Gwent Leisure Centre Road Race Series External Results
3 May 11
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTDaniel Lewis SENMFairwater/Micky Morris Racing Team0.3 
10NTSteven C Harris SENMChepstow H-0.2 
100NTGlyn Hicks V60MIslwyn21.7 
101NTChris Rees V45MChepstow H16.0 
102NTAllan McCall V40MChepstow H53.3 
103NTJeanette Jenkins V50WFairwater16.4 
104NTAndrew Taylor V50MCaerleon27.3 
105NTGenevieve Thueux SENWGriffithstown54.0 
106NTElizabeth Patricia Stokes V35WGriffithstown15.7 
107NTMark Sutton V45MGriffithstown30.4 
108NTBernie Monk V65MParc Bryn Bach33.2 
109NTDave Andrews V60MChepstow H18.9 
11NTAlun Williams V45MFairwater24.8 
110NTIan Price V40MCaerleon37.2 
111NTNicola Price V35WCaerleon54.0 
112NTDick Finch V65MChepstow H28.0 
113NTRobert J.h. Brown V60MChepstow H46.6 
114NTStella Symons V45WFairwater24.2 
115NTTony Kear V40MCaerleon26.3 
116NTHelen Thomas V45WCaerleon35.0 
117NTClive Carter V55MLliswerry24.6 
118NTAmy Rackham SENWNewport H/Caerleon54.0 
119NTRobert Summers V45MChepstow H54.0 
12NTGethin Parham V35MParc Bryn Bach49.3 
120NTAN Other      
121NTRebecca Poole SENWFairwater21.2 
122NTBryn Burgess V50MLliswerry22.8 
123NTNick Davies V40MChepstow H53.5 
124NTLeonie Roberts SENWGriffithstown8.6 
125NTHoward Martin Attwood V60MLliswerry19.0 
126NTPhilip Hyatt V50MCaerleon14.8 
127NTMargrett Monk V60WParc Bryn Bach30.7 
128NTKim Howell V50WCaerleon52.9 
129NTColeen Birch V35WIslwyn39.6 
13NTSteve Davies V50MGriffithstown/Pont-Y-Pwl5.2 
130NTChloe Maxwell SENWIslwyn54.0 
131NTClive Cooksey V65MParc Bryn Bach37.8 
132NTBecca WernerV45WChepstow  
133NTBecky Comins V40WChepstow H  
134NTGraham Loveluck EdwardsV40MChepstow  
135NTDavid J Bassett V60MGriffithstown40.7 
136NTAlison Sheedy V45WLliswerry16.2 
137NTStephanie DaviesSENWIslwyn  
138NTRoberta I Havers SENWChepstow H25.2 
139NTAndy Creber V50MChepstow H12.3 
14NTGrant Lewis SENMFairwater9.3 
140NTKelly Waite SENWIslwyn20.9 
141NTGeorgina BrownSENWChepstow  
142NTJohn C Fry V65MFairwater38.1 
143NTYvonne Forsey V50WLliswerry31.5 
144NTLucy Heath SENWLliswerry39.6 
145NTEloise Rossiter SENWLliswerry54.0 
146NTSydney Wheeler V70MChepstow H35.9 
147NTAlexandra Leadley SENWLliswerry27.6 
148NTBecca LaneV35WChepstow  
149NTJacqueline Webb V45WChepstow H23.2 
15NTAdrian Woods V50MGriffithstown/Mynydd Du22.6 
150NTElizabeth Parker V35WLliswerry32.8 
151NTHelen Clancy V40WChepstow H26.6 
152NTAndrew Bray V50MChepstow H19.2 
153NTKathleen Jervis V50WParc Bryn Bach26.1 
154NTSarah GrahamSENWGriffithstown  
155NTGwyneth Howells V60WCaerleon30.2 
156NTWendy Rees V45WGriffithstown29.4 
157NTClaire Sutton V40WGriffithstown43.7 
158NTLyndon Sutton V60MIslwyn28.8 
159NTGareth John Jenkins V45MChepstow H54.0 
16NTJames Blore U23MChepstow H1.7 
160NTBarbara Graham V55WGriffithstown38.7 
161NTGail Bassett V60WGriffithstown46.1 
162NTDeb Wood V35WLliswerry38.9 
163NTKelly FrySENWGriffithstown  
164NTRos Burgess V45WLliswerry30.8 
165NTJulia Davies V50WLliswerry30.6 
166NTHelen ReynoldsV45WGriffithstown  
17NTSimon Lewis V45MParc Bryn Bach13.4 
18NTGerard Gormley V40MGriffithstown8.1 
19NTAndrew M Dawe V45MLliswerry7.8 
2NTStefan Simms V40MGriffithstown4.6 
20NTMark Saunders V50MMDC/Islwyn16.3 
21NTMike Dury SENMIslwyn28.3 
22NTPhilip John Williams SENMIslwyn5.2 
23NTRichard Johnstone SENMIslwyn  
24NTSteve Harrhy V45MLliswerry32.9 
25NTMatthew Lawson V40MChepstow H8.4 
26NTStephen Caldwell V35MChepstow H10.8 
27NTJim Richards SENMFairwater  
28NTRichard John Lloyd SENMFairwater8.0 
29NTJane Horler V40WChepstow H11.0 
3NTLeighton Rawlinson SENMCaerleon0.1 
30NTDavid Somersall V40MChepstow H11.8 
31NTPaul Lidgett V40MChepstow H14.5 
32NTKeith James V35MLliswerry12.0 
33NTHoward Charles Mason V45MCaerleon25.1 
34NTLuke Malarz SENMChepstow H54.0 
35NTMartin Chammings SENMParc Bryn Bach20.3 
36NTPeter J Thomas V50MCaerleon15.0 
37NTNicholas Walsh V35MGriffithstown7.7 
38NTJon Sliczny SENMGriffithstown20.5 
39NTPeter Hutton V50MChepstow H16.3 
4NTSean Taylor SENMGriffithstown0.5 
40NTSimon James V40MParc Bryn Bach54.0 
41NTJohn WilliamsV40MFairwater  
42NTMatt Creed SENMLliswerry/Chepstow H12.2 
43NTCaroline Morton V40WParc Bryn Bach54.0 
44NTAndrew Blackmore V40MChepstow H54.0 
45NTStephen N Pemberton SENMLliswerry6.5 
46NTRoger Mills V35MFairwater18.1 
47NTChristopher Jones V50MLliswerry9.3 
48NTPeter Edwards U23MFairwater7.8 
49NTAdam Fletcher U23MIslwyn36.6 
5NTStephen Thomas V40MIslwyn14.6 
50NTKim Wehden V45MIslwyn7.6 
51NTMark Fry V45MFairwater17.1 
52NTAndrew Spencer V45MFairwater10.9 
53NTLou Summers V40WChepstow H6.4 
54NTNigel Lawrence V40MParc Bryn Bach46.6 
55NTEdwin Green V40MChepstow H51.5 
56NTDavid Smout V60MParc Bryn Bach23.0 
57NTRobert John Davies V35MIslwyn6.7 
58NTMichael John Anthony V50MLliswerry42.6 
59NTVanessa Lawson V35WChepstow H10.4 
6NTDaryll Barnby SENMFairwater12.3 
60NTRichard Thomas U23MFairwater54.0 
61NTIvan Teed SENMChepstow H15.8 
62NTThomas Guy V35MGriffithstown16.4 
63NTRussell Dobbs V35MIslwyn13.6 
64NTNeil Grant V55MChepstow H12.8 
65NTPaul Day V60MLliswerry16.3 
66NTGrahame Viner V50MCaerleon16.8 
67NTMike Evans V55MForest of Dean AC/Chepstow H14.3 
68NTJohnathan Davies V40MIslwyn54.0 
69NTLeo Cohen V35MChepstow H16.9 
7NTHaydn Hartnell V45MIslwyn7.2 
70NTPeter Rodger V50MGriffithstown6.5 
71NTJustin Pocknell V40MCaerleon14.7 
72NTChristopher Mattews V45MLliswerry  
73NTPeter Welbirg V55MGriffithstown13.8 
74NTCorie WatkinsSENMIslwyn  
75NTRichard M Bowie V45MFairwater20.8 
76NTIan Wade V50MChepstow H/Unattached17.4 
77NTSteve Matthews V45MGriffithstown26.6 
78NTMike David WilliamsSENMFairwater  
79NTAnne Harris V40WParc Bryn Bach/Pont-Y-Pwl26.8 
8NTMark Jennings V35MFairwater-0.9 
80NTBarry Morgan V35MLliswerry54.0 
81NTChristopher Lloyd SENMIslwyn9.6 
82NTPaul Anstice V50MFairwater54.0 
83NTGerry Ashton V55MChepstow H16.1 
84NTRhian Jinny-Jones U23WGriffithstown14.7 
85NTJan Morris V40WChepstow H11.9 
86NTPaul Dursley V55MLliswerry21.0 
87NTTerry Lewis V50MIslwyn22.3 
88NTSteven Horler V40MChepstow H54.0 
89NTJacky Miles V55WParc Bryn Bach19.5 
9NTPaul Murrin V35MChepstow H1.9 
90NTSue Ashton V55WChepstow H25.2 
91NTPeter Roberts V50MGriffithstown25.2 
92NTPeta Daniels V40WLliswerry19.9 
93NTGarry Woods V45MFairwater26.1 
94NTChris Davies V50MLliswerry13.9 
95NTCeri Cassidy SENWParc Bryn Bach54.0 
96NTKevin McEntee V50MChepstow H11.9 
97NTJulie Roche V40WFairwater14.6 
98NTBrenda Avery V60WChepstow H18.0 
99NTEsther Barrett V35WChepstow H29.5