Halewood 5K External Results
21 Apr 12
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:41   Andrew Edwards PBU23MDeestriders RC16:4116:4021.7 
217:33   Anthony Wilcox PBV50MKnowsley17:1817:1823.2 
319:14   Colin Thompson  SENMHelsby RC18:3516:472.4 
419:27   Rob Williams  V35MLiverpool RC18:1517:4919.9 
519:29   Martin Christian V40M     
619:43   Mark Bleasdale PBV50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:1219:1215.6 
719:47   Stephen McNicholas  V45MPenny Lane19:2417:216.4 
820:19   Andrew Conway  V45MMossley Hill20:0919:599.1 
920:38   William Merritt V50MKnowsley Harriers AC    
1020:42   Tony Morgan PBV40MSt Helens Tri19:3318:3032.1 
1121:04   Stephen Hayes  V40MLiverpool RC20:1619:1028.7 
1221:14   Dave Tomkins  V60MNorthern Masters/Lonely Goat RC/Warrington AC20:5320:2418.4 
1321:15   Michael Connor PBV45MKnowsley21:1519:429.2 
1422:04   Alexandra Barnsley PBU13WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/St Helens Tri22:0421:4935.6 
1522:18   Megan Barnsley  U13WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/St Helens Tri22:1721:5235.6 
1624:01   Unknown Athlete SENM     
1724:38   Phillip Russel V45M     
1825:18   Clare Lowrey V45WWidnes Wasps    
1925:25   Derek Hughes V55M     
2025:30   Joanne Mcgillicuddy PBV40WWidnes Wasps25:3023:2016.9 
2126:30   Ian Broadhurst V45M     
2227:34   Michelle Williams  V45WMossley Hill26:4426:4434.4 
2328:05   Clare Jennings  SENWWidnes Wasps27:2627:1333.9 
2428:53   Claire Shaw V40WDelamere Spartans    
2529:09   Hayley Church SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
2629:10   Alan Friday SENMKnowsley Harriers AC    
2729:49   Neville Jones SBV75MWarrington AC29:3329:0336.0 
2830:05   Adele Rosenbloom  V35WKnowsley28:3327:3021.2 
2933:27   Lindsey Barfoot SENW     
3035:14   Carina Taylor SENW     
3135:18   Sarah Eves SENW     
3235:18   Sharon Burston SENW     
3336:23   Kerry Littler V45WSpectrum Striders    
3436:50   Tom Broadhurst V50W     
3549:38   Sian Cassie SENW     
3668:01   Clare Latham SENW     
3768:03   Ciara Ward SENW     
3868:18   John James Dunphy  V45MKnowsley28:4528:4536.0