Merseyside County Championships External Results
5 Jan 13
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
138:44Ben Jones SENMCoventry/Wirral29.0 
238:47Richard Burney V35MLiverpool H5.9 
339:15Tom Madden U23MCoventry/Coventry Uni/Wirral42.0 
439:26Ben Martin SENMTrafford12.4 
539:38Jordan Donnelly SENMWirral/Woodford Green Essex Ladies-1.4 
639:51Joe Vis U23MSouthport Waterloo/Manchester Uni0.1 
739:54Martin Swensson V35MPenny Lane-0.3 
840:05Matthew Thompson V45MSouthport Waterloo33.0 
940:31David Hamilton V45MSouthport Waterloo0.8 
1041:09Ben Johnson SENMSouthport Waterloo/Loughborough Students-1.5 
1141:28John McCole SENMLiverpool H37.6 
1241:39James McNally SENMPenny Lane24.8 
1341:59Greg Williams SENMSt. Helens Sutton24.9 
1442:03Ian Lawton SENMLiverpool H-3.1 
1542:21John Hunt V45MDark Peak/Wirral7.6 
1642:33Leon Foster SENMLeeds City0.2 
1743:07Mark Hulmston V35MWirral2.8 
1843:11Andrew Gawne U23MWirral/Birmingham Uni28.1 
1943:15Glen Groves V40MLiverpool H19.1 
2043:16Robbie Collins SENMLiverpool H/Mersey Tri6.0 
2143:23Adam Clansey SENMSouthport Waterloo/Ulster Uni/St. Malachy's48.2 
2243:25Karl Pickstock SENMWallasey24.8 
2343:36P ScarrettV45MWirral  
2443:50Joe Johnson V40MWirral10.3 
2543:52Lee Midghall V35MLiverpool H4.6 
2644:17Kevin Buxton V55MWirral36.4 
2744:31Colin Taylor Potts V40MLiverpool H11.4 
2844:48Greg Jones SENMWallasey12.2 
2945:27Tony Devoy V55MWirral24.4 
3045:37M GreenSENMWallsy  
3146:04Steven Wilkinson V35MSouthport Waterloo10.5 
3246:09Chris Pedder V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Northern Masters9.8 
3346:17Neil Adshead V50MSouthport Waterloo8.1 
3446:22Carl Mountain SENMLiverpool H29.7 
3546:27Matt Guilder SENMWirral1.3 
3646:46John Armstrong V40MWallasey6.6 
3746:54Matthew Goddard SENMSouthport Waterloo38.4 
3847:00William Ferguson SENMWirral/Unattached5.8 
3947:06Graham Cairns V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton15.0 
4047:07Jon Seymour U23MWirral/Notts/Leeds Beckett Uni17.4 
4147:09Tony Barbat V50MWallasey6.0 
4247:12Neil Kelly V35MPenny Lane47.9 
4347:21Simon Rogers V50MPensby24.8 
4447:42Bernie Murphy V45MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton6.2 
4547:54Peter Roome V45MSouthport Waterloo4.8 
4648:03Simon Fox V45MWirral16.7 
4748:06Thomas Griffiths SENMSt. Helens Sutton0.6 
4848:17John Appleton SENMSt. Helens Sutton/Les Croupiers11.2 
4948:25Nick Wilson V40MWirral8.9 
5048:30Tony Morgan V40MSt Helens Tri49.3 
5148:32Colin Dobbs V35MPenny Lane8.8 
5249:13Robert Johnson V55MSouthport Waterloo20.7 
5349:49Robert Wood V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton20.7 
5449:51Ronan Kearney V40MWirral/Ireland8.8 
5549:58Steve Smith V40MWallasey11.7 
5650:07Martin Sutton V35MSouthport Waterloo29.9 
5750:15Bryan Stevenson SENMWallasey4.9 
5850:16P CorriganV50MBhdAC  
5950:25Maurice Collins V50MSt. Helens Sutton20.8 
6050:27Andrew O'Connor V50MSt. Helens Sutton14.8 
6150:35Peter J Weatherhead V60MWirral40.0 
6250:41Peter Fraser SENMWirral7.6 
6350:55Philip Bailey V60MSouthport Waterloo26.2 
6451:18I McNeillV50MBhdAC  
6551:25William Amis SENMWallasey46.1 
6651:51Matthew Hughes U23MLiverpool H0.4 
6752:01Stuart Barnard V35MPensby52.8 
6852:10Ian Stringer V35MWallasey54.0 
6952:14Matthew Nelson V50MSouthport Waterloo12.6 
7052:25Ian White V50MSt. Helens Sutton36.3 
7152:27Jake Healy U23MSt. Helens Sutton16.8 
7252:48Peter Johnson V40MSt. Helens Sutton18.1 
7353:05Mark Hughes U23MWirral34.9 
7453:06Richard Webster V45MWallasey8.7 
7553:34Chris Bowers V35MWallasey11.1 
7653:42Nigel Crompton V50MPensby24.7 
7753:50Michael Stone V50MWirral16.0 
7853:52James Atkin V55MWirral35.6 
7954:08T PeacockV40MSouthport Waterloo  
8055:09Mark Bleasdale V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton28.9 
8155:24Derek McArdle V45MWallasey14.4 
8255:34H HadziabdichV40MBhdAC  
8355:38Simon Ward V40MBirkenhead25.9 
8455:43Darren Earley V40MWirral  
8556:06Mark Davies V45MSouthport Waterloo30.0 
8656:18Steve Pemberton V55MPenny Lane13.8 
8756:30Gary Thornton-Allen V35MPensby38.7 
8856:44David Walton V55MWallasey54.0 
8956:47G SchofieldV60MPensby  
9056:50Dave McAlister V50MWallasey15.7 
9157:12Keith Simpson V45MWallasey34.8 
9258:16Stan Williams V60MWallasey34.1 
9358:28Ian Mccall SENMWallasey17.7 
9459:00Andrew Stansfield V50MPenny Lane54.0 
9559:16M GriffithsV55MWallsy  
9661:35Jonathan Fairhurst V40MWallasey54.0 
9761:51Nigel Howard V50MPensby37.1 
9863:12I SneddonV65MBhdAC  
9965:21Patrick Henley V65MLiverpool H54.0 
10066:26Phil Aldag V60MPensby52.8 
10167:13Anthony Brockway V50MWirral23.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:19Jai Vernon-McGuigan U20MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Liverpool John Moores Uni54.0 
226:44Benjamin Costello U20MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Nottingham Uni26.8 
326:56Phil Robertson U20MSale Harriers Manchester/Lancaster Uni-3.3 
427:07Nzimah Akpan U20MLiverpool H6.5 
527:12Warren Turner U20MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton47.3 
627:37Ash Chambers U20MLiverpool H/Liverpool Uni-1.1 
727:53Jamie Webb U20MLiverpool H/Manchester Metropolitan Uni-0.4 
828:12Michael Bride U20MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton30.6 
928:31Jamie White U20MSt. Helens Sutton/Nottingham Uni45.0 
1030:40Andrew Hatton U20MWirral/Bangor Uni38.3 
1130:46Conor Flanagan U20MWirral-0.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:41Daniel Jarvis U17MLiverpool H-2.2 
218:48Abdulqani Sharif U17MLiverpool H-2.4 
319:07Richard Evans U17MWirral10.2 
419:11Matthew Wigelsworth U17MLiverpool H4.2 
519:23Andrew Kershaw U17MSouthport Waterloo4.7 
619:53Kristian Quirk U17MLiverpool H36.7 
720:30Jonathan Mullen U17MLiverpool H18.3 
820:43Kieran Morgan U17MWirral33.2 
920:50Nathan Schofield U17MWirral52.4 
1021:11Chris Manning U17MLiverpool H53.9 
1121:52Charlie Quinn U17MWirral45.4 
1223:05Amedeo Scanavacca U17MWirral14.5 
1323:11Jonathan Foster U17MSouthport Waterloo54.0 
1423:48Christian White U17MWirral53.9 
1524:18Jonathon Bride U17MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton2.7 
1625:26Elliot Foley U17MWallasey54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:53Tom Clarke U15MLiverpool H22.1 
214:00Ryan Doubtfire U15MLiverpool H47.6 
314:12Jack Lenehan U15MSouthport Waterloo52.4 
414:20Alex McBain U15MWirral8.8 
514:29Daniel Wright U15MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton46.1 
614:33Christian Woods U15MLiverpool H10.1 
714:38Adam Woosey U15MSt. Helens Sutton41.6 
814:46Thomas Rogerson U15MLiverpool H-3.0 
914:46Elliot Colman U15MLiverpool H45.9 
1015:07Sean Keyes U15MLiverpool H54.0 
1115:12Callum Seymour U15MWirral25.2 
1215:27James Lee U15MSt. Helens Sutton54.0 
1315:43Gabriel Cooper U15MWirral54.0 
1415:50George Patterson U15MWirral21.0 
1515:52Tom Smith U15MLiverpool H54.0 
1615:57James Burns U15MWirral54.0 
1716:02Matthew Green U15MWirral10.5 
1816:03Duncan MacDonald U15MWirral50.0 
1916:08Alex Brophy U15MWirral54.0 
2016:20Jack Davies U15MWirral54.0 
2116:29Michael Smith U15MWirral54.0 
2216:39Harry Das U15MWirral43.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:00Joe Wigfield U13MWirral-5.8 
211:10Matthew Richardson U13MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton36.2 
311:20Ieuan Kearney U13MWirral31.3 
411:32Joseph Ford U13MSt. Helens Sutton19.1 
511:37Daniel Evans U13MWirral31.3 
611:40Matthew Arnold U13MWirral35.4 
711:43Samuel Cross U13MWirral28.2 
811:48Daniel Preston U13MLiverpool H11.8 
911:58Joe Martin U13MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton41.0 
1012:06Patrick Delaney U13MWirral54.0 
1112:12J BrophyU13MWirral  
1212:15Jonathan Head U13MWirral25.1 
1312:18Kieran Vis U13MSouthport Waterloo43.2 
1412:20O JonesU13MWirral  
1512:24Samuel Tempest U13MWirral-2.2 
1612:37Tom Spence U13MWirral21.2 
1712:45T RogersU13MWirral  
1812:54Joshua Lowe U13MLiverpool H51.3 
1913:01B Sara-KellyU13MWirral  
2013:39Ben Oldham U13MSt. Helens Sutton48.6 
2113:54Daniel Wallace U13MWirral54.0 
2214:56Mike O'Malley U13MLiverpool H54.0 
2315:29M DuffyU13MLivHar  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:11C RoachU11MLivHar  
27:16W LoughnaneU11MLivHar  
37:24Daniel Lenehan U11MSouthport Waterloo54.0 
47:35C McKevittU11MLivHar  
57:54Jamie Ford U11MSt. Helens Sutton12.1 
68:13Joe Spence U11MWirral45.3 
78:29Sam Coupland U11MSouthport Waterloo5.1 
88:49R DaviesU11MSouthport Waterloo AC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
129:03Amanda Crook SENWSouthport Waterloo/Edge Hill Uni15.6 
229:28Kirsty Longley V35WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton2.5 
329:42Maria Barrett SENWLiverpool H/Liverpool Uni31.5 
430:18Sophie Mellor U23WLiverpool H9.6 
531:12Sarah Kearney V35WWirral9.9 
631:26Sarah Howard SENWLiverpool H2.8 
731:50Sophie Hunt U23WWirral/Unattached6.1 
832:33Clare Constable V40WSouthport Waterloo13.6 
933:03Stephanie May SENWSouthport Waterloo53.6 
1033:22Aimee Bartley SENWWirral25.7 
1133:36Sallie Holt V35WWallasey18.8 
1235:04Kim Marie Mceneany SENWWallasey48.5 
1335:06Michelle Murphy V45WLiverpool H13.4 
1435:12Jess Lovell SENWWallasey21.2 
1537:18Sue Cooper V55WSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters20.6 
1637:27Myka Heard V45WPenny Lane15.9 
1737:55Leai Bowes SENWLiverpool Pembroke Sefton  
1838:23Kirsty MacKenzie SENWLiverpool Pembroke Sefton22.3 
1938:51Jane Eardley SENWPenny Lane54.0 
2039:40Vicky Gilbody SENWLiverpool Pembroke Sefton11.0 
2139:41J BarbatV45WWallsy  
2239:50Karen Dalby V50WLiverpool H33.9 
2339:59A MurphySENWWirral  
2440:02C MorrisonV50WB'hd AC  
2540:18Sarah Grayson SENWSouthport Waterloo50.4 
2640:27Nicci Davies V55WWallasey23.4 
2741:33Sharon Lamont V45WWallasey20.8 
2842:31Alison Engle V40WWallasey25.9 
2942:57P HadziabdicV45WB'hd AC  
3043:05Maria Brockway V50WWirral17.5 
3143:43Diane McArdle V50WWallasey33.6 
3245:43Joanne Cook SENWPensby21.7 
3347:54A GwynnV55WB'hd AC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:06Hanna Tarver U20WWirral/Cambridge Uni36.3 
222:01Katherine Walker U20WLiverpool H19.0 
322:42Rebecca Donohue U20WLiverpool H22.3 
422:55Emily Haggard Kearney U17WWirral-1.5 
523:02Olivia Perez U20WLiverpool H40.9 
625:03Fiona Nuttall U17WWirral4.0 
725:45Lauren Brett U17WWirral54.0 
826:28Heather Nuttall U17WWirral30.1 
927:27Millie Powell U17WWirral46.9 
1027:34Hannah Skaife U17WLiverpool H15.5 
1128:23Georgina Hannaway U17WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton33.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:27Rosie Johnson U15WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton16.8 
214:35Sophia Brennan U15WLiverpool H47.0 
315:11Sophie Tarver U15WWirral-0.4 
415:36Danielle Webb U15WLiverpool H20.5 
516:29Bethany Foster U15WWirral54.0 
616:45Abbie Gray U15WLiverpool H53.8 
717:25Melanie Cattell U15WLiverpool H53.7 
817:30Aileen Kearney U15WWirral16.6 
917:39Lucy Griffiths U15WSt. Helens Sutton54.0 
1017:51Nicola Harris U15WWirral24.4 
1118:10Savannah Morgan U15WSouthport Waterloo/St Helens Tri54.0 
1218:12Racheal Hart U15WLiverpool H54.0 
1318:20Isobel Haygarth U15WLiverpool H54.0 
1418:48Emily Rowe U15WLiverpool H30.0 
1520:10Olivia Phillips U15WLiverpool H54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:25Bethan Strange U13WLiverpool H34.7 
211:28Emma Alderson U13WSouthport Waterloo13.7 
311:33Lucy Miller U13WLiverpool H9.4 
411:34Krystina Martindale U13WWirral41.3 
512:05Emily Gray U13WLiverpool H15.4 
612:09Susan Shirling U13WSt. Helens Sutton30.4 
712:22Juliet Hodder U13WWirral2.5 
812:37Ella McNiven U11WLiverpool H21.8 
912:42Hannah Das U13WWirral45.5 
1012:56Maddy Broad U13WLiverpool H54.0 
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