Medina I.O.W. parkrun # 60 External Results
Medina I.O.W.
23 Jun 12
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
120:24   Stuart Backhouse  V40MIsle of Wight RRC/Prison Service Du-Tri Club18:2517:363.0 
221:06   Steve Gratton  V55MWight Tri18:5018:5012.5 
321:48   Stephen Rumsey  V40MIsle of Wight/Isle of Wight RRC19:2818:375.0 
423:33   Christopher Murphy  V45MUnattached20:5620:1412.0 
523:43   Mark Robert Russell V40MUnattached    
623:47   Paul Charlton-Smith  V60MRyde21:1321:1322.7 
723:48   Rob Holdsworth  V40MUnattached21:4220:0211.3 
824:02   Derek Drudge  V50MUnattached21:3821:3836.0 
924:13   Kevin Fry  V40MIsle of Wight RRC21:4420:4316.3 
1024:16   Steven Michael Apsey  S30MIsle of Wight21:3719:305.7 
1124:42   Ian Jolliffe  V65MWest Wight22:1421:3616.7 
1224:54   Andre Comoy Clark SBU20MIsle of Wight24:5422:1236.0 
1324:57   Tim Wood  V55MStragglers/Thames Turbo21:4820:0922.2 
1424:59   Jack Fellows  U11MIsle of Wight23:1822:3836.0 
1525:02   Jay Tuck  S20MFinch Coasters21:4320:5414.6 
1625:24   Flynn Powell  U15MIsle of Wight24:1217:284.5 
1725:30   Liz Dunlop  V55WWight Tri23:1923:1931.7 
1825:32   Stefan Hopper  V40MUnattached22:0522:0536.0 
1925:40   Josh Coultrup  U18MUnattached22:4719:3426.6 
2025:58   Peter Jolliffe  V65MRyde23:2422:0916.8 
2126:03   Robert P Somers V65MUnattached    
2226:16   Sally Roberts  V50WRyde23:5023:2819.1 
2326:52   Trish Train  V45WIsle of Wight RRC22:4820:2010.6 
2427:26   Eden Crumplin  U15WIsle of Wight21:5721:3731.4 
2527:27   John Timmons  V55MUnattached24:0823:1920.6 
2627:28   Michael Coultrup  V45MIsle of Wight RRC/Unattached23:3620:3512.5 
2727:39   Claire Tilman  V40WUnattached25:0824:2836.0 
2828:02   George Johnson  U11MIsle of Wight25:4219:465.0 
2928:03   Christine Jackson  V45WRyde24:1524:1519.1 
3028:14   Margaret Niland-Murphy  V45WUnattached24:1321:3515.2 
3128:16   Clare Jones  SENWIsle of Wight RRC24:2024:2026.8 
3229:16   Mabel Lewis  U11WIsle of Wight25:3019:505.9 
3329:16   Christopher Smith  U18MUnattached27:4127:4136.0 
3429:17   Jacob Lewis  U15MIsle of Wight20:1618:166.4 
3529:39   Katie Patricia Lewis  V35WUnattached25:4222:3516.1 
3629:40   Simon Lewis  V35MUnattached19:3118:467.2 
3729:58   Julie Dixon  S30WIsle of Wight RRC25:1324:3817.4 
3830:47   Arielle Rosa Elton-walters  SENWUnattached27:5821:2714.4 
3931:10   Penny Humphries  V45WUnattached28:1226:2836.0 
4031:13   Marilyn Ann Draper  V50WUnattached27:2327:2336.0 
4131:20   Dave Furmidge  V60MRyde25:5625:5322.4 
4231:40   Steph Smith  SENWUnattached27:3627:3636.0 
4332:07   Eddie Johnson  U18MIsle of Wight31:2321:1611.1 
4432:22   Sarah Churchill-Slough SENWUnattached    
4533:00   Owen Furmidge  U18MUnattached25:5318:494.2 
4633:01   Ben Kral U15MUnattached    
4734:05   Harry Furmidge  U18MUnattached25:5519:196.1 
4834:42   Clare Newman  SENWUnattached28:4425:5536.0 
4934:56   Marcus Johnson  V50MUnattached29:2326:3923.7 
5035:25   Issi Doyle  V35WUnattached29:2927:1527.1 
5136:34   Joshua Sunnucks U15MUnattached    
5236:46   Samuel Sunnucks U15MUnattached    
5337:59   Joy Furmidge  V55WRyde30:3230:3229.8 
5439:20   Christine Powell  V55WRyde33:4833:3430.4 
5545:49   Claire Drake-Knight V50WUnattached    
5645:50   Stephen Duff  V60MIsle of Wight24:5623:4936.0