New Year's Day Full Course External Results
Rocque Balan
1 Jan 23
4.75MXC 2.8MXC 

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
128:29Mark Jeffreys SENMHoniton RC/Guernsey1.8 
228:58Andrew Zabiela V35MGuernsey2.0 
330:12James Travers SENMGuernsey5.8 
430:13Danny Legg V35MGuernsey5.0 
530:31Graham Merfield V60MGuernsey3.5 
630:56Ben Foote V35MGuernsey6.4 
731:22Tom Shaw V35MGuernsey9.8 
831:28Lee Smith V35MGuernsey5.8 
931:30James De Garis V40MGuernsey4.4 
1031:51Joe Le Page SENMGuernsey6.7 
1131:59Mikey Ingrouille U23MGuernsey/Bath Uni2.1 
1232:44Samuel Goddard U23MGuernsey5.6 
1332:55Daniel Brehaut V40MGuernsey11.3 
1433:04Adrian Lihou V50MGuernsey10.1 
1533:08Rosie Williams SENWGuernsey6.6 
1633:10Tom O'Neil SENMGuernsey7.7 
1734:06Matt Brawn V45MGuernsey20.7 
1834:08Gareth CorbettV45MGuernsey  
1934:27Jon Holt V45MGuernsey17.6 
2035:39Robert King V35MGuernsey13.2 
2135:41Mark Naftel V50MGuernsey14.0 
2235:42Andrew Ozanne V45MGuernsey14.4 
2335:46Kate Bain U20WGuernsey2.6 
2435:57Edward Lucas U17MGuernsey17.1 
2535:59Darren Holden SENMGuernsey20.4 
2636:07Ben O'Brien V35MGuernsey18.2 
2736:11Rob Grierson V35MGuernsey9.4 
2836:36Steven Marquis V40MGuernsey9.7 
2936:43Iain Bailey V40MGuernsey25.0 
3037:14Philip Hugo V50MGuernsey20.6 
3137:31Warren Mauger V45MGuernsey14.2 
3237:44Andrew Le Poidevin V35MGuernsey9.3 
3338:11Pip Bain V45WGuernsey15.4 
3438:16Mel Nicolle V35WGuernsey11.6 
3438:16Donal Kennedy V50MGuernsey18.7 
3638:21Chris TraversV60MGuernsey  
3738:32Joseph Truelove V50MGuernsey9.6 
3838:54Tony King V50MGuernsey17.0 
3939:12Markus West V50MGuernsey23.9 
4039:22Gary Luxton V55MGuernsey24.0 
4139:25Christopher O'Neill V65MGuernsey10.6 
4239:27Sarah Wright V45WGuernsey24.7 
4339:33Nick BoughayV45MGuernsey  
4440:08Cynthia Munemo V40WGuernsey13.3 
4540:18Helene Herve V35WGuernsey22.8 
4640:47Mike Brehaut V50MUnattached21.9 
4740:48Gareth Ashmead V60MYeovil Town21.2 
4840:57Paul Domaille V55MGuernsey22.4 
4941:00Alison Gavey V50WGuernsey16.3 
5041:39Carolyn Le Cocq V40WBest Athletics22.1 
5141:51Alec Bain V50MGuernsey27.6 
5242:19Jez Le Tissier V55MGuernsey27.2 
5342:20Michelle SlinnV45WGuernsey  
5442:25Desmond Gorman V50MGuernsey19.4 
5542:51Dave Watson V50MGuernsey25.9 
5643:01Yen Sek V50WGuernsey24.1 
5743:32Amanda Crowther-MarteV50WGuernsey  
5843:42Zoe Marquis V40WGuernsey25.4 
5943:47Sean Davidson V50MGuernsey30.5 
6043:52Gregory Josey V50MGuernsey/Unattached15.7 
6144:02Natalie Wrigley SENWGuernsey30.5 
6245:53Jayne Golborne V50WGuernsey29.5 
6346:28Harriet Gowan V40WGuernsey27.6 
6446:50Rosie Broughton SENWGuernsey27.4 
6548:18Antony Veillard V50MGuernsey28.7 
6648:20Andy Linehan V60MGuernsey25.9 
6749:09Lisa Evans V50WGuernsey23.8 
6850:22Sam Ingrouille V55WGuernsey23.4 
6951:00Darren KeungV50MGuernsey  
7051:07Nikki Koyupinar V55WGuernsey30.0 
7151:44Trevor Jefferies V75MGuernsey28.1 
7251:53Timothy RobinsV45MGuernsey  
7354:23Helen Gains V45WGuernsey34.5 
2.8MXC U15
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:46James Stafford-Bell U13MGuernsey3.8 
217:50Tom Holt U13MGuernsey7.2 
317:51Max Stafford-Bell U13MGuernsey5.8 
418:07Thomas Merrien U15MGuernsey7.5 
518:10Max Roger U13MGuernsey6.6 
618:17Alfie Roger U13MGuernsey8.7 
718:22Thomas Gavey U17MGuernsey4.1 
818:40Orla Montgomery U13WGuernsey8.5 
918:53Edward Robinson U15MGuernsey16.0 
1019:22Lara Veillard U15WGuernsey10.0 
1120:15Will SlinnU15MGuernsey  
1220:26Indi Warren U13WGuernsey11.0