Essex County Relay Championships External Results
29 Sep 12
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:40Tom Frith U20MSouthend/Oxford Uni-5.4 
216:48Grant Twist U23MChelmsford/Canterbury Christ Church-2.8 
317:38Mark Woodley SENMChelmsford6.6 
418:04John Fryer SENMColchester H7.6 
518:08Steve Rand V40MHavering3.0 
618:20Michael Briggs SENMBenfleet25.1 
718:53Ashley Capel U17MSouthend27.8 
818:56Rob Gibby V35MColchester H/Fire Service11.3 
919:02Scott Rice V40MThurrock3.2 
1019:28Matthew Bland V45MHavering/Eastern Masters/Brentwood RC3.3 
1119:33Adam Dowman U20MThurrock0.9 
1219:42James PriceSENMSpringfield S`Tr.  
1319:49Alan Clark V45MBenfleet7.6 
1419:53Peter Riley V40MWitham (Essex)3.8 
1519:57Michael Woodward SENMPitsea RC3.2 
1620:07Paul Ruffy V35MBenfleet5.8 
1720:08Adam Colgrave SENMChelmsford14.9 
1820:39Craig Dawson U23MTiptree12.1 
1920:49Richard Bonham V40MCastle Point Joggers4.9 
2020:56Greg Wisken V45MMid Essex17.4 
2121:55Matthew Pickett V35MEast Essex TC21.2 
2222:55William Haining V55MColchester H9.3 
2322:58Phil ClarkSENMTiptree  
2423:24Richard Taylor V55MSpringfield11.8 
2525:01Julian Holder V45MPitsea RC25.8 
2625:26Brian Butcher V60MMid Essex17.9 
2725:56Ray Vautier V60MUnattached25.9 
2828:10Keith Passingham V60MPitsea RC24.0 
2930:11An OtherSENMSpringfield S`Tr.  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:48Stephen Woodford U17MChelmsford1.8 
217:15Rob Warner SENMHavering-2.1 
317:33Chris Sellens SENMBideford1.1 
417:34David Gibbon U23MSouthend/Essex Uni28.3 
518:10Nicholas Houghton U23MThurrock/Warwick Uni40.7 
618:28David Fewell SENMChelmsford/St. Mary's Uni-2.4 
718:43Jez Mancer V40MBenfleet16.7 
819:52Jonathan Nears V35MColchester H1.0 
920:07Nick Rankin V50MBenfleet3.8 
1020:18Leo Cole V45MWitham (Essex)5.2 
1120:19Keiron McGill SENMBenfleet16.1 
1220:19Anthony Moon SENMMid Essex31.2 
1320:53Paul Anderson V35MSpringfield4.5 
1421:13Martyn Staines V35MThurrock12.6 
1521:43Simon Rawlings V45MGrange Farm & Dunmow/East Essex TC16.2 
1621:44Ken Hoye V35MChelmsford2.1 
1722:12Mark Brewer V45MTiptree49.7 
1822:24Patrick Marsh V45MColchester H16.5 
1922:36Alan Monte V40MSouthend22.1 
2023:06Mark Lawes V40MTiptree8.5 
2123:08Raymond Selwyn V60MCastle Point Joggers18.5 
2224:35Paul Wheeldon V35MSpringfield53.2 
2325:27John Tracey V45MPitsea RC23.0 
2425:42Chris Reed V60MPitsea RC/Southend/Eastern Masters/Dartford H28.6 
2525:43Mike Hayward V50MCastle Point Joggers19.6 
2627:04Ian Foskew V50MMid Essex23.8 
2731:21David Davidson V45MPitsea RC16.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:29Lee Pickering SENMChelmsford2.8 
217:49Phil Munro SENMColchester H8.0 
318:03David Smale U20MSouthend/Loughborough Students-1.9 
418:29Jamie Buckley-Stanton U20MHavering3.3 
518:41Samuel Robinson U17MChelmsford10.7 
618:51John Green V45MThurrock25.1 
719:26Paul Spowage V45MColchester H/Eastern Masters5.3 
819:38Billie Burroughs SENMBenfleet4.4 
920:46Chris Martin SENMWitham (Essex)2.6 
1021:05Gregory Jarvis V40MSouthend51.3 
1121:08Chris SnowdenSENMSpringfield S`Tr.  
1221:10David Wright V50MColchester H8.1 
1321:15Terence Spooner V40MBenfleet4.0 
1421:18Tim Tomlins V40MBenfleet9.7 
1521:35Simon Morgan V40MTiptree9.6 
1621:44Mick Judd V45MChelmsford41.1 
1722:34Dave Spain V45MBenfleet12.0 
1822:37Peter M Osborne V40MCastle Point Joggers12.7 
1922:42Tim Brockington V55MSpringfield12.6 
2023:03Richard Fuller V50MEast Essex TC9.7 
2123:25Adam Gordon SENMPitsea RC48.9 
2224:18Graeme Moon V55MTiptree26.7 
2325:14Dave SmithSENMMid Essex  
2425:19Tim Shea V45MPitsea RC20.8 
2527:04John Barrett V45MMid Essex30.3 
2627:29Paul Eve V40MEast Essex TC/Castle Point Joggers54.0 
2732:18Steve Macdonald V55MPitsea RC23.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:46Adam Hickey SENMSouthend-6.2 
217:14Alexander Houghton U23MThurrock/Warwick Uni16.2 
317:59Simon Bent SENMColchester H43.0 
418:01Mark Sanford SENMChelmsford/Newham & Essex Beagles23.7 
518:35David Allworthy V35MColchester H1.9 
618:43Peter Smale SENMSouthend/Loughborough Students14.1 
719:16Graham Booty V40MBenfleet5.3 
819:33Steven Whittaker SENMChelmsford5.7 
919:37Wayne Russell SENMPitsea RC34.8 
1019:41Simon Hart V45MHavering17.0 
1120:20Peter West V45MColchester H5.2 
1220:23Andy Dowie SENMEast Essex TC22.0 
1320:31Matt Cops SENMBenfleet14.9 
1420:35Mike Grout V40MBenfleet13.7 
1520:46An OtherSENMThurrock  
1621:09James Haskey-Jones V40MTiptree9.3 
1722:04Gary Joslin V45MSpringfield10.7 
1822:19Marc Underdown V35MWitham (Essex)17.5 
1922:20Daniel Augustin SENMMid Essex33.5 
2023:13Anthony Marsh SENMSpringfield17.5 
2125:27Ian Bartram V50MCastle Point Joggers26.2 
2225:51James Russell V55MPitsea RC26.6 
2326:33Ted Skinner SENMTiptree  
2426:42Nicholas Mccullagh V55MCastle Point Joggers23.4 
2530:22Leighton Williams V35MMid Essex15.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:38Joe Alexander U17MColchester & Tendring/Great Bentley26.4 
29:43Rob Frith U17MSouthend5.8 
310:12Josh Mann U15MSouthend43.9 
410:24Adam Bateman U17MBraintree19.4 
510:51Andrew Holland U17MHavering9.4 
611:10Oliver Gifford U17MColchester & Tendring8.1 
711:16Stephen Davies U15MBasildon30.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:58Steven Hancock U17MSouthend24.5 
210:08Dean Frost U17MColchester & Tendring25.8 
310:21Nick Shade U17MHavering47.0 
410:32Jonathan Burton U17MBasildon22.4 
510:36Joseph Ray U15MSouthend2.5 
611:12Ben Holdgate U15MBraintree2.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:25Jordan Rowe U15MColchester & Tendring-5.0 
29:42Adam Houchell U15MBasildon-2.7 
39:53Ben Franklin U17MSouthend38.2 
410:48Joseph Nourse U15MBraintree13.7 
510:53Edward Thompson U15MHavering22.7 
611:05Dominic Le Mare U15MSouthend0.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:47George Elliott U15MChelmsford10.0 
29:56Adam Jordan U15MSouthend26.9 
310:23Max Jones U13MBasildon-1.5 
410:40Gary Cahill U15MThurrock28.4 
510:45Joseph Patterson U13MColchester & Tendring6.8 
610:55Ben Pattison U15MOrion25.4 
711:01Ben Hayes U15MEssex Schs52.8 
811:03Adam Foster U15MBenfleet47.2 
913:05Sam Dell U15MHavering54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:29Laurence Willmore U15MSouthend/Leigh on Sea31.0 
210:30Ollie Cantwell U13MBasildon35.9 
310:31Alfie Foster U15MColchester & Tendring44.3 
411:06George Day U13MOrion/Harrow-1.4 
511:23Joe Kidd U13MBasildon12.7 
611:28Samuel Smith U13MThurrock18.6 
711:38Jake Loades U15MBenfleet54.0 
814:58Edward Rudgley U13MHavering54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:07Daniel Richards U13MOrion1.7 
210:26Daniel Ashley U15MBasildon11.1 
310:29Christian Gray U15MBasildon15.5 
411:29William Page U13MColchester & Tendring0.8 
511:45Tyler Chu U13MThurrock40.5 
612:17An OtherU15MSouthend  
713:55Harry DonahueU15MBenfleet  
815:03Bradley WestU15MHavering M`Brook  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:47Mason Webb U13MBasildon25.8 
211:16Lewis Harknett U13MHarlow AC-1.2 
311:49Craig Wheeler U13MSouthend24.2 
412:07George Hart U13MHavering48.7 
512:10Dexter Goward U13MBenfleet/Southend21.0 
612:37Aaron Westwood U13MHavering50.7 
712:39Kieran Davies U13MHavering36.8 
812:56James Inch U13MOrion34.6 
913:25Elliott SaggersU13MSouthend  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:32Mitchell Lawrence U13MSouthend27.2 
211:47Bailey Hearne U13MHavering43.6 
312:04Joe Wakerley U13MBasildon26.9 
412:11Jake Offiler U13MOrion39.7 
512:17Owen Harknett U13MHarlow AC13.1 
612:48Ben Walledge U13MHavering/Essex Schs54.0 
713:13George Gray U13MBenfleet  
813:17Toby Jordan U13MSouthend52.8 
913:42Harvey Joliffe U13MHavering20.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:31Gus Withers U13MBasildon-2.2 
210:56Toby Wright U13MSouthend16.5 
311:59Toby BloomerU13MSouthend  
412:06Oliver Morter U13MHavering23.5 
512:16Christian Barker U13MHarlow AC9.2 
612:33Joss Foot U13MOrion30.8 
713:10Oliver Wright U13MBenfleet36.6 
813:33Freddie Bushell U13MHavering54.0 
914:11Michael Vanderhook U13MHavering53.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
120:45Debbie Appleton V40WHavering11.6 
221:25Lucy Mancer V35WBenfleet13.8 
321:36Joanne GreenSENWChelmsford  
421:47Denise Morley V40WColchester H/Eastern Masters8.0 
522:13Jordan Lacey U17WSouthend7.6 
622:32Natasha Lagden V35WSouthend15.4 
722:44Lynn Higgs V50WColchester H18.0 
822:51Vanessa Dodds V40WBenfleet41.7 
923:34Carys Skinner SENWChelmsford29.6 
1024:50Ellie Cumner SENWBraintree/Colchester & Tendring8.1 
1124:54Nicola Ranson V45WSpringfield11.2 
1225:06Tracy Harrington V45WTiptree13.2 
1325:42Victoria Peacock V35WThurrock12.5 
1426:02Emily Ballard U20WBasildon8.3 
1526:27Joanne Burtonshaw V40WBenfleet25.5 
1626:48Helen Williams V55WPitsea RC22.0 
1726:50Victoria Curren V35WSpringfield12.0 
1827:17Charlotte Allen SENWColchester H25.7 
1927:33Annabelle Reed V40WWitham (Essex)49.5 
2027:42Lisa Marie-GraffhamSENWColchester H`S  
2128:10Valerie Sinclair V60WPitsea RC22.8 
2230:33Sarah Goodwin V45WSpringfield/Witham (Essex)20.3 
2331:42Jayne Hayward V45WCastle Point Joggers31.7 
2432:20Kerry Townsend V45WWitham (Essex)29.6 
2533:42Sandra Stanton V45WSpringfield27.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
120:57Tracy Swindell V45WBenfleet10.9 
221:41Sally Judd V35WChelmsford5.8 
321:49Jade Peel U17WBasildon51.0 
422:34Toni Radley V40WThurrock10.4 
522:36Anne Jenkinson V40WSouthend13.6 
622:46Sophie Crofts U17WChelmsford49.4 
722:53Amanda Henry V35WColchester H24.1 
822:56Jacqui Watson V40WBenfleet13.0 
923:43Kate Bent U23WColchester H49.3 
1023:51Angela Thompson V35WHavering29.9 
1123:59Laurie Douglas SENWColchester & Tendring/London Heathside  
1224:46Helen Taczynski SENWColchester H12.2 
1325:34Lynn Tanner V55WSpringfield/Eastern Masters16.1 
1425:47Fran Norris V50WColchester H15.7 
1525:58Debbielyn Hallam V35WSouthend28.9 
1626:23Jennie Page SENWBenfleet11.3 
1726:39Tina Clarke V45WTiptree23.5 
1826:57Laura MorrisSENWWitham  
1927:04Angela Bent V60WPitsea RC23.3 
2027:32Jane Schuster V50WSpringfield42.0 
2129:32Sharon Bannister V40WSpringfield18.5 
2233:58Ann Miller V55WSpringfield25.8 
2334:21Valerie Mccullagh V55WCastle Point Joggers29.8 
2434:24Nicola Hark SENWPitsea RC53.8 
2545:19Sue Mold V45WWitham (Essex)21.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:06Jessica Judd U17WChelmsford-2.7 
219:50Sarah Stradling V35WColchester H7.4 
320:39Kerry Holland U23WSouthend11.6 
421:28Sian Gifford V40WColchester & Tendring/Welsh Masters16.4 
521:40Catherine Stunt V40WBenfleet32.1 
622:49Debbie Cattermole V45WColchester H10.3 
723:09Rachel Flannigan V35WPitsea RC10.4 
824:07Julia Sceats V35WSpringfield  
924:24Joanne Sullivan V35WHavering15.8 
1024:42Sylvia UnknownSENWThurrock  
1125:00Louisa Usherwood SENWBenfleet54.0 
1225:09Alex Morgan U17WSouthend32.0 
1327:21Elizabeth DukeSENWSpringfield Str.  
1427:40Tonie Wilson V50WColchester H39.3 
1527:52Frances Webster V45WBenfleet26.7 
1628:01Tracey Dixon SENWLeigh on Sea54.0 
1728:42Kate Sandercock V40WColchester H12.3 
1829:25Teresa Flannigan V60WPitsea RC24.1 
1929:28Tracie Bromboszcz V45WWitham (Essex)54.0 
2030:27Patricia Dunning V45WSpringfield54.0 
2131:48Wendy SmallingSENWTiptree  
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