SSAFA 5K Series External Results
25 Jul 12
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
114:47Stephen Davies SBSENMBelgrave14:4714:3738.5 
215:40Jonathan Peters SBU23MCardiff15:4015:0344.0 
316:16Elsidig Ibrahim  V40MCardiff16:1216:1228.9 
416:32Matthew Drury  U20MCardiff16:1216:1229.4 
516:38Martin Rees SBV55MSwansea16:3814:5127.4 
616:41Stuart Crees SBSENMLes Croupiers16:3616:044.0 
716:55Nick Dukes  V35MLes Croupiers16:4216:356.5 
817:02Stephen Shields  SENMSan Domenico16:5316:3124.2 
917:15Matthew Hurford SBV35MLes Croupiers17:1516:501.4 
1017:20Oliver M Williams  SENMSan Domenico16:4615:25-1.7 
1117:22Tomos Jeffery  SENMLes Croupiers16:5516:170.8 
1218:10Darren Morrow SENMRAF St Athan    
1318:40Glyn Sansom  V50MSan Domenico18:1717:5712.8 
1418:46Gary W Brown PBSENMPenarth & Dinas18:4616:31-0.3 
1518:47Steven Hooper SBV45MPontypridd (Roadents)18:4717:487.2 
1618:58Mike Murphy  V55MLes Croupiers18:3018:2311.5 
1719:09Ian Waters SENMRAF St Athan    
1819:12Brian Dias PBSENMCardiff/Warrington AC18:5517:507.8 
1919:30Edward Ball SBV45MSan Domenico19:3018:3224.9 
2019:47Ian Phillips SENMRAF St Athan    
2119:51Simon Partridge PBV55MNeath19:5119:5115.3 
2219:52Alun Evans V45MUnattached    
2319:53Phil Cook  V40MLes Croupiers17:1615:191.6 
2419:53Maria Zubizarreta SBV40WLes Croupiers/Paraguay19:5219:336.0 
2519:55Philip Hughes  SENMSan Domenico19:3718:4625.5 
2620:00Richard Mclellan SENMRAF St Athan    
2720:02John Magee SBV35MLes Croupiers19:2818:578.5 
2820:12Peter Turnbull SBV45MLes Croupiers20:1218:299.6 
2920:20Richard Jackson-Hookins SBSENMPenarth & Dinas20:2015:543.9 
3020:27Dave Williams V45MLes Croupiers    
3120:28Simon Pritchard SENMPonty Roadents    
3220:30Christopher Nellins SBV55MPenarth & Dinas/Headington20:3019:3314.9 
3320:30Ron Morris  V60MSan Domenico19:4217:4411.9 
3420:31Rhodri Evans PBV45MPenarth & Dinas20:3120:3143.3 
3520:34Andrew Jones SBSENMPenarth & Dinas20:3419:0448.4 
3620:41Liz Davies SBSENWCardiff/Sutton Runners20:4119:5723.5 
3720:45Matthew Hooper  U23MLes Croupiers20:2118:3815.2 
3820:52Hefin Grufydd V50MUnattached    
3921:04Malcolm Bradley  V60MPenarth & Dinas20:4320:4313.6 
4021:13James Delaney SBV55MSan Domenico21:1319:4828.4 
4121:13Dominic Shields  V45MSan Domenico20:3719:4218.6 
4221:20Ross Sissons SENMRAF St Athan    
4321:22Lisa Cleary  V45WPenarth & Dinas20:5320:2913.5 
4421:26Nick Scott SENMPegasus    
4521:46Phil Lewis SENMUnattached    
4621:47Stephen Quinn V40MLes Croupiers    
4721:52Joanne Tucker SBV40WLes Croupiers21:5221:1940.9 
4822:00Steve Goodfellow V40WPenarth & Dinas    
4922:02Gareth Rees  V45MLes Croupiers21:2120:2921.9 
5022:07Andrea Hurman  V45WPenarth & Dinas21:5321:4217.1 
5122:12Bob Woolerton V60MUnattached    
5222:22Mark Farrah SENMLes Croupiers    
5322:24Ben Fitzgerald SENMUnattached    
5422:33Richie Sewell SBV55MLes Croupiers22:3321:1214.7 
5522:33Aine Kenny  SENWLes Croupiers22:2020:3815.1 
5622:33Tim Green PBV45MLes Croupiers22:2220:5419.1 
5722:46Joe Johnson SENMRAF St Athan    
5822:51Neil Murphy SENMUnattached    
5922:53Christopher Seal SBSENMPenarth & Dinas22:5320:1210.1 
6023:33Paul Furlong SBV60MPenarth & Dinas23:3322:3025.1 
6123:48Andrew Cleverley SBV45MOutdoor Fitness23:4821:3328.8 
6223:49Dean Stock SENMRAF St Athan    
6323:53Curt Lenane SENMRAF St Athan    
6424:03Emily Luke  SENWPenarth & Dinas22:2122:2154.0 
6524:11Anna Helsing PBV45WPenarth & Dinas24:1124:1124.6 
6624:17Rowena White  V35WSan Domenico22:2421:4037.0 
6724:47Danielle Rayner PBSENWPenarth & Dinas24:4723:3425.8 
6825:21Alison Cook PBV35WPenarth & Dinas25:2125:2154.0 
6225:22Tony Carzana SBV65MPegasus24:3518:1854.0 
7525:30Yvonne Williams  V55WPenarth & Dinas23:4623:4628.9 
5625:57Ian Warner V50MUnattached    
6725:59Amanda Barrington SBV45WPenarth & Dinas25:5925:1830.8 
5726:18Malcolm Bullough V50MUnattached    
7126:20Amanda Thompson  V50WLes Croupiers25:4525:4535.3 
7026:28Sarah Stevens  SENWPenarth & Dinas26:1026:1025.9 
7226:32Lindsey Clarke SBSENWPenarth & Dinas26:3223:3421.7 
7326:35Janice Clement  V50WPenarth & Dinas26:3425:5118.5 
7426:37Clare O'reilly SBSENWPenarth & Dinas26:3726:0243.8 
5826:39Gillian Murphy  V55WLes Croupiers25:5825:0923.9 
6326:49Deiniol Williams  V55MPegasus RC26:1326:1354.0 
4926:55Andrea Goodfellow PBV40WPenarth & Dinas26:5526:5523.5 
6427:33Tim Webb V60MPegaus    
7727:44Clare Johnson  V65WLes Croupiers27:0825:5428.0 
6928:06Susan Smith PBV45WPenarth & Dinas28:0628:0654.0 
7628:14Sarah Murphy SENWUnattached    
7828:28Libby Webb SENWUnattached    
7928:32Bethan Ford SENWUnattached    
5030:50Tracey Newman  V40WLes Croupiers30:2026:5628.8