Up & Running South Yorkshire League External Results
11 Dec 11
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
133:37Robert Little SENMHallamshire/Dark Peak/Sheffield Uni0.3 
233:44Jacob Clark U20MCity of Sheffield/Leeds Uni0.9 
333:46Adam Newton U20MCity of Sheffield/Sheffield Hallam Uni37.6 
434:00James Gray U20MCity of Sheffield7.8 
534:09Tom Jenkins V35MHallamshire19.7 
634:20Richard Teare SENMSheffield TC43.4 
734:25Howard Wood U23MCity of Sheffield30.4 
834:32Robert Baker SENMHallamshire/Dark Peak6.0 
934:33David Thompson V35MBarnsley AC4.2 
1034:39Philip Cooper SENMHallamshire-0.8 
1135:02Gavin Felton V40MBarnsley AC31.7 
1235:15Daniel Claus SENMSteel City42.4 
1335:33Michael Sprot SENMHallamshire0.5 
1435:36Kyle Craib U20MRotherham10.7 
1535:52Simon Newton SENMBarnsley H/Police0.4 
1636:00Rhian Hastey SENMRotherham/Sheffield Hallam Uni/City of Sheffield1.0 
1736:05Ian WithersSENMUniversity of Sheffield  
1836:12Dean Furniss V40MHallamshire/Northern Masters5.7 
1936:16Simon Wright V45MDoncaster0.3 
2036:20Aidan Johnson SENMRotherham-0.9 
2136:26Steve PennySENMSheffield Tri Club  
2236:34George Robinson U20MRichmond & Zetland/Sheffield Hallam Uni48.7 
2336:35Chris Cotton SENMKimberworth5.1 
2436:40Gary Claxton V40MRotherham20.4 
2536:43Chris Ireland V50MSheffield RC/Northern Masters/Rotherham3.2 
2636:46Will Beauchamp SENMSheffield RC-2.1 
2736:48Kevin Doyle V35MKimberworth2.0 
2836:58David Driver SENMBarnsley AC1.4 
2937:01Graham GraggSENMUniversity of Sheffield  
3037:16Sammy Rashid V45MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Sheffield Uni6.9 
3137:18Christopher Maris U20MRotherham49.3 
3237:19Kevin Newman V50MDoncaster4.1 
3337:21John Comrie V45MRotherham6.8 
3437:24Mike Egner V55MPenistone13.5 
3537:31David Brooksbank V50MBarnsley AC4.2 
3637:33Liam Ratcliffe SENMRugby & Northampton/Sheffield Uni49.9 
3737:38David Sedgwick SENMDoncaster1.8 
3837:50Jon Slate V40MHallamshire4.3 
3938:02David Palmer V40MSteel City19.0 
4038:08Michael Thompson V50MCity of Sheffield/Northern Masters15.9 
4138:10Steven Roebuck V35MBarnsley H12.7 
4338:35David Smith U23MRotherham14.6 
4438:38Lewis Purcell SENMDoncaster53.0 
4538:51Trevor Neville V35MSheffield RC6.6 
4638:54Richard Spooner SENMBarnsley H0.5 
4839:02Gareth Burrell U20MHalifax/Sheffield Uni5.4 
4939:05Mick Page V55MDoncaster12.5 
5039:08Tim Robinson V35MHallamshire44.4 
5139:11Andy Bond SENMDoncaster54.0 
5239:18Anthony Meenaghan U23MSheffield Hallam Uni16.9 
5339:21Sam Wardle U20MRossendale/Sheffield Uni  
5439:27James Fulcher SENMMarch2.3 
5539:27Sam Mellor SENMHallamshire/Totley7.6 
5639:40Keith Littlewood V40MBarnsley AC2.5 
5739:43Dave Ansell V50MSteel City18.0 
5839:51Martin James V35MDoncaster1.2 
5939:53Gavin Hodgson SENMAchilles/Team Manvers25.4 
6039:54Melvin Wallace V40MBarnsley AC7.6 
6140:01Ian Richardson V35MKimberworth29.5 
6240:02Louis Ashford SENMSheffield TC52.7 
6340:13Simon Hopkins V40MKimberworth8.1 
6440:13David Nuttall V50MRotherham15.0 
6540:20Jed Turner V50MSheffield RC2.9 
6640:25Graeme Siddall V50MSteel City19.3 
6740:29Martin Booth V45MPenistone30.3 
6840:36Glenn Hardy V45MCity of Sheffield8.8 
6940:40Gareth Irvine SENMHallamshire4.0 
7040:49U McNamaraSENMSouth Yorkshire Police  
7140:53Louis Wood SENMSteel City3.6 
7241:00Ian Alexander-Barnes V45MSheffield RC26.2 
7341:15Richard Chandler V35MDoncaster7.5 
7441:22Steve LowndesV50MKimberworth Striders  
7541:29Gary Baker V45MSheffield RC8.4 
7641:33Mark Higham V35MDoncaster19.5 
7741:34Nicholas Scott V45MSteel City13.6 
7841:45James Bateson SENMBarnsley AC52.8 
7941:50Richard Wright V50MDoncaster20.7 
8042:02Jason Neave SENMWombwell54.0 
8142:23Dave Allemby V55MWombwell11.9 
8242:28Les Grant V40MDoncaster47.4 
8342:30Peter Brown V50MSteel City11.7 
8442:32Gary Dean V40MPenistone/West Cheshire16.8 
8542:35Philip Martin V50MKimberworth6.7 
8642:42Adam Hopkinson SENMBarnsley AC53.6 
8742:55Ian Stinson V40MSteel City8.0 
8842:58Graham Bateson V55MBarnsley AC21.4 
8943:00Martin Wilkinson V40MDoncaster14.6 
9043:11Warren Clarke V40MTickhill R & AC12.3 
9143:18Paul Greenwood V40MKimberworth11.3 
9243:26James Smith V35MKimberworth29.5 
9343:42Mark Law V45MBarnsley AC/Penistone5.6 
9443:48Richard James Maxted SENMSteel City12.9 
9543:49Lee Archer V40MKimberworth11.2 
9643:49Craige Spencer SENMKimberworth10.7 
9743:50Kevin Thomas V55MRotherham21.5 
9843:57Andy Buck V50MSteel City7.1 
9944:03Sean Poulter V45MDoncaster12.4 
10044:06David Birch V55MSteel City21.1 
10144:15Steven Phillips V45MKimberworth7.2 
10244:19Mick Casey V60MMablethorpe8.4 
10344:20Stewart Kemp V50MHallamshire22.3 
10444:26Michael Jackson V35MKimberworth17.2 
10544:33Mark Hurrell V40MBarnsley AC10.0 
10644:36Pete Wade V50MDoncaster9.6 
10744:55Chris Horsfall V55MHandsworth14.4 
10844:56Andrew Waters V50MBarnsley AC49.5 
10945:02Kevin Goodwin SENMSheffield TC/Unattached38.6 
11045:08Ashley Middleton V40MValley Hill22.0 
11145:14David Parry V60MSteel City20.9 
11245:39David Stern V35MKimberworth25.0 
11345:44Anton Horsfall V45MHandsworth41.2 
11445:49Brian Lowndes V60MMaltby20.9 
11545:49Lee Weatherall V40MKimberworth9.9 
11645:58Pat Rooney V55MKimberworth10.2 
11746:07Richard Powell V35MSheffield TC12.0 
11846:38Jon Staniforth SENMSheffield TC21.1 
11946:47Paul Brown V60MDoncaster17.3 
12047:02Jim MonteithV40MSheffield Tri Club  
12147:29David Bennett V60MBarnsley AC54.0 
12247:40Samuel Lake SENMRother Valley Swallows24.6 
12347:48James Gallacher SENMRotherham11.1 
12447:57Richard Randle V50MDoncaster15.5 
12547:59Jak French U20MRother Valley Swallows50.3 
12647:59Matthew Whitehead T20/F20 U20MDoncaster21.5 
12748:08Nigel Kent V55MSheffield RC54.0 
12848:08Stephen Cotter V50MRotherham18.0 
12948:28Mick Dobson V60MHallamshire20.0 
13048:33David Foster V55MPenistone18.6 
13148:46David W Needham V60MPenistone/Police22.0 
13249:03Bob Innes V60MPenistone22.0 
13349:13Rob Ingle V50MSheffield TC18.3 
13449:45Glynn Rhodes SENMSheffield TC48.9 
13550:04Ian Wragg V50MPenistone24.3 
13650:13Paul Hetherington V55MValley Hill31.5 
13750:52Paul French V45MRother Valley Swallows34.5 
13851:12Tim Wade V55MKingstone15.2 
13951:26Steve Bagley V45MKimberworth54.0 
14052:34Phil Harris V50MValley Hill17.3 
14152:58Mark Kemp V35MValley Hill54.0 
14254:20Malcolm Rhodes V60MRotherham21.6 
14357:46Raymond Archer V50MBarnsley AC18.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
123:25Joseph Lancaster U17MCity of Sheffield13.5 
223:28Nicholas Myers U17MRotherham37.9 
323:35Luke Cotter U17MRotherham-4.0 
424:03Elliott Smales U17MRotherham-2.7 
524:13Bertie Houghton U17MDoncaster-1.7 
625:26Daniel Moreton U17MBarnsley AC44.4 
726:06Connor Ryan U17MRotherham30.3 
827:18Oliver Yarrow U17MRotherham  
928:17Aidan Kidder U17MRotherham40.3 
1030:51Christopher Ogden U17MRotherham54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:05Ryan Beale U15MRotherham17.8 
215:22Connor Milnes U15MPenistone-4.2 
315:31Devon Stead U15MRotherham12.0 
415:41Josh Walton U15MHallamshire16.1 
515:50Declan Neary U15MDoncaster-3.9 
615:56Joseph Hibbert U15MCity of Sheffield5.7 
716:00Callum Wilson U15MDoncaster1.8 
816:11Matthew Chaib U15MCity of Sheffield31.3 
916:28Harry Moore U15MWombwell26.2 
1016:39Sam Peters U15MHallamshire1.0 
1116:59Sam Bissett U15MDoncaster39.4 
1217:07Thomas Slater U15MHallamshire  
1317:30Elliott Tong U15MDoncaster28.7 
1419:25Thomas Slack U15MHallamshire35.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:01Alfie Manthorpe U13MCity of Sheffield-5.0 
214:30Kane Smith U13MRotherham24.2 
314:50Joe Morton U13MCity of Sheffield29.1 
415:03Jake Steade U13MHallamshire47.1 
515:57Harry Shelbourne U13MPenistone9.2 
616:10Sam Mason U13MRotherham30.1 
716:13Jack Crownshaw U13MHallamshire16.2 
817:49Morgan Bishell U13MCity of Sheffield54.0 
920:05Max Horsman U13MWombwell54.0 
1021:18Reece Horsfall U13MHallamshire27.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
15:53Kaya Walker U11MCity of Sheffield34.3 
26:01Joshua DickinsonU11MGuest  
36:15David Lewis U11MHallamshire-2.3 
46:16Joseph Law U11MDoncaster34.6 
56:20Scott Nutter U11MBarnsley AC-3.2 
66:41Tristan Gale U13MHallamshire35.8 
76:44Kieran Loombe U13MHallamshire13.7 
86:54Ryan Viggars U11MRotherham22.1 
96:56Joseph DarnellU11MGuest  
107:09Matthew Baldwin U11MDoncaster52.5 
117:12Ashley Pogmore U11MRotherham  
127:13Charlie Curtis U11MRotherham  
137:16Joseph John Martin U11MCity of Sheffield  
147:21Charlie Goacher U11MWombwell21.1 
157:32John Egner U11MPenistone6.5 
167:43Tom Fryers U11MPenistone4.5 
177:44Ben WhittakerU11MDoncaster AC  
187:51Cameron Walker U11MCity of Sheffield48.0 
198:00Samuel Godfrey U11MDoncaster43.2 
208:15Nathan Ramsay U11MCity of Sheffield20.5 
218:28Peter Sykes U13MCity of Sheffield54.0 
229:05Dan Bradbury U11MBarnsley AC48.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
130:21Stephen Tanner V65MSheffield RC16.9 
230:36Mick Cochrane V65MRotherham/Dark Peak37.6 
330:38Rod Scholes V65MBarnsley AC/Northern Masters14.7 
432:18Ken Chapman V65MKimberworth22.7 
532:40Peter Humphries V65MRotherham18.1 
632:56Terry Fox V65MHallamshire54.0 
733:40Tony O'Connor V65MDoncaster40.0 
840:25George Wragg V70MHallamshire54.0 
942:46Alan Bryden V70MRotherham53.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:16Jade Allen U23WRotherham42.0 
225:38Stephanie Burns U20WRotherham6.9 
325:46Samantha Hughes U23WRotherham/Leeds Beckett Uni4.6 
425:49Chaanah Patton V35WHallamshire12.5 
525:56Claire O'Toole SENWHallamshire19.0 
626:12Lindsy James SENWKimberworth5.1 
726:16Ruth Ross SENWHallamshire/Sheffield Hallam Uni26.0 
826:27Rachel Kane SENWSheffield RC12.9 
926:36Natasha Hatswell U20WRotherham2.5 
1026:43Fiona Davies V35WBarnsley AC4.4 
1126:44Claire Spencer SENWKimberworth9.0 
1226:59Jenny Horne SENWSheffield RC14.1 
1327:11Jayne Baldwin V45WDoncaster14.9 
1427:14Kaeti Anne MacKenzie V35WBarnsley H16.0 
1527:26Robyn Lanceley U20WRotherham/Sheffield Hallam Uni7.0 
1627:32Samantha James SENWKimberworth23.3 
1727:40Dawn Broom V45WBarnsley H9.1 
1827:43Clare Thompson SENWSheffield RC21.5 
1928:08Linda HayleyV35WSteel City Striders  
2028:31Kerry Storrar V35WBarnsley AC6.6 
2128:45Helen Pickford V35WSheffield RC16.4 
2229:00Janet Hindley V45WRotherham19.3 
2329:08Jenn Dick V35WHallamshire/Sheffield Uni/Canada28.9 
2429:39Natalie Leanne Raynor SENWRotherham47.3 
2529:46Marie Oakley U20WSheffield Hallam Uni52.0 
2629:59Bev Sutton V45WValley Hill39.3 
2730:10Tracey Middleton V40WValley Hill36.6 
2830:19Jo Bolton V45WKingstone/Kimberworth8.2 
2930:27Fay Bird V35WKimberworth54.0 
3030:32Victoria Ann Moorhead V35WSheffield TC52.3 
3130:37Laura Inglis SENWSheffield RC21.8 
3230:47Vicky FentonSENWBarnsley AC  
3331:15Gillian Freer V45WRother Valley Swallows16.5 
3431:30Philippa James V45WRotherham26.7 
3531:38Caroline Boyd V55WMaltby/Barnsley H19.3 
3631:41Adelle Booth SENWKimberworth54.0 
3731:53Jenny Gagg SENWCity of Hull54.0 
3832:07Helen Wade SENWKimberworth15.3 
3932:48Sophie Kirkton SENWSheffield TC54.0 
4032:51Carol Beattie V55WSteel City22.1 
4132:53Samantha Weatherall V40WKimberworth15.0 
4233:19Nina Hague V45WRotherham54.0 
4333:21Nicola Fox V35WBarnsley H16.5 
4433:36Alison Coldwell SENWRacing TNT/Sheffield TC18.6 
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