMLiverpool RC28.7 
36NTNeil Garnett V50MSpectrum/Clayton le Moors8.2 
37NTDale Higham SENMPenny Lane15.4 
38NTRobert Givnan V35MLiverpool RC17.7 
39NTChris Baynham-Hughes V35MHelsby RC21.1 
4NTAdair Broughton V35MHelsby RC39.3 
40NTDave Ralphs V50MNewburgh52.1 
41NTMark Connor SENMKnowsley41.6 
42NTColin Thompson SENMHelsby RC3.0 
43NTSimon Rogers V50MPensby9.3 
44NTStephen Doyle V35MKnowsley10.3 
44NTMatthew Hughes U23MLiverpool H0.3 
45NTDave Connor V35MKnowsley5.0 
46NTSimone Capponi V35MPenny Lane8.4 
47NTGeorge Pierce V40MLiverpool RC13.7 
48NTColin Dobbs V35MPenny Lane7.8 
49NTKevin Brown V40MKnowsley26.8 
5NTTom Michaelson SENMKnowsley19.7 
50NTAndrew Gaskell V40MSpectrum13.9 
51NTJonathan Toft SENMPenny Lane11.4 
52NTOwen Cotterell SENMKnowsley22.7 
53NTMitchell Hawkins SENMPenny Lane13.5 
54NTJim Dawson V45MWarrington RR8.4 
55NTRoy Gaskill V45MHelsby RC15.9 
56NTPatrik Corrigan V50MBirkenhead10.6 
57NTDavid Moran V50MLiverpool RC47.1 
58NTHamsin Hadziabdic V40MBirkenhead53.9 
59NTRobert Burke V45MLiverpool RC7.3 
6NTLuke Parker SENMKnowsley32.0 
60NTMalcolm Balmer V45MPenny Lane9.8 
61NTJamie JacksonSENMNewburgh Nomads  
62NTAndy HuxleyV40MSkemersdale Boundary Harriers  
63NTAdam Tysoe U23MLiverpool RC22.0 
64NTSteve Riley V45MHelsby RC13.9 
65NTKeith Andrews V45MLiverpool RC33.9 
66NTDaniel Brookes SENMNewburgh27.3 
67NTLee Ward V35MLiverpool RC15.7 
68NTAndrew Keeley V50MPenny Lane6.1 
69NTDamian Webster SENMNewburgh52.1 
7NTJonathan Mullen U17MLiverpool H3.0 
70NTAndy Garnett V55MSpectrum11.7 
71NTAndrew GlenV40MKnowsley Harriers  
72NTJonathan Fisher SENMLiverpool RC14.9 
73NTMark CulshawV40MNewburgh Nomads  
74NTTim Murphy V45MSpectrum11.9 
75NTFred Duenbier V55MNewburgh27.1 
76NTMike McCabeV40MNewburgh Nomads  
77NTJohn Jensen V35MPenny Lane9.9 
78NTSteven Maguire V35MPenny Lane19.7 
79NTWally Coppelov V50MNewburgh19.2 
8NTIan Palin V40MLiverpool RC12.8 
80NTPaul Crawley V40MWarrington RR54.0 
81NTTimothy Warn V60MPenny Lane45.5 
82NTIan Edge V45MWarrington RR12.5 
83NTRob Hardwick V40MPenny Lane15.7 
84NTDavid Gallimore V35MWarrington RR16.0 
85NTIan McNeill V50MBirkenhead12.2 
86NTKeith Brown V50MWarrington RR15.0 
87NTJohn McNamara SENMLiverpool RC28.1 
88NTTom DejongSENMHelsby  
89NTTommy Burke V65MPenny Lane18.1 
9NTIan Magill V40MLiverpool RC4.5 
90NTBilly McLoughlinSENMLiverpool RC  
91NTGary Thornton-Allen V35MPensby29.1 
92NTDarren Unsworth V40MKnowsley14.2 
93NTMike Gall SENMKnowsley4.0 
94NTBilly Merritt V50MKnowsley13.0 
95NTBilly O'BrienV50MWarrington Road Runners  
96NTGuy Lambert SENMSpectrum19.7 
97NTKenny Forster V50MSpectrum11.1 
98NTAndy Dalton V50MSkelmersdale20.9 
99NTPhil Gillard V50MHelsby RC19.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTAmanda CookSENWSouthport Waterloo  
10NTAlison Russell SENWSpectrum10.0 
11NTVanessa Griffiths V45WHelsby RC16.9 
12NTPam Thurtle V35WPenny Lane13.4 
13NTKate MacFarlane SENWPenny Lane10.6 
14NTDebbie Turner V45WLiverpool RC36.5 
15NTKaren Smith V45WLiverpool RC22.9 
16NTOonagh Jaquest V35WPenny Lane13.6 
17NTCarole QuirkV50WSkemersdale Boundary Harriers  
18NTRachel Shepherd U20WLiverpool RC38.4 
19NTDebbie Read V55WSpectrum15.7 
2NTJayne Joy SENWHelsby RC37.7 
20NTJane Eardley SENWPenny Lane43.4 
21NTCarole Morrison V50WBirkenhead20.6 
22NTLynne KeatingV35WLiverpool RC  
23NTFiona JohnsonV40WParbold Pink Panthers  
24NTHelen Caldwell V45WSpectrum17.3 
25NTMichelle Cobourn SENWPenny Lane41.6 
26NTSue O'Brien V50WKnowsley22.3 
27NTJanet Robertson V45WHelsby RC16.7 
28NTVal Desborough V55WPenny Lane15.7 
29NTCristina Puccini V45WPenny Lane16.5 
3NTTracy Entwistle V40WWarrington RR10.5 
30NTGill Darby V50WPenny Lane26.9 
31NTGill Collen V50WWarrington RR24.6 
32NTVicky Andrews SENWSpectrum54.0 
33NTJane WoodburnV40WSkemersdale Boundary Harriers  
34NTAbigail Willmitt SENWLiverpool RC16.2 
35NTLouise Smith V35WParbold  
36NTBeckie NijsSENWKnowsley Harriers  
37NTJennifer Doran SENWLiverpool RC54.0 
38NTJane Hallows V40WPenny Lane24.0 
39NTSally Adams V40WParbold23.1 
4NTNatalie Palin SENWLiverpool RC17.9 
40NTSuzanne Moss SENWKnowsley54.0 
41NTEugy Lim SENWKnowsley50.5 
42NTAngela Andrews V45WLiverpool RC26.7 
43NTBecky RawlinsonV35WLiverpool RC  
44NTEmma Lawton SENWPenny Lane36.8 
45NTMichelle Kelly V50WPenny Lane22.6 
46NTLynn Vickers V45WLiverpool RC27.2 
47NTJane Lightfoot SENWKnowsley19.9 
48NTLucy Smith SENWLiverpool RC43.2 
49NTJo Winstanley SENWLiverpool RC49.5 
5NTMaria Kelly SENWPenny Lane46.8 
50NTCarolyn Houghton V40WPenny Lane21.9 
51NTJennie Rooney SENWLiverpool RC33.7 
52NTMaria Haigh V45WBirkenhead46.9 
53NTLaurinda Holden SENWLiverpool RC/Penny Lane54.0 
54NTJanet Fisher V55WLiverpool RC32.0 
55NTAnne Hewitt V65WSpectrum30.5 
6NTPaula Gaterell V40WParbold24.6 
7NTYvonne Wyke V40WParbold25.2 
8NTKaron Forster V50W 14.8 
9NTLouise Nicholson V35WLiverpool RC25.5