Medina I.O.W. parkrun # 54 External Results
Medina I.O.W.
12 May 12
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:55   Alan Rowe  V45MIsle of Wight RRC18:4218:247.9 
218:59   Eric Smith PBV45MIsle of Wight RRC18:5918:5312.1 
319:03   Stuart Backhouse  V40MIsle of Wight RRC/Prison Service Du-Tri Club18:2517:363.0 
419:33   Steve Gratton  V55MWight Tri18:5018:5012.5 
520:03   Stephen Rumsey  V40MIsle of Wight/Isle of Wight RRC19:2818:375.0 
620:12   Rob Cooch V35MUnattached    
720:24   Keith Masterton  V50MUnattached19:3819:3836.0 
820:25   Ben Holdsworth  U15MIsle of Wight20:1018:156.4 
920:32   Nick Kenney  V40MIsle of Wight RRC19:3418:325.2 
1021:14   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1121:29   Graham Maitland  V60MRyde21:1120:5315.4 
1221:34   Jacob Lewis  U15MIsle of Wight20:1618:166.4 
1321:36   Christopher Murphy  V45MUnattached20:5620:1412.0 
1421:50   James Haggerty  U11MIsle of Wight21:0618:31-0.3 
1521:51   Paul Littler  V40MWight Tri20:2220:2236.0 
1621:54   Derek Drudge  V50MUnattached21:3821:3836.0 
1722:01   Rob Holdsworth  V40MUnattached21:4220:0211.3 
1822:11   Steven Michael Apsey  S30MIsle of Wight21:3719:305.7 
1922:22   Kevin Fry  V40MIsle of Wight RRC21:4420:4316.3 
2022:28   Simon McMorran  V50MIsle of Wight RRC17:5717:3928.4 
2122:29   Natalie Lazenby PBS25WIsle of Wight RRC22:2922:2936.0 
2222:35   Andy Borrer  V45MWight Tri21:4321:2812.6 
2322:38   Jay Tuck  S20MFinch Coasters21:4320:5414.6 
2423:03   Heather Drudge  V45WIsle of Wight RRC22:2722:2721.3 
2523:41   Mark Wheeler  SENMUnattached22:0722:0736.0 
2623:56   Sean Furmidge PBV35MRyde21:0719:239.2 
2724:04   Sally Roberts  V50WRyde23:5023:2819.1 
2824:23   Margaret Niland-Murphy  V45WUnattached24:1321:3515.2 
2924:24   Andrew Fishleigh SBV55MWest Wight23:1622:0336.0 
3024:26   Douglas Ferguson  V50MUnattached24:0020:5518.0 
3124:28   John Timmons  V55MUnattached24:0823:1920.6 
3224:44   Peter Jolliffe  V65MRyde23:2422:0916.8 
3325:00   Neil Simmons  V45MUnattached23:4823:4836.0 
3425:12   Michelle Boundy  SENWUnattached24:2424:2436.0 
3525:19   Alec Broome  SENMUnattached24:2522:5328.1 
3625:21   James Lee Bradshaw  V40MUnattached23:4221:4526.0 
3725:27   Sam Rose SENMUnattached    
3825:32   Bridget Lewis PBV50WRyde25:2223:5414.7 
3925:37   Daisy Furmidge PBS30WRyde24:2023:1417.6 
4025:47   Adrian Brook SBV50MUnattached23:4422:0415.3 
4125:59   Tony Morton  V65MBromley Veterans24:5124:5136.0 
4226:33   Benjamin Timmons  U11MIsle of Wight22:4219:3711.5 
4326:37   Jack Oldridge  U11MIsle of Wight25:0824:1736.0 
4426:44   Michael Smith U20MUnattached    
4526:59   Stephen Duff  V60MIsle of Wight24:5623:4936.0 
4627:05   Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4727:07   Trevor Prior  V50MUnattached25:4825:4830.9 
4827:22   Eden Crumplin  U15WIsle of Wight21:5721:3731.4 
4927:25   James Perry  U18MUnattached24:4824:3436.0 
5027:34   Katie Patricia Lewis  V35WUnattached25:4222:3516.1 
5127:34   Simon Lewis  V35MUnattached19:3118:467.2 
5227:35   Steve Dean  V35MUnattached25:3125:3136.0 
5327:38   Kieran Leahy  V35MUnattached26:3122:5712.5 
5427:46   Harry Furmidge PBU18MUnattached25:5519:196.1 
5527:49   Rebecca Burton  S20WIsle of Wight RRC26:5826:5836.0 
5627:53   Nicky Stokes PBV40WUnattached27:4227:4236.0 
5727:53   Owen Furmidge  U18MUnattached25:5318:494.2 
5827:55   Rees Cooper  U18MIsle of Wight24:3019:305.9 
5927:55   Ellie Bacon  U11WIsle of Wight24:5220:1918.0 
6027:58   Lianne Sarah Brook  SENWUnattached27:0624:5736.0 
6127:59   Gary Brook U20MUnattached    
6228:16   David I'anson V55MUnattached    
6328:27   Paul Whitter PBV45MUnattached28:0325:3822.2 
6428:42   Justine Bacon  V40WIsle of Wight/Havant26:5623:3917.4 
6528:54   Jacob Keyte  U15MUnattached24:4724:4433.6 
6628:56   Trish Train  V45WIsle of Wight RRC22:4820:2010.6 
6729:03   Thomas Timmons  U11MIsle of Wight22:3219:498.1 
6829:12   James Dixon U15MUnattached    
6929:13   Pat J Morton  V65WBromley Veterans28:3928:3336.0 
7029:15   Lucas Oldridge  U11MIsle of Wight27:1525:0836.0 
7129:32   Abigail Keyte  U18WUnattached28:2023:2715.9 
7229:33   Cheryl Frampton  V50WUnattached26:0125:0623.8 
7329:54   Aidee Matthew Ray  U18MUnattached28:3228:0432.0 
7429:56   Bridget Keyte  V40WIsle of Wight RRC28:5228:4323.1 
7529:59   Julie Ray  V40WIsle of Wight RRC25:2323:3419.0 
7630:04   Rachael Berry  V40WUnattached29:2029:0036.0 
7730:08   Paul Simpson  V45MIsle of Wight28:0827:0736.0 
7830:08   Joni Simpson  V50WUnattached29:1529:1535.2 
7930:49   Gavin Oldridge V40MUnattached    
8030:59   Roy Barton PBV60MUnattached30:5928:3236.0 
8131:11   Alexander Cooper  U18MIsle of Wight29:4825:5921.8 
8231:12   Neil Cooper  V40MWight Tri21:4420:3115.1 
8331:25   Tracy Haggerty V40WUnattached    
8432:21   John Victor Langley SBV75MUnattached30:3630:1130.7 
8532:47   Katherine Marriott V35WUnattached    
8634:08   Nicola Henry  V35WUnattached/Isle of Wight RRC33:2633:0936.0 
8734:11   James Gradwell V35MUnattached    
8835:25   Emma Curran U15WUnattached    
8935:31   William Dixon U15MUnattached    
9035:31   Phillip Dixon V50MUnattached    
9135:35   Katy Haggerty PBU11WIsle of Wight35:3532:3536.0 
9235:38   Steven Haggerty  V40MWight Tri/Southampton20:0018:4310.0 
9336:00   Christine Powell  V55WRyde33:4833:3430.4 
9436:51   Karen Taylor V50WUnattached    
9538:34   Elaine Jones  V45WUnattached34:2034:2036.0 
9639:23   Sarah Turtle PBSENWUnattached30:4429:1734.2 
9746:35   David Gammage  V85MIsle of Wight42:3338:5236.0