Southport Waterloo AC Lakeside 5K External Results
29 Aug 12
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:01   Ben Johnson SBU23MSouthport Waterloo/Loughborough Students17:0115:32-3.3 
217:28   Gerard Lenehan SBV40MSouthport Waterloo17:2816:4624.0 
317:58   Richard Bowker PBV50MSouthport Waterloo17:5817:5834.8 
418:26   Luke Tyson  U15MSouthport Waterloo17:5317:5336.0 
518:56   Jonathan Foster SBU17MSouthport Waterloo18:5618:5036.0 
619:10   Paul D Cain SBV45MSouthport Waterloo19:1018:4623.0 
719:42   Steve Lewis SBV35MSouthport Waterloo19:4218:0511.8 
819:43   Max Rothwell SENM     
919:45   Boyd Park PBV45MSouthport Waterloo19:4519:456.4 
1019:48   Tom Peacock V40MSouthport Waterloo AC    
1119:55   Matthew Nelson  V50MSouthport Waterloo19:3218:3613.6 
1220:15   Andrew Hudson PBV45MSouthport Waterloo20:1520:1512.8 
1320:17   Paul Ashby PBV40MSouthport Waterloo20:1720:1716.4 
1420:28   Paul Warrington SBV35MSouthport Waterloo20:2818:526.1 
1520:48   Paul Talbot PBV35MSouthport Waterloo20:4820:4836.0 
1621:05   Neil Silcock PBV40MSouthport Waterloo21:0521:0512.1 
1721:08   Christine Murphy  V40WLiverpool H20:2319:4022.3 
1821:12   Clare Constable SBV40WSouthport Waterloo21:1219:057.0 
1921:38   Gareth Williams PBV50MSouthport Waterloo21:3821:3815.7 
2021:51   Don Wilkinson PBV50MLittlewoods/Southport Waterloo21:5121:5127.1 
2121:54   Sue Cooper  V55WSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters21:0919:1718.3 
2222:05   Paul Stennett PBV45MSouthport Waterloo22:0522:0535.2 
2322:18   Vicki Harvey PBV45WSouthport Waterloo22:1822:1836.0 
2422:47   Helen Lavelle SBV35WSouthport Waterloo22:4720:5715.4 
2522:53   Alice Lytton V55WCrosby Stormers    
2622:55   Georgina Hannaway PBU15WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton22:5522:5536.0 
2723:13   Carole James PBV45WSouthport Waterloo23:1323:1315.6 
2824:17   Suzanne Lally V50W     
2924:25   Tricia Garner V50W     
3024:29   Andy Gilford SENM     
3125:37   Helen Rigg PBV50WSouthport Waterloo25:3725:3735.9 
3225:40   Elaine Sutton  V45WSouthport Waterloo25:2925:2924.1 
3325:51   Dennis Gill V60M     
3425:58   David Aspinall PBV60MSouthport Waterloo25:5825:5824.3 
3528:36   Jessica Peters SENW     
3628:48   Louise Nicholls SENWCrosby Stormers    
3729:03   Tez Almond V45WCrosby Stormers    
3829:03   Sarah Reynolds PBV40WSouthport Waterloo29:0329:0336.0 
3929:10   Jonathan Singleton PBV50MSouthport Waterloo29:1029:1019.2 
4036:48   Denise Taubman V40WFormby Stormers    
4136:48   Joanne Newport V45WFormby Stormers