RR10 League External Results
Royal Victoria Country Park
18 Apr 12
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Nick Buis SENMTotton14.4 
10NT   Benjamin Pitman SENMLordshill0.1 
100NT   Michael Roe V45MLordshill18.3 
101NT   David Murray V45MTotton18.4 
102NT   Chris McGaw V40MStubbington Green19.0 
103NT   Phil May V50MStubbington Green29.1 
104NT   Malcolm Renyard V65MHardley/South West Vets11.0 
105NT   Mick Anglim V60MHardley10.9 
106NT   Mike Smith V60MHardley14.6 
107NT   Andy Lee V50MStubbington Green11.4 
108NT   Sean O'Grady SENMEastleigh RC8.4 
109NT   Stephen Edwards V55MRomsey35.7 
11NT   Jim Davies SENMLordshill-0.5 
110NT   Julian Smith V50MNew Forest Runners14.4 
111NT   Andrew Archibald V50MRomsey26.1 
112NT   Mike Letheren V55MLordshill36.0 
113NT   Darren Bagnall V45MTotton21.8 
114NT   David Walker V40MWinchester14.5 
115NT   Nigel Fenwick V45MWinchester36.0 
116NT   Brian Rummary V50MEastleigh Junior  
117NT   James Archer V35MTotton35.6 
118NT   David Barnes V55MEastleigh RC7.4 
119NT   Greg Hines SENMLordshill36.0 
12NT   Daniel Campion SENMLordshill0.8 
120NT   David Howells V60MWessex RR13.6 
121NT   Greg Roulston V50MHavant/Romsey33.0 
122NT   Darren John Price V40MNew Forest Runners16.2 
123NT   Nick Jones SENMNew Forest Runners36.0 
124NT   Paul Bradley V50MRomsey36.0 
125NT   Tim Crumpton V55MStubbington Green29.5 
126NT   Simon Crago V45MTotton36.0 
127NT   Daren Slater V40MTotton36.0 
128NT   Jeremy R Weaving V50MTotton36.0 
129NT   Peter Lewis V50MLordshill14.4 
13NT   Lewis Banner U23MSouthampton/Swansea Uni/Swansea0.2 
130NT   James Dunlop V40MTotton11.2 
131NT   James Nicholas SENMLordshill  
132NT   Peter Hawker V70MWessex RR26.7 
133NT   John Simister V50MStubbington Green24.4 
134NT   Alan White V50MStubbington Green21.9 
135NT   Richard Curran V50MEastleigh RC36.0 
136NT   Mark PolinghorneSENMEastleigh  
137NT   Mike Banks V35MWessex RR16.2 
138NT   Martin Eyres V50MNew Forest Runners  
139NT   Spencer Meyer V40MEastleigh RC12.9 
14NT   Francis Handy SENMNew Forest Runners/Birchfield H2.0 
140NT   Mark Jennings V50MEastleigh RC26.5 
141NT   James Lee U23MStubbington Green5.3 
142NT   John Cox V50MStubbington Green18.9 
143NT   Nigel Whitcher V45MStubbington Green16.4 
144NT   John Hayes V55MTotton36.0 
145NT   David Ragg V45MNew Forest Runners19.2 
146NT   Eric Beck V50MStubbington Green16.5 
147NT   Kevin Harris V40MTotton36.0 
148NT   Paul A Slaughter V50MRomsey32.4 
149NT   Ben Sims SENMTotton34.8 
15NT   Toby Power U20MNew Forest Runners36.0 
150NT   Henry Hopkins V50MWinchester13.2 
151NT   Mike Mills V60MTotton19.9 
152NT   Douglas MacleanV60MWessex  
153NT   Peter Wiggins V55MWinchester35.7 
154NT   David Fairbairn V45MNew Forest Runners33.5 
155NT   Mark Lee V45MHardley17.9 
156NT   Christopher Gale V45MTotton36.0 
157NT   Mike Dukes V65MLordshill27.4 
158NT   Simon Mason V55MTotton24.7 
159NT   Barrie Reeves V60MEastleigh RC33.2 
16NT   David Coak SENMEastleigh RC0.0 
160NT   John Keenan V55MLordshill36.0 
161NT   Dave Jewell V65MHardley36.0 
162NT   Dean Pettitt V35MEastleigh RC24.7 
163NT   Richard Widdop V60MWessex RR  
164NT   Jeremy Barber V60MHardley18.3 
165NT   Timothy Heath U23MLordshill16.2 
166NT   David Page V65MRomsey  
167NT   Chris Paterson V50MNew Forest Runners36.0 
168NT   Lindsay Davis V50MTotton36.0 
169NT   Kevin Ashman V55MStubbington Green26.4 
17NT   Ian Debnam SENMWinchester4.0 
170NT   Mike Donovan V35MLordshill20.0 
171NT   Jeff Cox V45MLordshill21.9 
172NT   Roy S Mcloughlin V60MLordshill25.5 
173NT   Gary Littlecott V50MStubbington Green36.0 
174NT   Paul Cross SENMRomsey/Unattached36.0 
175NT   Wayne Taylor SENMTotton36.0 
176NT   Alastair LoadsmanV50MNew Forest  
177NT   Chris Brown V45MLordshill18.6 
178NT   Ian Boshier V45MLordshill11.3 
179NT   Graham ClarkeV50MTotton  
18NT   Graham Bungay V45MTotton7.9 
180NT   Mike Sleath V50MHardley25.9 
181NT   Matthew Collins SENMEastleigh RC28.8 
182NT   Geoff Mills V75MHardley36.0 
19NT   Paul Stoodley V50MWinchester10.5 
2NT   Mark Le Gassick V35MStubbington Green/City of Portsmouth27.5 
20NT   Kevin King V50MTotton30.1 
21NT   Alan Doney V40MWinchester5.4 
22NT   Mike Davies V45MWinchester21.1 
23NT   Mark Stileman V40MHardley2.2 
24NT   Mark Curtis V45MAndover6.7 
25NT   Marc Balistrari SENMRomsey36.0 
26NT   Carl Shirley SENMEastleigh RC16.4 
27NT   Daragh Hendley V35MStubbington Green16.4 
28NT   Andrew Kellaway V40MHardley14.4 
29NT   Paul Lacey SENMLordshill6.0 
3NT   Matt Hammerton SENMRomsey5.8 
30NT   Graham Bell V45MStubbington Green13.1 
31NT   Mark Hayter SENMEastleigh RC8.8 
32NT   Jahan Hunter SENMLordshill21.9 
33NT   Sean Davies U20MWinchester23.6 
34NT   Dale Purdom V45MHardley12.0 
35NT   Kevin Yates SENMLordshill5.5 
36NT   Rob Barnes SENMTotton  
37NT   Alistair Longworth V40MRomsey32.1 
38NT   Richard Alderson V35MTotton33.3 
39NT   Robert Bryan V40MWinchester9.1 
4NT   Steve Wright V35MNew Forest Runners36.0 
40NT   Simon Price V35MTotton6.2 
41NT   Steve Churcher V45MEastleigh RC8.6 
42NT   Edward Gurney V35MWinchester3.6 
43NT   Mike Bainbridge V45MStubbington Green36.0 
44NT   Andy Chase V40MNew Forest Runners4.9 
45NT   Tim Morgan U15MHardley-0.7 
46NT   Robert Benham V40MLordshill7.3 
47NT   Andrew Phimister V45MNew Forest Runners34.6 
48NT   Brian Frampton V50MTotton6.5 
49NT   Tim Sullivan V50MStubbington Green26.4 
5NT   Stephen Simpson U17MNew Forest Junior8.6 
50NT   Steve Wallington V50MTotton8.6 
51NT   Ian Moran V50MEastleigh RC7.8 
52NT   Euan McGrath V40MStubbington Green18.6 
53NT   John Walsgrove V50MNew Forest Runners36.0 
54NT   Andrew Lewis SENMEastleigh RC1.3 
55NT   Geoff Walters V40MNew Forest Runners20.9 
56NT   Matthew Cafferky SENMNew Forest Runners6.7 
57NT   Tony King V35MRomsey8.9 
58NT   Ian Rutherford V40MLordshill36.0 
59NT   Craig Mutter SENMNew Forest Runners9.9 
6NT   Mike Bisson SENMLordshill9.0 
60NT   Adam Wills SENMLordshill4.9 
61NT   Jon Leigh V50MStubbington Green10.0 
62NT   Darren Foy V35MLordshill8.5 
63NT   Graham James V50MStubbington Green17.4 
64NT   Marcus T Lee V40MStubbington Green8.6 
65NT   Matthew D. E. Jerrard V35MEastleigh RC24.5 
66NT   Martyn West V55MWinchester9.1 
67NT   Gary Painting SENMLordshill6.4 
68NT   Wayne Vincent V50MEastleigh RC35.8 
69NT   Ian Hawker V55MHardley13.2 
7NT   James Sawyer U20MStubbington Green9.9 
70NT   Mark Hayes V35MTotton24.1 
71NT   Mike Harper V50MStubbington Green6.4 
72NT   Godfrey Rhimes V50MEastleigh Junior  
73NT   Nick Crane V55MStubbington Green12.1 
74NT   Paul Burnage V50MRomsey23.4 
75NT   Roger Watson-Hall V50MNew Forest Runners9.4 
76NT   Peter Simpson V45MTotton36.0 
77NT   Paul Hammond V55MStubbington Green11.2 
78NT   Justin Rangecroft V35MTotton33.6 
79NT   Malcolm Green V50MWinchester21.3 
8NT   Tom Stevens U23MEastleigh RC-0.3 
80NT   Martin Kerslake V40MEastleigh RC29.3 
81NT   Ian Banks V50MHardley30.5 
82NT   Dylan Killick SENMEastleigh RC12.4 
83NT   Matt Lane V40MAndover10.3 
84NT   Stephen Reed V40MRomsey29.9 
85NT   Paul Blundell V45MHardley13.5 
86NT   Steve Dunford V60MWessex RR24.3 
87NT   Samuel Bell U20MStubbington Green19.6 
88NT   Kieron Batt V40MEastleigh RC21.8 
89NT   Neil Richardson V35MStubbington Green12.0 
9NT   Andrew Simpson V35MStubbington Green0.6 
90NT   John Blake V40MStubbington Green7.0 
91NT   Liam Dredge SENMStubbington Green22.9 
92NT   Lee Caiels SENMLordshill18.2 
93NT   Andrew Gates V50MTotton7.6 
94NT   Mike Bell V55MStubbington Green7.5 
95NT   Tim Johnson V45MEastleigh RC33.5 
96NT   Mike Roberts V45MHardley12.3 
97NT   Wayne Windeback V40MRomsey  
98NT   Tony Lees V50MTotton9.7 
99NT   Colin Shaw V45MNew Forest Runners36.0 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Emma Rogers V40WWinchester35.8 
10NT   Jane Morgan V50WHardley19.2 
100NT   Leonora Stovell V55WHardley35.6 
101NT   Sandra Grievson V45WNew Forest Runners32.3 
102NT   Gill TurkinV50WNew Forest  
103NT   Ann Thomas V50WSolent Running Sisters18.7 
104NT   Sharon A Rose V40WSolent Running Sisters32.1 
105NT   Sheila Marsh V60WEastleigh RC36.0 
106NT   Yvette Jones V45WNew Forest Runners36.0 
107NT   Louise Hillier-Wheal V40WSolent Running Sisters28.1 
108NT   Dawn RummarySENWEastleigh  
109NT   Inez Walker V50WLordshill26.5 
11NT   Cheryl Foot V40WNew Forest Runners/Basingstoke & Mid Hants36.0 
110NT   Tina Mills V50WTotton20.3 
111NT   Louise Waight U23WTotton  
112NT   Joan Summerton V35WSolent Running Sisters36.0 
113NT   Emma Jenkins V40WSolent Running Sisters29.1 
114NT   Alison Kaines V45WTotton23.9 
115NT   Debbie Wilson V45WNew Forest Runners32.6 
116NT   Lynne Newson V45WSolent Running Sisters22.7 
117NT   Anne Francis V60WLordshill35.3 
118NT   Jenny Dawes V60WLordshill35.3 
119NT   Sylvia Timms V70WTotton36.0 
12NT   Lucy May SENWStubbington Green9.7 
120NT   Jan Anglim V60WHardley28.9 
121NT   Gillian Heath V50WSolent Running Sisters36.0 
122NT   Wendy Couper V65WRomsey30.5 
123NT   Jackie Hutchings V50WSolent Running Sisters36.0 
124NT   Ann Bruce-Low V70WHardley34.9 
125NT   Barbara Boshier V45WLordshill/Unattached29.4 
126NT   Yvonne Grandon V45WLordshill22.6 
13NT   Sally McGrath V45WStubbington Green14.9 
14NT   Sonia Rushby V35WEastleigh RC8.7 
15NT   Christine Currie SENWEastleigh RC12.7 
16NT   Rachael Ramsey SENWEastleigh RC36.0 
17NT   Eleanore Coulthard SENWLordshill15.3 
18NT   Cleo Oliver V35WWinchester25.2 
19NT   Sara Rhimes V55WEastleigh RC12.9 
2NT   Emily Stoodley U15WWinchester36.0 
20NT   Hannah Hunt SENWRomsey33.6 
21NT   Isabelle Parkes V40WNew Forest Runners36.0 
22NT   Catherine Timson SENWWinchester17.0 
23NT   Siobhan Mitchell V45WSolent Running Sisters36.0 
24NT   Hayley Knightley SENWEastleigh Junior36.0 
25NT   Kylie Nugus V35WTotton21.1 
26NT   Lisa Lewis V45WHardley34.5 
27NT   Penny Jennings V45WRomsey21.5 
28NT   Marie ArymarV40WNew Forest  
29NT   Kathy Johnson V40WEastleigh RC34.8 
3NT   Kathryn Bonham SENWWinchester/Birmingham Uni36.0 
30NT   Hannah Richardson SENWRomsey  
31NT   Amy Maddick SENWEastleigh RC36.0 
32NT   Donna Mitchell V40WStubbington Green29.8 
33NT   Diane Buckley V45WNew Forest Runners28.7 
34NT   Louise Snook V40WWinchester14.4 
35NT   Helen Backshell V50WLordshill15.0 
36NT   Fiona Churcher V40WEastleigh RC20.8 
37NT   Lara Evans V35WStubbington Green11.6 
38NT   Lisa Donn V35WStubbington Green16.6 
39NT   Claire Deacon V50WWomens Running Network/Solent Running Sisters17.0 
4NT   Amanda Hull SENWRomsey5.6 
40NT   Jo Green V50WSolent Running Sisters35.4 
41NT   Julia Abab V55WRomsey28.6 
42NT   Jane Hodge V50WHardley13.7 
43NT   Emma Pilbeam V35WTotton15.0 
44NT   Mary Collett V60WTotton19.8 
45NT   Penny Watson SENWTotton33.6 
46NT   Carla Jane Marsh SENWEastleigh RC12.1 
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