Essex County Championships External Results
5 Jan 13
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
146:59Tom Payn SENMWinchester10.6 
247:54Grant Twist U23MChelmsford/Canterbury Christ Church1.0 
348:21Tom Frith U23MSouthend/Oxford Uni-4.5 
448:35Harold Wyber SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies3.4 
548:37Rob Warner SENMHavering-1.8 
649:06Darren Southcott U23MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/East Anglia Uni-3.0 
749:25Chris Sellens SENMBideford0.4 
849:28Angus Holford SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Essex Uni-1.8 
949:35Grant Webb U23MBasildon/Oaklands Col7.8 
1049:40David Fewell SENMChelmsford/St. Mary's Uni-1.6 
1149:43Tristan Windley SENMSpringfield0.1 
1249:49Kevin Murphy V35MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/St. Edmund Pacers4.1 
1350:20Jack Stroud SENMOrion2.5 
1451:01Lee Bailey SENMOrion42.3 
1551:11Frankie Conway U23MOrion/Birmingham Uni0.1 
1651:14Malcolm Muir V35MIlford0.7 
1751:23Crispian Bloomfield V35MBillericay/Thurrock-3.1 
1851:44Alexander Houghton SENMThurrock/Warwick Uni14.9 
1951:52Ryan Prout SENMChelmsford-0.8 
2051:53Ben Whitworth SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies17.6 
2152:10John Fryer SENMColchester H6.3 
2252:14Neil McGoun SENMOrion/Eton Manor3.2 
2352:16Gareth Cavell V45MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Veterans15.0 
2452:20Graeme Knott SENMHarwich4.9 
2552:23Daniel Moses SENMOrion/Middlesex Uni0.8 
2652:29Louis Clark SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies21.0 
2752:46Jim Roche V35MWoodford Green Essex Ladies20.9 
2852:55Robert Reason SENMHarwich5.4 
2953:08Simon Bent SENMColchester H47.0 
3053:23Chris Burgoyne SENMSpringfield-2.0 
3153:43Tony Russell SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies9.6 
3253:44Allen Smalls V40MColchester H3.1 
3354:04Wesley Benton SENMColchester H19.6 
3454:05Rob Gibby V35MColchester H/Fire Service14.3 
3554:35Greg Deacon V40MSpringfield15.2 
3654:52Barnaby Foot V40MOrion9.4 
3755:06Ian Clark SENMOrion2.0 
3855:27Stephen Philcox V45MIlford2.0 
3955:45Ken Hoye V35MChelmsford2.2 
4055:54Spencer Welch V40MBillericay4.1 
4155:57Michael Bridgeland V50MChelmsford/Eastern Masters/Ravens City of London12.7 
4256:00Peter Smale SENMSouthend/Loughborough Students18.0 
4356:09Ian Anthony SENMHavering3.2 
4456:16Gary Bagnall V40MVictoria Park & Tower Hamlets22.6 
4556:18Tony Pamphilon V50MWoodford Green Essex Ladies5.8 
4656:18CJ Shepherd SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies36.0 
4757:04David Butler V55MBillericay/Eastern Masters6.6 
4857:07John Barker V45MBrentwood RC4.5 
4957:09David Allworthy V35MColchester H4.6 
5057:12Paul Owen SENMChelmsford/Loughborough Students6.4 
5157:19James Smith SENMSpringfield0.2 
5257:26Matthew Bland V45MHavering/Eastern Masters/Brentwood RC3.1 
5357:32Graham Booty V40MBenfleet9.3 
5457:46Peter Clinch V40MIlford/Southern Counties Vets39.7 
5557:51Don Lawless V45MThurrock10.0 
5657:59Paul Jeggo V50MSpringfield7.5 
5758:02Simon Hart V45MHavering21.0 
5858:05Jonathan Nears V35MColchester H1.3 
5958:22Simon Le Mare V50MSouthend/Leigh on Sea5.3 
6058:44Kevin Newell V35MIlford/Veterans/Orion37.1 
6158:47Joe Everitt V35MWoodford Green Essex Ladies11.6 
6258:50Russ Sharp V35MGreat Bentley17.3 
6358:51Billie Burroughs SENMBenfleet8.4 
6458:54Stuart Raven V35MSpringfield7.6 
6559:06Sam Jackson V35MHavering2.7 
6659:12Mike Grout V40MBenfleet11.1 
6759:31Colin Read V45MOrion2.9 
6859:41Dan Penfold U23MOrion46.2 
6959:47David Johnson SENMThurrock/Tyne Bridge1.1 
7059:54James Williams SENMChelmsford24.4 
7159:58Ian O'Neill V45MBrentwood RC17.9 
7260:02Andrew Morris V50MBenfleet16.1 
7360:12Paul Holloway V40MIlford4.1 
7460:29Ian George V40MEast Essex TC5.6 
7560:35Nicholas Knight V35MBrentwood RC28.9 
7660:36Sion Parry V40MBrentwood RC23.1 
7760:44Terence Spooner V40MBenfleet3.6 
7860:50Paul Anderson V35MSpringfield5.3 
7960:52Nick Rankin V50MBenfleet6.6 
8061:03Alec Kyriakides V45MSouthend5.2 
8161:08Terry Knightley V50MIlford/Billericay5.0 
8261:13Eamonn Shelley V50MThurrock14.6 
8361:37Greg Wisken V45MMid Essex21.4 
8461:50Rodger Alexander V50MColchester & Tendring/Great Bentley40.4 
8562:02Daniel Augustin SENMMid Essex36.5 
8662:08Sam Rahman SENMIlford1.2 
8762:20Dave Spain V45MBenfleet16.0 
8862:24Mike Bumstead V60MThurrock14.8 
8962:48Mark Cable V40MThurrock51.2 
9062:52Reece Robinson V40MBenfleet51.6 
9162:53Chris Manby SENMColchester H6.9 
9262:58Marcus LemusSENMColchester Harriers  
9363:03Joe Happe V40MOrion9.8 
9463:13Rob Dickenson SENMHavering22.5 
9563:15Daniel Foster V45MGreat Bentley11.6 
9663:31Leo Cole V45MWitham (Essex)5.0 
9763:34Martin Mack V45MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Thurrock12.6 
9863:37Nigel Instance V40MThurrock23.6 
9963:43Jez Mancer V40MBenfleet/St. Austell20.7 
10063:45Alistair Holford V55MWoodford Green Essex Ladies14.4 
10164:01David Gibbon U23MSouthend/Essex Uni32.3 
10264:03Matt Cops SENMBenfleet18.9 
10364:04Richard Hogg V40MWoodford Green Essex Ladies42.6 
10464:20Neil Crisp V45MIlford9.5 
10564:23Adrian Frost V50MEton Manor12.5 
10664:27Jason K Syrett V45MThurrock8.5 
10764:39Eamon Brown V55MBillericay10.2 
10864:55An UnknownSENMOrion Harriers  
10964:56Steven Lambert V45MWoodford Green Essex Ladies35.2 
11065:08Gregory Jarvis V40MSouthend53.9 
11165:26Gary Joslin V45MSpringfield14.7 
11265:36Christopher Richard Maybin V35MWoodford Green Essex Ladies12.0 
11365:57Nick Trencher V40MEastern Masters4.0 
11465:59Benjamin Ficken SENMGreat Bentley7.9 
11566:03Keith Thornton V45MBrentwood RC9.5 
11666:09John Booty V40MGreat Bentley9.6 
11766:29Graham Hall V45MOrion14.1 
11866:33Nelson Anderson V45MEast Essex TC32.9 
11967:12Daren Capel V45MSouthend46.4 
12067:15John Russell V40MThurrock26.7 
12167:28Danny Brady V55MCastle Point Joggers48.6 
12267:44Craig Veall V50MLoughton33.1 
12367:48Gavin Stebbing V35MEast London11.3 
12467:49Russell Price SENMEast London2.4 
12567:50Lloyd Miles V40MBillericay11.6 
12667:59Paul Stockings V50MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Orion10.3 
12768:08Peter M Osborne V40MCastle Point Joggers15.5 
12868:10Michael Simmons V45MGreat Bentley12.5 
12968:11Andrew Mason V45MSpringfield25.5 
13068:14Paul Helliwell V40MColchester H17.9 
13168:16Phil Cooper V40MBrentwood RC12.7 
13268:23James Marshall SENMBrentwood RC11.4 
13368:26Peter Tullett V50MChelmsford4.2 
13468:27Wayne Russell SENMPitsea RC38.8 
13568:28Steve Adams V45MEton Manor23.0 
13669:01Keiron McGill SENMBenfleet18.0 
13769:05Dave Daugirda V50MEton Manor9.1 
13869:07Andrew Raynor V45MColchester H6.1 
13969:10Gary Cullen SENMPhoenix Striders50.9 
14069:22Gary Cardnell V55MDagenham 8816.9 
14169:35Anthony Moon SENMMid Essex35.2 
14269:48Tom Spanyol V50MWoodford Green Essex Ladies19.1 
14370:12Paul Thompson V40MEast London9.7 
14470:27Stephen Parker V55MIlford/Veterans21.5 
14570:32Peter Rains V55MEast London41.9 
14670:48Alan Monte V40MSouthend26.1 
14770:57Myles Coulson V40MBraintree14.5 
14871:05Barry Martin V45MGreat Bentley53.4 
14971:52Ted Skinner SENMTiptree  
15072:14Stuart Colley V35MOrion17.2 
15172:31Duncan Rayney V40MLoughton32.8 
15273:24Andrew Thomas V40MSpringfield/Eastern Masters/Chelmsford36.3 
15373:45Paul Gribbon V40MEast Essex TC32.7 
15473:45Patrick Marsh V45MColchester H17.3 
15574:08John Tracey V45MPitsea RC26.0 
15674:13Tom Allan SENMMid Essex45.7 
15774:14Simon Deville V45MEton Manor33.7 
15874:19Paul Carlisle V50MGreat Bentley16.4 
15974:27Paul Bridges SENMSpringfield30.0 
16074:40Daniel Hall V35MEton Manor15.2 
16174:41Chris Footer SENMPhoenix Striders37.8 
16275:32Melvyn Cooper V50MBrentwood RC29.1 
16375:41Emmet Fitzgibbon SENMEast London18.4 
16476:27Paul Williams V50MOrion14.6 
16576:49Mark Ross V50MGreat Bentley31.8 
16677:20Darren Cassidy SENMEast Essex TC54.0 
16777:58Ryan Askew SENMBraintree53.9 
16878:07Matt Stenning V35MBillericay12.8 
16978:26Brian Butcher V60MMid Essex17.5 
17078:41John Clarke V50MMid Essex/Springfield15.5 
17178:48Tony Collins T20/F20 SENMHavering9.0 
17278:58Gavin Etheridge SENMCastle Point Joggers  
17379:21Lance Tabraham V45MEton Manor21.3 
17479:59Owen Wilkins SENMPitsea RC53.8 
17581:17George Smith V65MBrentwood RC33.1 
17681:31Mike Hopkins V45MCastle Point Joggers15.5 
17782:48Dan Spinks V35MEast London22.5 
17883:11Peter Bates V60MPitsea RC26.6 
17983:30Ray Vautier V60MUnattached29.9 
18083:38David Lane V50MPhoenix Striders13.3 
18183:44Nicholas Mccullagh V55MCastle Point Joggers27.0 
18284:06Adam Gordon SENMPitsea RC51.1 
18384:55Chris Cammidge V50MCastle Point Joggers32.8 
18485:43George Georgiou V55MLoughton47.6 
18585:46John Arthur V50MThurrock16.2 
18687:17Andy Chaplin V40MPitsea RC27.6 
18787:23Paul Eve V40MEast Essex TC/Castle Point Joggers54.0 
18887:24Patrick Cassidy V50MEast Essex TC54.0 
18989:59Gwyn Hughes V60MPhoenix Striders54.0 
19090:53David Mills V50MPhoenix Striders28.6 
19193:42Simon Jordan V45MPhoenix Striders23.0 
19294:14Stephen Williams V50MChelmsford36.5 
19399:07Ernie Easterby V70MBillericay35.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
130:56Hoseah Gikungu U20MHavering48.0 
231:14Alex Short U20MChelmsford/Cambridge Uni17.1 
331:36James Stockings U20MWoodford Green Essex Ladies-3.1 
431:50Jack Fitsall U20MBasildon/Exeter Uni44.1 
532:23Christopher Youell U20MChelmsford/Bath Uni5.8 
633:29Stephen Woodford U20MChelmsford3.8 
733:47Tom Richardson U20MBasildon3.8 
833:53Oliver Kyriakides U20MSouthend9.1 
934:45Stephen Strange U20MBasildon-3.9 
1034:48Rhys Gillard U20MSouthend/St. Mary's Uni-1.5 
1135:32Samuel Robinson U20MChelmsford5.8 
1236:25Alec Finch U20MThurrock-1.0 
1336:50Ashley Capel U20MSouthend31.8 
1436:55Jamie Buckley-Stanton U20MHavering7.3 
1537:03Alex Richards U20MIlford1.2 
1637:08Dennis Cross U20MThurrock34.0 
1738:04Andrew Law U20MBasildon53.9 
1838:22Daniel Lamb U20MBasildon52.8 
1943:05Adam Dowman U20MThurrock2.9 
2049:37Buddy Green U20MOrion6.4 
2172:57Damon Nugent U17MThurrock  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:02Jordan Rowe U17MColchester & Tendring-3.2 
217:33Adam Houchell U17MBasildon-3.4 
317:44Perry Rowan U17MWoodford Green Essex Ladies43.6 
417:56Rob Frith U17MSouthend7.3 
518:06Ben Franklin U17MSouthend42.2 
618:11William Deasy U17MColchester & Tendring45.3 
718:20James Nadin U17MChelmsford34.6 
818:45James Kidd U17MHavering50.7 
919:18George Hoy U17MWoodford Green Essex Ladies46.8 
1019:22Robert Clarke U17MColchester H48.2 
1119:23Andrew Holland U17MHavering11.4 
1219:25Joseph Ray U17MSouthend4.2 
1319:59Joseph Nourse U17MBraintree17.7 
1420:04Callum Charleston U17MChelmsford-1.0 
1520:14Abdul Mohamed U17MHavering34.5 
1620:32Jonathan Burton U17MBasildon26.4 
1720:36Thomas King U17MIlford42.9 
1820:57Jonathan Rocha U17MNewham & Essex Beagles49.8 
1922:02Dominic Le Mare U17MSouthend1.8 
2023:38Stephen Davies U17MBasildon34.1 
2126:30Amazigh Laoudi U17MNewham & Essex Beagles37.5 
2226:32Abdihakim Ayanle U17MNewham & Essex Beagles50.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:51George Elliott U15MChelmsford14.0 
216:43Daniel Richards U15MOrion4.2 
316:44Adam Jordan U15MSouthend26.0 
416:50Laurence Willmore U15MSouthend/Leigh on Sea35.0 
516:50Christian Gray U15MBasildon18.4 
617:01Joseph Patterson U15MColchester & Tendring10.8 
717:23Max Jones U15MBasildon2.5 
817:32Jody Meredith U15MThurrock18.8 
917:41Charlie Weston U15MOrion27.0 
1017:47Ben Hayes U15MEssex Schs54.0 
1117:49Eddy Cooper U15MBenfleet11.2 
1217:50Charlie Ackland U15MNewham & Essex Beagles47.2 
1317:51Gary Cahill U15MThurrock32.4 
1418:08Ollie Cantwell U15MBasildon39.9 
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