Champagne League External Results
24 Apr 12
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
121:28   Stuart Carmichael  V40MBeverley/City of Hull/Kingston upon Hull20:0119:541.1 
221:56   Gareth Young  SENMCity of Hull20:4620:463.9 
321:58   James Pearson  V35MBeverley20:5820:154.2 
422:20   Alec Gibson  U20MEast Hull21:4120:351.0 
522:28   Matthew Hayes  V40MEast Hull21:4720:170.7 
622:45   Mike Hargreaves  SENMEast Hull21:5620:37-2.6 
722:55   Joseph Kirkup  SENMEast Hull21:2421:2415.8 
823:16   Thomas McKee  SENMCity of Hull21:4321:4310.5 
923:17   Kieran Blogg  SENMCity of Hull22:1422:1436.0 
1023:32   Nigel Sisson  V40MEast Hull22:2121:411.1 
1123:46   Ross Flood  SENMBeverley23:0523:0536.0 
1224:10   Elliot Hakner  SENMBeverley22:3922:3917.3 
1324:11   Mark Dalton  V50MBeverley23:2021:415.4 
1424:14   Lewis Holloway  V40MBeverley22:1121:451.8 
1524:23   Phillip Gibson  V45MFenners/East Hull23:5823:5832.2 
1624:39   Carla Stansfield  U23WStockport/Beverley23:5622:322.1 
1724:41   Owen Williams  SENMKingston upon Hull/City of Hull23:3923:392.0 
4724:49   Tony Burgin  V45MHull Springhead22:3222:327.0 
1824:58   Mike Vinegrad  V40MEast Hull24:0023:5511.5 
1925:15   Stephen Rennie  V55MCity of Hull23:4222:133.2 
2025:22   Gary Slater  SENMCity of Hull23:5522:3927.9 
2125:25   James Mcgiven  V45MBeverley23:0323:0335.2 
2225:27   Stewart Rhodes  V45MCity of Hull24:4523:0134.1 
2325:37   Paul Body  V35MCity of Hull24:3523:3510.3 
2425:45   Paul Nippress  V50MEast Hull24:5323:496.7 
2525:49   Ben Rumford  SENMCity of Hull23:4523:4536.0 
2626:05   Andrew Tate  V50MBeverley25:2324:578.9 
2726:07   Paul Cartwright  V55MHull Springhead25:1224:056.0 
2826:12   Andrew Hemmings  SENMCity of Hull24:3723:475.2 
2926:16   Yannick Peron  V40MCity of Hull24:0724:0723.0 
3026:17   Steve Parkinson  V50MBeverley/Barracuda TC25:3525:3511.9 
3126:20   Trevor Misson  V50MCity of Hull24:3424:3434.1 
3226:21   Toby May PBU17MCity of Hull26:2125:3017.3 
3326:28   Steven Dawber  V35MCity of Hull25:4725:4724.4 
3426:30   Andrew Collinson SBV45MEast Hull25:1924:1027.8 
3526:31   Richard Alsop  V50MEast Hull26:0226:0214.3 
3626:38   Steve Evins  V40MBeverley25:1124:237.4 
3726:40   David Bell  SENMWhite City (Hull)24:5924:597.7 
3826:45   Brian Ward  V50MCity of Hull25:1122:176.7 
3926:46   Stephen Williets  V45MBeverley25:4725:3316.3 
4026:53   Becky Fielding-smith  V40WCity of Hull25:2125:2132.3 
4127:01   David Anderson  V50MEast Hull26:1326:1313.1 
4227:10   Richard Watson  V40MCity of Hull25:3424:1830.0 
4327:21   Stuart Spooner  V50MBridlington25:5021:2416.5 
4427:24   Niki Whitaker  V35WCity of Hull26:2725:398.8 
4527:30   Neil Gordon  V40MEast Hull26:2725:519.5 
4627:31   Mark Gadie SBSENMEast Hull26:2325:095.1 
4827:53   Tim Runkee  V35MBeverley27:4526:3536.0 
4928:02   Fiona Robinson SBV45WCity of Hull28:0226:5613.8 
5028:04   Alan Smith  V40MWhite City (Hull)26:0323:494.0 
5128:10   Alexandra Campbell  V35WHull Springhead/City of Hull26:1625:0832.7 
5228:13   Lucas Meagor SBV35MBeverley25:5225:195.2 
5328:21   Daniel Hammond  V35MBeverley26:2926:2913.4 
5428:24   Charlotte Parker  U20WCity of Hull27:0726:5812.7 
5528:27   Andrew Watson  V45MEast Hull24:4223:118.7 
5628:27   Ian Tasker  V40MWhite City (Hull)27:2827:2815.3 
5728:36   Amanda Dean  V50WWest Hull26:4525:3513.0 
5828:40   Philip Dewberry  V60MHull Springhead/City of Hull26:3025:3416.4 
5928:41   Pam Richards  V40WCity of Hull27:2426:0235.9 
6028:46   Tim Simpson PBV35MEast Hull27:3526:4627.5 
6128:49   Peter Watkinson  V55MBeverley27:2025:3713.4 
6228:54   Christopher Matthews  V45MBeverley28:1528:1535.8 
6328:55   Christopher Moody PBSENMCity of Hull28:5528:5514.2 
6429:00   Graham Naylor  V60MWhite City (Hull)28:0928:0912.3 
6529:05   Clare Nicholson  V40WCity of Hull27:3127:3136.0 
6629:08   Stuart Buchan  V50MCity of Hull24:5422:429.9 
6729:18   Lucy Stamford  V35WBeverley27:3327:339.0 
6829:31   Bill Grieve  V50MBeverley28:3027:2136.0 
6929:32   Neil May  V50MBarracuda TC/City of Hull27:2926:4516.1 
7029:35   Ian McCoid  V50MCity of Hull26:1025:309.1 
7129:36   Derek Russell PBV60MBeverley29:3629:3636.0 
9929:37   David Anthony Mather  V55MCity of Hull27:5626:4036.0 
7229:47   Stephen Richmond PBV55MEast Hull29:4728:2212.8 
7330:01   Helen Horrobin  SENWEast Hull28:0827:0414.9 
7430:10   David Foster  V55MBridlington28:1928:1918.8 
7530:18   Kevin Rennison  V50MCity of Hull29:2127:4516.0 
7630:19   Angela Hinkson  SENWCity of Hull28:0428:0436.0 
7730:22   Tina Wardropper  V45WBeverley28:5628:5634.1 
7830:22   Stephen Coveney  V60MCity of Hull26:1224:4215.0 
7930:42   Steven John Hadley  V45MBeverley29:0829:0834.1 
8030:55   Stuart Black  V45MCity of Hull29:5027:5124.1 
8131:02   Roy Dennison  V60MCity of Hull29:3528:4522.2 
8231:05   Shane Nicholson  V40MCity of Hull28:3628:0136.0 
8331:08   Timothy Welbourn  V55MCity of Hull30:3030:3020.0 
8431:14   Paul Frost  V55MEast Hull24:4524:4522.5 
8531:14   Angela Collins  V45WBeverley30:3729:0634.2 
8631:20   Alison Hayes  V35WEast Hull29:1728:5815.1 
8731:24   Derek Ricketts  V55MCity of Hull28:3227:3321.2 
8831:32   Peter Myers  V60MBeverley29:5729:5736.0 
8931:34   Kenneth Barnes  V70MEast Hull30:0729:4533.6 
9031:48   Alex Gymer PBV55MCity of Hull29:5629:5636.0 
9131:58   Steven M Dawson  V50MWhite City (Hull)30:4930:4931.7 
9232:03   Andrew Meese  V35MBeverley31:3431:0421.7 
9332:12   Andrew Gray  V35MBeverley31:0528:1515.7 
9432:13   Kristina Rose SBSENWWhite City (Hull)30:3729:4120.0 
9532:15   Mike O'Brien PBV50MCity of Hull30:4730:4717.3 
9632:17   Kevin McManus  V55MCity of Hull30:4230:2722.9 
9732:20   Brian Richardson SBV65MBeverley30:2730:2736.0 
9832:20   Graham Wilkinson SBV55MEast Hull29:3524:2014.6 
10032:28   Richard Crabtree PBV60MBeverley31:2331:2336.0 
10132:49   Zoe Jameson PBU23WWest Hull32:3031:0626.1 
10232:51   Tania Cream  V45WCity of Hull30:3029:4714.9 
10332:51   Drew Mercer PBV45MCity of Hull32:4332:4336.0 
10432:51   Jacqui Ker  SENWCity of Hull29:5529:5536.0 
10532:55   Verity Pick  SENWWest Hull31:5030:1329.1 
10633:16   Laura Greenwood  V40WCity of Hull31:2031:2036.0 
10733:26   Stephen Brotherton  V40MBeverley32:3829:4219.4 
10833:28   Geoffrey Probert PBV60MWhite City (Hull)33:2830:2724.1 
10933:45   Sarah Jane Crabtree  SENWBeverley29:5629:5636.0 
11033:45   Neil Plummer  V50MHull Springhead31:0930:3929.3 
11134:02   Susan Duffey  V45WCity of Hull32:0931:1336.0 
11234:03   Fiona Holland  V40WBeverley32:2830:2814.7 
11334:04   Andrew Clarke SBV45MWhite City (Hull)33:1130:5236.0 
11434:10   Christine Parkinson SBV45WCity of Hull32:3530:4036.0 
11534:17   Jackie Wright  V45WBeverley33:5533:5530.9 
11634:24   Simon Gower  V50MHull Springhead33:2232:4836.0 
11734:25   Laura Curtis PBSENWWhite City (Hull)34:0634:0636.0 
11834:36   Andrew Grainger  V45MBeverley30:4330:4317.6 
11934:46   Peter Kirk  V70MCity of Hull34:2433:4727.5 
12034:53   John Pawson  V65MCity of Hull33:2033:0922.7 
12135:05   Tony Beck  V40MBeverley32:0231:0336.0 
12235:25   Rebecca Lawtey  SENWCity of Hull34:1530:1921.6 
12335:25   Judith Lawtey  V55WCity of Hull30:1029:5028.1 
12436:10   Adrienne Stansfield  V40WWhite City (Hull)34:3834:3831.6 
12536:13   Eileen P Henderson SBV50WCity of Hull34:3832:1621.7 
12636:15   Pam Atkins  V65WBeverley34:3232:4725.5 
12736:20   Jeffrey Copping  V60MCity of Hull33:4133:1123.1 
12836:26   Stuart Thomson  V55MCity of Hull29:0529:0534.9 
12936:28   Julie Thomson  V50WCity of Hull36:2034:4728.1 
13036:33   Mark Harrison  V40MCity of Hull35:1834:1936.0 
13136:50   Sue Reast  V45WCity of Hull35:4333:4123.0 
13236:56   Frank Harrison  V70MCity of Hull35:3334:4026.5 
13338:07   Gill Holden  V50WCity of Hull/Unattached36:4336:4325.6 
13438:11   Steve Oliver PBV55MCity of Hull37:2337:2336.0 
13538:13   Jill Jameson  V50WWest Hull37:3332:4923.0 
13638:17   Adrienne Palmer  V55WCity of Hull36:2636:2636.0 
13739:02   Peter McNally SBV70MBeverley37:5835:3336.0 
13839:44   Katie May  V45WCity of Hull39:1335:2128.1 
13940:15   Richard Palmer  V55MCity of Hull40:0140:0136.0 
14040:24   Richard Tomlinson  V60MBeverley38:0737:2335.9 
14141:15   Richard Storey  U20MCity of Hull38:5338:5336.0 
14242:00   Kelly Jackson  V35WBeverley39:0935:1336.0 
14344:04   Mary Carrick  V60WEast Hull/Beverley40:4139:3630.7 
14446:09   Steve Cunningham  V40MCity of Hull44:0044:0036.0 
14550:31   Jade Balderson  SENWCity of Hull47:1947:1936.0