Walton Park 5 External Results
29 May 07
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
126:07   Peter Green SBSENMLiverpool H26:0725:4736.0 
226:36   Paul Sankey  V35MLiverpool RC26:2726:010.8 
326:48   Phil Davies-Peerless SBSENMWirral26:4826:4336.0 
426:54   Xavier Desse SBV35MWirral/France26:5425:387.0 
526:55   Liam Thompson  SENMWarrington AC26:1125:5811.6 
626:56   James Meldrum PBSENMLiverpool H26:5226:52  
727:00   Richard Shearer  V35MLiverpool H26:4225:480.3 
827:11   Colin Potts  V35MLiverpool RC/Liverpool H26:5726:444.4 
927:57   Steven Wilkinson  SENMSouthport Waterloo27:2027:028.9 
1128:06   Barry Graney PBV35MSt. Helens Sutton28:0628:068.5 
 28:16   Maurice Collins SBV40MLiverpool RC28:1627:5221.3 
 28:52   Paul Schumann PBV40MRoby Runners28:5228:474.3 
 28:53   Nigel Grant  V40MPenny Lane28:5028:115.3 
 28:56   Tony Devoy SBV50MWirral28:5628:118.9 
 29:15   Tony McDevitt SBV55MWirral29:1527:1121.6 
 29:25   Peter Kilgallon  V50MWirral29:1029:1036.0 
 29:28   David Edwards SBV40MLiverpool RC29:2827:435.1 
 29:55   Jenny Clague  SENWLiverpool H29:0427:1814.5 
 29:58   Tony McCarthy SBV45MWarrington AC29:5829:4914.9 
 30:09   Claire Andrew SBSENWSpectrum30:0929:359.0 
 30:34   Catherine Gallagher SBU23WLiverpool H/Loughborough Students/Barrow Runners30:3429:3624.5 
 30:55   Peter Maher  V50MVale Royal30:2328:3836.0 
 31:05   Steve James  V65MSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters31:0130:4822.8 
3631:07   Stephen Watmough SBV40MSpectrum31:0728:10-0.1 
 31:09   Sergey Ryabov  V50MVale Royal30:5429:3735.6 
 31:10   Anthony Metcalfe SBV50MMossley Hill31:1030:597.6 
 31:16   Samantha Dean-Howard PBSENWSouthport Waterloo31:1631:1636.0 
 32:05   Sue Cooper SBV50WSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters32:0531:1215.4 
 32:22   Billy Hargreaves  V60MLiverpool H/Penny Lane31:1831:1816.2 
 32:54   Marina Ali  SENWLiverpool H32:1732:17  
 33:07   Linda McDermott  V45WLiverpool H33:0331:17  
 33:47   Ann Eggington SBV40WSouthport Waterloo33:4732:0036.0 
 35:02   Mary Doyle  V50WLiverpool RC34:3834:10  
 35:38   Liz Thornton SBV45WLiverpool RC35:3835:0936.0 
 36:00   Karen Faloon SBV55WSouthport Waterloo36:0035:3021.1 
 39:24   Janet Redpath PBV55WSpectrum39:2439:2426.5