NI Road Relay Championships External Results
8 Oct 11
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1.6K U15M
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
15:33   Conor Magee U15MBeechmount31.9 
25:50   Lorcan Magee U15MBeechmount1.9 
36:05   Jon KennedyU15MWillowfield Temperance Harriers  
46:06   Luc HannaU15MNewry AC  
56:26   Michael WillisU15MWillowfield Temperance Harriers  
68:11   Tvonga MamwaU15MOrangegrove AC  
1.6K U13M
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
15:33   Conor Irving U13MBeechmount13.1 
25:34   Niall MclihattonU13MBeechmount Harriers  
35:45   Desire Bamisile U13MWillowfield29.3 
45:53   Amando Bamisile U15MWillowfield11.8 
56:06   Pearse McCormick U13MBeechmount34.6 
66:15   Peter Speers U13MLagan Valley32.9 
76:35   Owen Edwards U13MEast Down25.3 
86:56   Andrew Proctor U13MOrangegrove36.0 
1.6K U15W
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
15:54   Emer Magee U15WLagan Valley/Loughborough Students/Ireland28.9 
25:58   Emma Laverty U15WLagan Valley31.7 
36:13   Lois Hagen U15WWillowfield31.3 
46:20   Jessica FairdoughU15WWillowfield Temperance Harriers  
56:22   Lucy Quinn U15WNewry36.0 
66:23   Lensey BowersU15WWillowfield Temperance Harriers  
76:24   Chloe Crossley U15WWillowfield13.7 
86:27   Sophie Ritchie U17WWillowfield36.0 
96:31   Sara Smyth SENWWillowfield34.5 
106:59   Jamma SpearsU15WLagan Valley AC  
117:00   Toni Beattie U17WLagan Valley36.0 
127:02   Rachael QuinnU15WNewry AC  
1.6K U13W
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
16:28   Rebecca Duffy U13WBeechmount35.9 
26:36   Katie WillsU13WWillowfield Temperance Harriers  
36:42   Carol Browne U11WBeechmount35.8 
46:45   Laura Gardiner U13WEast Down14.9 
56:58   Aoife Cochrane U13WEast Down20.7 
67:05   Rachel SmythU13WWillowfield Temperance Harriers  
77:31   Rebbecca AustinU13WBeechmount Harriers  
87:49   Rachel EdwardsU13WBeechmount Harriers  
97:50   Eimear Connor U13WEast Down36.0 
108:49   Chelsea GallagherU13WBeechmount Harriers  
119:01   Caoime McArdleU13WBeechmount Harriers  
129:42   Dorcas BamisileU13WWillowfield Temperance Harriers  
1310:26   Rhianna KeenanU13WBeechmount Harriers  
1410:27   Lauren KeenanU13WBeechmount Harriers