Inter-Insular Championships External Results
Footes Lane
24 Feb 13
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
133:58Stephen Dawes SENMNewham & Essex Beagles/Guernsey-2.7 
236:10Michael Wilesmith SENMGuernsey/Bridgtown Cona Testa Tri Team11.7 
336:29Alan Rowe V45MGuernsey10.5 
437:02Tom Perchard SENMJersey4.4 
537:16William Bodkin U23MGuernsey/Surrey Uni8.1 
637:23Michael Batiste U23MGuernsey/St. Mary's Uni4.3 
737:29Peter SygroveSENMJersey  
837:40David Emery SENMGuernsey9.3 
937:47Dave ParkinV40MGuernsey  
1037:53James Gower SENMGuernsey25.5 
1137:59Lee Garland V35MChannel Islands/Guernsey4.7 
1238:24Aaron Turmel U20MJersey/Channel Islands37.0 
1339:14Thomas Swain SENMGuernsey51.9 
1439:40Nick Gorrod V50MJersey20.9 
1539:43Jon Coote V45MJersey9.7 
1639:44Jon GreenfieldSENMGuernsey  
1739:50Phil Ahier V45MJersey6.2 
1840:06Oliver Terry U17MJersey51.3 
1940:20James De Garis SENMGuernsey3.8 
2040:55Damian Maher V40MJersey18.3 
2141:19Tom Shaw SENMGuernsey7.6 
2242:28Peter Kamau SENMJersey  
2344:11Robert Gallagher V45MGuernsey19.7 
2444:58Paul Ingrouille V45MGuernsey20.1 
2545:20Warwick Helps V35MGuernsey12.0 
2645:30Glenn Springate V45MJersey26.0 
2746:35Sean Galpin V45MGuernsey7.6 
2847:36Greg RobertV50MJsy  
2949:01Dave Woodsford V55MJersey33.2 
3054:51Jon MawsonV60MJersey  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:59Oliver Terry U17MJersey51.3 
226:45Max Thornton U17MGuernsey51.1 
330:37Jamie Ingrouille U17MGuernsey4.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:18Danny Ray U15MGuernsey0.0 
219:25Samuel Maher U15MJersey-2.6 
319:43Daniel Galpin U15MGuernsey-2.7 
420:11Aaron Ottley U15MJersey52.0 
520:29Joe Hugh U15MJersey47.0 
620:35Chris Way U15MGuernsey14.6 
720:45Barnabas Zaman U15MJersey48.6 
820:55Richard Bartram U15MGuernsey-3.3 
922:04Ollie TurnerU15MJersey  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:07Alex Rowe U13MGuernsey-1.7 
213:13Jack Leerson U13MJersey44.5 
313:18Jack Lutz U13MJersey54.0 
413:23Hugo Bisson U13MGuernsey35.5 
513:39William Brown U13MJersey9.1 
513:39Sam Culverwell U13MGuernsey28.4 
713:57Joseph Yeaman U13MGuernsey6.4 
814:06Elliot Robert U13MGuernsey39.6 
914:21Isaac du Val U13MJersey7.7 
1015:04Louis Le Cheminant U11MGuernsey17.8 
1115:11Declan Gilman U13MGuernsey32.9 
1215:23Josh Thornton U13MGuernsey29.0 
1315:27Mikey Ingrouille U13MGuernsey2.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:08Louise Perrio SENWGuernsey16.5 
225:37Sarah Roe U23WChannel Islands3.1 
326:06Natalie Whitty SENWGuernsey3.6 
426:42Joanne Gorrod V40WJersey51.0 
527:27Chloe Turmel U20WJersey43.8 
628:14Nikki Neal V40WGuernsey18.5 
728:52Katie Thompson V35WJersey52.0 
829:15Gail King V40WGuernsey54.0 
929:19Arlene Lewis V35WJersey22.1 
1029:30Emma Leask U20WGuernsey/Shetland29.9 
1130:11Kerry Robin V40WGuernsey54.0 
1230:38Danielle Leerson U20WJersey54.0 
1330:55Sylvia Thompson V45WJersey40.7 
1431:07Collette AndrewsV35WGuernsey  
1531:08Chantal Green SENWGuernsey29.4 
1631:10Martine Scholes V40WGuernsey54.0 
1731:14Vicky Barratt V40WJersey29.2 
1831:38Mel Nicolle SENWGuernsey9.2 
1932:23Ana GoncalvesV45WJersey  
2033:59Sue Le Ruez V55WJersey16.5 
2134:25Rachel MaherV35WJersey  
2235:19Gina Rowe V45WGuernsey16.5 
2335:43Tina Coutanche V45WGuernsey54.0 
2436:29Sue MawsonV45WJersey  
2539:55Sue LawrenceV45WGuernsey  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:59Katie Rowe U15WGuernsey18.2 
222:01Gemma Gothard U15WJersey46.6 
322:03Yasmin Lookess U15WJersey4.2 
422:58Jessica Troy U15WJersey14.1 
526:26Alisha Le Sauvage U15WGuernsey54.0 
628:08Joanna Stapley U15WGuernsey48.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:24Florence Gothard U13WJersey27.2 
214:42Indi Gallagher U13WGuernsey44.8 
315:25Renee Hubert U13WGuernsey33.7 
415:26Jessie Staples U13WGuernsey54.0 
515:52Adele Maher U11WJersey24.8 
616:08Amy Dallamore U13WGuernsey32.9 
716:36Jennifer Cullen U13WJersey53.5 
816:57Abi Galpin U13WGuernsey53.4 
917:08Jessica Gallienne U13WGuernsey39.3 
1017:11Gemma Langlois U13WGuernsey54.0 
1117:17Bryony Bailey U13WGuernsey54.0 
1217:31Georgia MitchinsonU13WJersey  
1321:34Paige De La Mare U13WGuernsey54.0