Wavertree Mystery 5K Series External Results
6 Sep 12
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:34   Matthew Shirling SBU17MLiverpool H15:3415:147.0 
216:11   Martin Swensson  V35MPenny Lane16:0515:29-1.5 
316:24   James McNally  SENMPenny Lane15:4014:553.8 
416:26   Owen Sharp PBU17MLiverpool H16:2616:2633.4 
516:35   Abdulqani Sharif SBU17MLiverpool H16:3514:21-4.0 
616:44   Daniel Jarvis SBU17MLiverpool H16:4415:00-4.2 
716:47   Mark Hulmston  V35MWirral16:2515:593.0 
816:50   Glen Groves SBV40MLiverpool H16:5015:402.5 
917:01   Jamie Webb SBU20MLiverpool H17:0114:33-5.8 
1017:15   Bryan Renton  SENMUnattached16:5616:5531.7 
1117:25   Nathan Brown PBU20MLiverpool H17:2517:2536.0 
1217:32   John Connolly  V40MPenny Lane17:0316:564.9 
1317:36   Lee Dobson PBU17MLiverpool H17:3617:3632.7 
1417:42   Tom Clarke SBU15MLiverpool H17:4217:041.1 
1517:45   Calum Lockett U20MUnattached    
1618:05   Paul Schumann  V45MKnowsley17:5717:295.2 
1718:07   James Blackburn SBU23MLiverpool H18:0716:5932.4 
1818:19   David Clark SENMPenny Lane Striders    
1918:29   Steven Maguire PBV35MPenny Lane18:2918:2314.8 
2018:35   Stephen Doyle V35MUnattached    
2118:52   Gavin Dixon V40MLiverpool Harriers    
2219:04   Dave Lovatt  V50MPenny Lane18:5017:5528.1 
2319:06   Stephanie Crossley PBSENWPenny Lane19:0619:066.8 
2419:08   Simon Birtles SBV45MPenny Lane/Civil Service19:0818:1510.6 
2519:10   Dale Higham SBSENMPenny Lane19:1016:5110.4 
2619:18   Martin Hirrell  V45MPenny Lane19:1519:1510.5 
2719:22   Ian Roche  V45MMersey Tri18:5317:465.0 
2819:23   Derek Ashcroft  V55MPenny Lane19:1618:2936.0 
2919:28   John Elcock V40MUnattached    
3019:32   Matthew Nelson SBV50MSouthport Waterloo19:3218:3615.1 
3119:33   Tony Morgan PBV40MSt Helens Tri19:3318:3028.3 
3219:36   Paul Cliff  V45MLiverpool RC19:1519:1525.9 
3319:40   Tim Grace  V40MMersey Tri18:4018:374.5 
3419:45   George Pierce  V40MLiverpool RC19:2019:1311.8 
3519:51   Matthew Hughes SBU23MUnattached19:5116:501.0 
3619:53   Dean Sharp  SENMLiverpool H18:4318:4336.0 
3719:54   John Jensen  V35MPenny Lane19:4619:268.5 
3820:03   Robert Wood  V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:3419:236.9 
3920:05   Jonathan Fisher PBSENMLiverpool RC20:0520:0512.7 
4020:08   Kevin Flangan SENMPenny Lane Striders    
4120:09   Sarah Jackson SBSENWLiverpool H/Liverpool John Moores Uni/Middlesbrough & Clevel20:0918:5116.6 
4220:10   Steve Pemberton  V55MPenny Lane19:4718:4710.4 
4320:23   Christine Murphy PBV40WLiverpool H20:2319:4023.5 
4420:35   Benjamin Kariuki SENMPenny Lane Striders    
4520:36   Ceredig Cattanach-Chell PBSENMPenny Lane20:3620:3636.0 
4620:41   Andrew Conway V45MMosstey Hill AC    
4720:45   Gary Lee Wallis PBSENMPenny Lane20:4520:4536.0 
4820:50   Tony Man  V40MPenny Lane20:2318:5113.0 
4920:59   Andrew Leslie SBSENMPenny Lane20:5918:173.8 
5021:06   Michelle Murphy  V45WLiverpool H20:3618:5613.4 
5121:18   Ian Simnor V50MMersey Tri    
5221:55   Charles Hutton V45MKnowsley H    
5321:59   Jane Eardley  SENWPenny Lane21:4821:4835.7 
5422:03   Gregory Hocking PBV40MPenny Lane22:0321:0910.3 
5522:25   Tony Green PBV55MLiverpool H22:2521:3212.8 
5622:31   Julia Shuker  V35WSt. Helens Sutton21:5120:1814.8 
5722:36   Michelle Colbourn SENWPenny Lane Striders    
5822:40   Tommy Wilcock  V55MPenny Lane22:2921:4736.0 
5922:49   Curtis Malik SBV40MUnattached22:4921:518.3 
6022:53   Oonagh Jaquest SBV35WPenny Lane22:5321:3612.8 
6122:55   Paul Lee SENMUnattached    
6222:59   Valerie C Desborough PBV50WPenny Lane22:5922:5914.4 
6323:14   April Morgan  V45WSt. Helens Striders/St Helens Tri22:1820:0923.0 
6423:18   David Lynan SBV35MPenny Lane23:1819:186.4 
6523:48   Holly Suckling  SENWPenny Lane23:1823:1836.0 
6624:00   Andrew Stansfield SBV50MPenny Lane24:0020:3536.0 
6724:06   Amena R Madden  V40WLiverpool RC23:5123:3915.1 
6824:07   Alen Hurley V45MUnattached    
6924:16   Abigail Willmitt  SENWLiverpool RC23:5821:1614.2 
7024:27   Judith Dyer  V45WPenny Lane24:0924:0017.5 
7124:30   Stan Erlam SBV70MSt. Helens Sutton24:3020:2436.0 
7224:33   Michelle Kelly PBV50WPenny Lane24:3324:0521.6 
7324:33   David Limbrick V45MUnattached    
7424:43   Clare O'Callaghan PBSENWPenny Lane24:4324:4324.6 
7524:54   A McCathy V45MUnattached    
7625:29   Keith Boyle  V40MPenny Lane23:5322:4524.1 
7725:36   Nina Croasdale SENWPenny Lane Striders    
7825:40   Matthew Tollitt V50MPenny Lane Striders    
7925:50   Linda Downes V50WUnattached    
8025:50   Karen Dalby  V45WLiverpool H24:2322:4122.5 
8125:52   Patrick Henley  V65MLiverpool H23:4623:3836.0 
8226:40   Paul Hannigan  V55MRoby Runners22:2622:2636.0 
8326:50   Ruth Orange SENWLiverpool Harriers    
8427:22   Rachel Rick PBV50WPenny Lane27:2224:0018.4 
8527:23   Alan Clarey  V55MMossley Hill24:1723:4531.1 
8627:29   Jackie Jones V45WUnattached    
8727:38   Laurinda Holden SBSENWLiverpool RC/Penny Lane27:3826:3036.0 
8828:18   Derek Hughes  V60MUnattached24:4324:4329.0 
8928:29   Carolyn Houghton SBV40WPenny Lane28:2924:5719.8 
9028:47   Ruth Fisher SENMPenny Lane Striders    
9130:21   Ron Thornton V70MUnattached    
9231:01   Colette O'Brien V50WUnattached    
9331:01   John O'Brien V50MUnattached    
9431:05   Angela Freeme SENWPenny Lane Striders