Ruthin Memorial Playing Fields parkrun # 55 External Results
Ruthin Memorial Playing Fields
24 Jun 23
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:50Chris Melling SBV35MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton17:3917:121.2 
219:50Iwan Evans  V45MNorth Wales RR19:1818:205.2 
319:59Ian Hewitt  V45MLiverpool Running Bugs18:5618:344.6 
420:33Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
520:34Alan Roberts V55MUnattached    
620:54Thomas Adams U18MUnattached    
720:58Chris Cain  V55MLonely Goat RC20:2420:248.7 
821:00Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
921:35Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1021:42Gareth Jones V40MUnattached    
1121:52Chris Roberts V45MUnattached    
1221:59Mark Lewis V45MUnattached    
1322:19Adam Edgerley  SENMUnattached21:1820:2910.0 
1422:44James Mistiades S30MUnattached    
1522:52Paul Ratcliffe V40MUnattached    
1623:16Bryan Beresford S25MUnattached    
1723:23Owen Hinds  U20MLiverpool Running Bugs21:5921:5911.6 
1823:33Thomas Hughes V35MUnattached    
1923:40Kieron Carr  V50MLiverpool Running Bugs23:0821:4512.9 
2023:41Beatrice Roberts U15WUnattached    
2123:48Robert Higham U20MLiverpool Running Bugs    
2224:01Kevin Dyer V65MUnattached    
2324:29Sarah Ogden V45WUnattached    
2424:36Rachel Kuypers SBV45WWidnes Wasps24:3224:0715.3 
2524:43Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2624:45Ceri Norton S30WUnattached    
2724:59Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
2825:05Wiliam Jones V35MUnattached    
2925:25Kevin Lowe V50MUnattached    
3025:28Ceri Elsbeth S25WUnattached    
3125:31Stephen Knowles PBV50MCadence Tri25:3125:3116.4 
3225:33Joel Cooper V35MUnattached    
3325:39Evie Lewis U18WUnattached    
3425:54Andrew Glen  V60MLiverpool Running Bugs24:4119:2016.8 
3525:56Bob Neale  V70MDenbigh25:4123:4917.9 
3626:15Rob Hill V60MUnattached    
3726:29Chris Edgerley  V60MUnattached25:0724:3817.4 
3826:30Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
3926:34Noah Gardiner U15MUnattached    
4026:37Roy Rawlinson V50MLiverpool Running Bugs    
4126:47Arwel Jones SBV60MPrestatyn26:4722:1519.4 
4227:00Tomos Whitty U11MUnattached    
4327:01Michael Whitty V40MUnattached    
4427:05Gwion Rees V35MUnattached    
4527:07Geoff Lloyd V60MUnattached    
4627:17Linda Bannister  V55WLiverpool Running Bugs26:1926:1919.3 
4727:31Lyn Rawlinson V50WLiverpool Running Bugs    
4827:58Alexander Kilhams S25MUnattached    
4928:06Phil Thorp  V60MLiverpool Running Bugs27:0624:5720.2 
5028:25Janine Holmes V45WUnattached    
5128:29Hany Banoub V50MUnattached    
5228:38Craig Thomas S25MUnattached    
5328:45Robert John Parry  V50MDenbigh26:5826:1222.2 
5428:50Ellen Feria  V40WLiverpool Running Bugs27:0624:3421.0 
5529:06Steve Cooke V60MUnattached    
5629:17Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
5729:18Katie Storey SBV40WLiverpool Running Bugs29:1829:1222.8 
5829:38David Hudson V35MUnattached    
5929:42Meri Roche U15WUnattached    
6029:42Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
6129:48Paul Ballinger  V65MDenbigh26:2522:5421.2 
6229:57Adrian Collins V50MVictoria Park Running Club    
6329:59Roger Harrison-Jones  V85MPrestatyn29:3226:2524.5 
6430:07Claire Lowery  V60WWarrington RC29:2225:2424.6 
6530:33Jennifer Osullivan V60WUnattached    
6630:40Linda Wibberley  V35WLiverpool Running Bugs26:5126:5120.3 
6730:52Tracey Carr  V55WLiverpool Running Bugs27:2224:5721.4 
6831:00Irene Kuh De Guzman V40WUnattached    
6931:06Ned Ratcliffe V70MUnattached    
7031:22Steve Clarke V60MVictoria Park Running Club    
7131:34Laura Haugh S30WLiverpool Running Bugs    
7231:40Teri Duffy V65MUnattached    
7331:42Jill Coleman V55WVictoria Park Running Club    
7432:00Matthew Jones U15MUnattached    
7532:18Sarah Hughes S25WUnattached    
7632:42Jack Thomas  V80MBuckley RC30:4326:1427.1 
7732:45Laura Phelan S30WLiverpool Running Bugs    
7833:00Pauline Ratcliffe V65WUnattached    
7933:17Christopher Gough V70MUnattached    
8033:37Geoff Woolfenden V70MDeeside Orienteering Club    
8133:41Simon Hedges V45MUnattached    
8233:58Nia Williams V55WUnattached    
8334:02Harri Lewis U11MUnattached    
8434:08Andrew Lewis V40MUnattached    
8534:18Rob Lowery V60MUnattached    
8634:58Jennifer Hogg S25WLiverpool Running Bugs    
8735:21Anthony Holyfield V35MUnattached    
8835:49Sam Tyler V50MUnattached    
8936:00James Smith V75MDeeside Orienteering Club    
9036:06Cheyenne Farrelly-Treanor S25WLiverpool Running Bugs    
9136:13Eirian Williams S30WUnattached    
9236:16Emily Hewitt U18WLiverpool Running Bugs    
9336:17Ruth Hewitt  V45WLiverpool Running Bugs23:4422:4015.2 
9437:49Ian Hughes V55MVictoria Park Running Club    
9537:57Edwina Jones V65WUnattached    
9638:21Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9738:33Tina Roberts SENMUnattached    
9838:53Alexandra Bannister S30WLiverpool Running Bugs    
9939:03Alison Rose V65WUnattached    
10039:32Tracy Waters V55WUnattached    
10148:53John Drennan  V65MSouth Devon43:0225:3736.2 
10249:39Poppy Leonard-Stephens  SENWLiverpool Running Bugs32:2632:2630.9 
10350:07Christine Covington V60WUnattached    
10456:27Jennie McLaren V45WUnattached    
10558:30Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10658:30Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
1071:00:10Paul Commins V55MUnattached    
1081:00:12Peter Parry V45MUnattached