Herefordshire League External Results
21 Oct 12
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
138:18   Eliot Taylor U23MHereford Couriers RC0.0 
238:32   Luke Mason SENMWye Valley/Hereford35.6 
339:37   John Pullen V45MWye Valley35.4 
440:37   Matthew James SENMHereford Couriers RC0.8 
540:58   Mike Fawcett V45MWye Valley29.3 
641:11   Jamie Shingler V35MLudlow1.7 
741:13   Stacey Morgan V35MCroft Ambrey7.7 
841:25   Mike Pfeiffer V45MBrecon/Builth1.4 
941:46   Mark Lamonby SENMCroft Ambrey2.9 
1042:07   Simon Norwood V40MCroft Ambrey9.7 
1142:12   Richie Bamford SENMHereford Couriers RC36.0 
1242:14   Alan LewisV40MWye Valley Runners  
1342:15   Russell James V45MHereford Couriers RC9.1 
1442:34   Mike Link V40MHereford Couriers RC12.2 
1542:45   Richard Hughes V45MHereford Couriers RC6.0 
1643:28   Greg Wisniowski SENMHereford Tri29.2 
1744:16   Glyn Williams V40MCroft Ambrey9.0 
1844:18   Andrew Noble V45MWye Valley36.0 
1944:45   Richard Bevan V35MMonRoss Trail Blazers8.2 
2045:06   Dave Williams V45MHereford Couriers RC11.4 
2145:08   Dave George V40MCroft Ambrey23.1 
2245:16   Stuart Austin V45MCroft Ambrey35.5 
2345:21   Neil Lewis V45MHereford Couriers RC22.6 
2445:39   Andy Taylor SENMHereford Tri19.1 
2545:42   Andrew DaviesU20MCroft Ambrey R.C.  
2646:07   Jonny WilliamsSENMHereford Triathlon Club  
2746:14   Mike StephensV50MHereford Triathlon Club  
2846:18   Max Suff V50MHereford Couriers RC32.0 
2946:35   Dan JonesSENMHereford Triathlon Club  
3046:43   John Lyden V50MLudlow25.4 
3146:53   Richard Mileson V40MWye Valley36.0 
3247:02   Rob JonesSENMCroft Ambrey R.C.  
3347:08   Matthew Taylor V35MWye Valley25.6 
3447:26   Steve Herington V60MHereford Couriers RC12.0 
3547:57   Kevin Artus V35MWye Valley17.1 
3648:27   Ben ReesSENMCroft Ambrey R.C.  
3748:52   Scott Baddeley V40MWye Valley21.2 
3849:05   Paddy Nugent V50MWye Valley11.9 
3949:11   Martin Williams V40MCroft Ambrey27.4 
4049:15   Steve LittlewoodV60MHereford Couriers  
4149:15   Daniel Pavitt V45MLudlow12.8 
4249:22   Paul Bouston V40MWye Valley18.7 
4349:24   Nigel Clarke V40MHereford Couriers RC11.5 
4449:37   Chris Payne V50MHereford Tri34.5 
4549:53   Mathew Hall V45MMonRoss Trail Blazers27.7 
4650:07   Bill HarrisonSENMLudlow Runners  
4750:13   Gary Gunner V65MCroft Ambrey16.9 
4850:19   Darren Woodall SENMHereford Tri36.0 
4950:43   Shaun HayesV50MWye Valley Runners  
5050:47   John HatterleySENMWye Valley Runners  
5151:06   Philip Butler V55MWye Valley16.9 
5251:18   Guy Whitmarsh V65MCroft Ambrey16.0 
5351:45   Mike HackmanV40MWye Valley Runners  
5451:48   Neil Taylor V55MCroft Ambrey11.9 
5551:55   Kevin Barnes V45MHereford15.7 
5652:01   Paul Elliott V45MLudlow36.0 
5752:05   Ian Smith V50MWye Valley36.0 
5852:15   Richard Wall V50MHereford Couriers RC36.0 
5953:01   Nigel Jones V50MWye Valley32.1 
6053:13   Mike Shaw V60MWye Valley12.6 
6153:15   Chris Mason V45MWye Valley24.0 
6253:41   Jason Smith V40MWye Valley30.4 
6353:48   Luke BradburySENMWye Valley Runners  
6454:05   Andrew Blackman V50MWye Valley34.0 
6554:13   Neil A Turner V40MWye Valley16.3 
6654:28   Daren Lincoln V45MCroft Ambrey34.1 
6754:47   Simon Oliver V45MWye Valley36.0 
6854:55   Peter Smith V60MWye Valley24.9 
6955:19   Jim SmithV60MCroft Ambrey R.C.  
7055:23   Tom Davies V60MCroft Ambrey21.0 
7156:04   Graham Wood V55MLudlow36.0 
7256:05   Clive Richardson V55MLudlow11.6 
7356:22   Gerald Walker V50MWye Valley36.0 
7457:02   Bryan CleeV40MPresteigne Pacers  
7557:35   Sandy RossV60MLudlow Runners  
7658:11   Matt GoughV40MHereford Triathlon Club  
7758:25   Andrew TiptonV45MLudlow Runners  
7858:27   Heath MountfordV40MLudlow Runners  
7958:29   Jason Stuchbery V40MLudlow36.0 
8058:41   Bryan SymondsV70MWye Valley Runners  
8160:49   Harry Franklin V75MWye Valley36.0 
8262:25   Gary Thomson V45MWye Valley36.0 
8362:49   Donald Lovejoy V60MLudlow24.8 
8465:02   George Harrison V40MWye Valley36.0 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
145:10   Clara Evans U20WHereford/Glamorgan Uni-0.9 
247:10   Sue Davies V45WCroft Ambrey15.1 
347:49   Kathryn King SENWWye Valley31.0 
450:40   Kylie MansfieldSENWHereford Triathlon Club  
550:53   Jane RowlandsV45WWye Valley Runners  
651:41   Linda Smith V45WCroft Ambrey36.0 
751:48   Celia Speake V45WBuilth35.7 
851:53   Anne Dobson V35WHereford Tri36.0 
953:09   Rebecca Ansfield V35WWye Valley23.6 
1053:20   Kerry Bason V40WLudlow36.0 
1153:50   Jenny Papworth V40WHereford Tri35.8 
1254:18   Joyce Warburton V40WHereford Tri35.3 
1354:22   Bev BishopV40WHereford Couriers  
1454:46   Charlotte StewartSENWHereford Triathlon Club  
1555:29   Jayne Littlewood V55WHereford36.0 
1655:36   Claire Hebblethwaite SENWHereford Tri36.0 
1755:39   Samantha Harper V35WCroft Ambrey18.8 
1855:45   Sandrine GorienSENWWye Valley Runners  
1956:01   Liza Austin V45WCroft Ambrey17.5 
2056:18   Angela Price V40WHay Hotfooters23.8 
2156:28   Charlotte Hoare U17WCroft Ambrey36.0 
2256:37   Jan Edwards V55WWye Valley15.4 
2356:53   Rosie JamesSENWHereford Triathlon Club  
2457:15   Lynne Compton V45WWye Valley14.0 
2557:15   Gillian Bamber SENWWye Valley36.0 
2657:49   Sue PowellV50WCroft Ambrey R.C.  
2757:57   Lucy Thomas SENWWye Valley33.5 
2858:10   Joanne MannV40WHereford Triathlon Club  
2958:32   Sarah Jamieson V40WLudlow16.3 
3058:45   Melody Gaudin SENWWye Valley36.0 
3158:46   Amy PittSENWWye Valley Runners  
3260:00   Emily Davies SENWWye Valley20.0 
3360:30   Sue BerrettV40WHereford Triathlon Club  
3460:56   Susannah EnglishV55WHay Hotfooters  
3562:36   Sarah WildingV45WPresteigne Pacers  
3662:42   Lucy HeadSENWHereford Triathlon Club  
3763:43   Deborah Clee V40WPresteigne Pacers28.4 
3863:51   Rachel Nelson V45WCroft Ambrey36.0 
3964:31   Christine Motteram V65WWye Valley36.0 
4066:15   Sheridan Butterfield V40WWye Valley36.0 
4166:34   Catherine Holdroyd V50WWye Valley36.0 
4266:46   Julie Suff V35WHereford Couriers RC31.0 
4367:15   AN Other      
4467:58   Kim Wood SENWCroft Ambrey36.0 
4568:31   Katherine Drabble V40WHereford Tri36.0 
4669:50   Paula Randall SENWPresteigne Pacers  
4769:52   Helen Jones V45WBuilth36.0 
4870:54   Paula McGivernV50WWye Valley Runners  
4976:29   Joanne Preece V45WPresteigne Pacers36.0 
5090:17   Carrol Stocker V55WPresteigne Pacers35.1