Lincolnshire League External Results
4 Dec 22
5.1KXC 4.2KXC 3.2KXC 1.8KXC 7KXC 

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
119:28Daniel Backhouse U17MLincoln Wellington0.9 
219:56Trish JackmanSENWLincoln & District Runners  
322:18Paula Downing V55WMablethorpe6.4 
422:31Fiona Usher V60WLincoln & District8.5 
522:56Sarah Dowling V50WSkegness & District/Bellahouston RR11.8 
623:35Rebecca Hodgson V40WCleethorpes10.0 
723:47Rowena BurgessV35WLouth Tri Club  
823:52Beth Harris V35WLincoln & District12.8 
924:02Katie Ball SENWBoston Tri/Unattached12.1 
1024:45Rebecca Kelly SENWLincoln & District14.3 
1124:50Meredith Donaldson SENWCaistor RC/United States9.2 
1225:37Ruth Treharne V40WSleaford13.4 
1325:54Emma Penson V40WBoston18.2 
1425:58Clare Hunter V40WLincoln & District17.1 
1526:18Keely McNiffeSENWBoston Tri Club  
1627:07Kate Simons V45WLouth Tri19.9 
1727:24Sarah High V60WGrantham RC17.0 
1828:01Bethanie Addington SENWSleaford23.5 
1928:14Sarah ChadwickSENWCaistor Running Club  
2029:11Paula Ebbins V50WGrantham RC17.7 
2129:18Marie Thorpe V50WSleaford21.8 
2229:45Janet Cawley V55WLincoln Wellington23.6 
2329:50Emma IsleV35WCaistor Running Club  
2430:20Ros Jackson V60WLouth25.1 
2530:55Jane ClementsV35WBoston Tri Club  
2631:36Emma AbbottV35WLincoln & Wellington AC  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:44William Harris U15MPeterborough & Nene Valley4.2 
115:44Ella Rose WorthingtonU15WLincoln & Wellington AC  
316:43Isla Porter U15WLincoln Wellington3.0 
417:23Jessica Guy U17WLincoln Wellington9.3 
517:31Matilda Carrotte U15WCleethorpes8.5 
618:10Evie Hemmings U15WPeterborough & Nene Valley9.7 
718:53Joseph Thorpe U15MSleaford10.8 
819:01Alex Holt U15MGrantham AC19.1 
919:16Evie Cummings U15WGrantham AC15.4 
1019:21Patrick McNallyU15MB&D  
1119:47Cayden Ely U15MCleethorpes7.9 
1221:16Hannah Mather U17WLincoln Wellington12.5 
1322:32Poppy Liddell U17WLincoln Wellington19.1 
1423:23Florence LangonU15WLouth AC  
1523:35Elena PepperdineU15WBostonTri  
3.2KXC U13
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:15Peter O'Connor U13MLincoln Wellington10.1 
212:24Austin Cotton U13MSleaford6.2 
312:26Daniel Henry U13MLincoln Wellington9.4 
412:47Harrison Nolan U13MLincoln Wellington10.5 
412:47Florence Lilly U13WLincoln Wellington6.0 
613:28Oliver Liddell U13MLincoln Wellington11.0 
713:30Ethan Hunter U13MLincoln Wellington8.7 
813:33Harriet Jackson U13WWreake & Soar Valley6.6 
913:58Kaitlyn Swann U13WCleethorpes8.5 
1014:05Izzy Hurn U13WPeterborough & Nene Valley7.5 
1114:11Annabel Norris U13WLincoln Wellington7.6 
1215:14Emily Douce U13WPeterborough & Nene Valley11.1 
1315:18Tayla-Paige Arthur U13WCleethorpes14.1 
1415:45Maddielynn Lilly Rose Smith U13WCleethorpes19.4 
1516:35Kirsten Richardson U13WBoston13.3 
1617:45Damian McNally U13MBoston29.0 
1.8KXC U11
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
17:11Charlie Johnson U11MLincoln Wellington6.1 
27:21Holly Norris U11WLincoln Wellington7.7 
37:26Eva Goulsbra U11WLincoln Wellington8.5 
47:30Jenson Middleton U11MSleaford16.0 
57:33Owen Treharne U11MSleaford9.0 
68:08Molly Porter U11WLincoln Wellington16.8 
78:13Faye Goulsbra U11WLincoln Wellington9.2 
88:20Carys Yeoman U11WCleethorpes17.5 
98:34Rosie Ladds U11WBoston Tri18.9 
108:48William Borthwick U11MLouth21.0 
118:50Pippa JacksonU11WGrantham AC  
129:03Isobel ThorpeU11WSleaford Striders  
139:09Amber Hallsworth U11WLincoln Wellington12.6 
1410:12Tabitha Cotton U11WSleaford26.5 
1510:56Ella-Rose Hunter U11WLincoln Wellington22.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:06Leigh Marshall V40MNewark AC-0.5 
225:10Adam Dalton V35MCleethorpes-0.7 
325:23Callum Ely SENMCleethorpes/Unattached-0.7 
426:27Ryan Page SENMLincoln Wellington-3.0 
527:06Tom Hansen V35MLincoln & District1.6 
627:34Tom Bell SENMCaistor RC3.0 
727:50Jack Chapman SENMLincoln & District3.5 
828:03Ollie LammimanSENMBoston & District AC  
928:17Samuel Spencer V50MLincoln & District1.6 
1028:42Olli Tiainen V40MBoston8.4 
1128:50Raymond Clayton V45MLincoln Wellington2.6 
1228:59Martin Waite V55MWitham (Lincs)5.0 
1329:06Alan Wheeler V45MBoston Tri4.9 
1429:11Adam Bevan SENMBoston Tri6.0 
1529:18Peter Bonner V45MGrantham RC4.0 
1629:23Craig Lowis V45MLincoln & District4.6 
1729:33Leigh MacDonald V35MLincoln Wellington2.4 
1829:41Gav Ellis V40MLincoln Wellington3.6 
1929:49John HarrisonV35MSleaford Striders  
2029:53Jason Oxby V50MLouth7.8 
2129:59Barry Douce V40MBoston Tri7.2 
2230:03Steve SmithSENMLouth Tri Club  
2330:13Martyn Gammidge V50MCaistor RC7.9 
2430:26Robert Crump V45MCaistor RC6.6 
2530:30Edward Crawford V40MSkegness & District10.2 
2630:33Steven Roberts V55MBoston Tri4.5 
2730:52Simon Greenfield V45MLouth9.9 
2831:00Paul Snowden V50MLouth6.7 
2931:09Lukas Kuranda SENMLincoln & District5.2 
3031:12James Roark SENMBoston6.9 
3131:14Nick PryceV35MLincoln Lakeside  
3231:19Kevin Wallis V60MLouth10.0 
3331:23Kelvin Clements V45MBoston Tri8.1 
3431:27Luke Saunders U20MBoston5.2 
3531:45Ashley Brown V40MSkegness & District12.4 
3631:48Robin Atter V40MGrantham RC6.7 
3731:56David Burton V55MSleaford10.3 
3832:06Neil Coney V55MLincoln Wellington8.0 
3932:24Peter Wass V55MLincoln Wellington7.7 
4032:59Dave Wainwright V55MCaistor RC6.8 
4133:08Tim Butler V50MLincoln & District7.7 
4233:17Tony HernonV35MSleaford Striders  
4333:36Peter Jennings V55MGrantham RC13.4 
4434:47Phil Galpin V55MBourne16.0 
4535:46Paul Davis V50MGrantham RC11.6 
4636:00Melvin Ward V65MLincoln Wellington14.5 
4736:47Andrew MacAllister V60MGrantham RC15.5 
4836:55Philip Jackson V60MLouth17.3 
4937:30Paul Jepson V65MGrantham RC15.0 
5038:09Richard Urquhart V55MGrantham RC17.0 
5138:45Vince Mcniffe V55MSleaford19.8 
5239:34Eddie EnwrightV35MLouth AC  
5345:51Jeff Hall V55MLincoln Wellington17.0