Wavertree Mystery 5K Series External Results
8 Sep 11
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:00   Ian Lawton PBSENMLiverpool H16:0014:551.2 
216:06   Jack Christie PBU17MLiverpool H16:0616:0636.0 
316:22   James McNally PBSENMPenny Lane16:2214:554.7 
416:23   Martin Swensson  V35MPenny Lane16:1815:29-1.5 
516:36   Ian Wetherall SBV40MSale Harriers Manchester/Police/West Cheshire16:3615:054.8 
617:02   Bryan Renton PBSENMUnattached17:0216:5532.6 
717:22   Gary Bergin PBV40MWarrington AC17:2217:2230.0 
817:37   Anthony Wilcox SBV45MLiverpool RC17:3717:1820.2 
917:41   Kieran Birrell PBSENMPenny Lane17:4117:419.0 
1017:43   Callum Grant  U17MLiverpool H17:2015:596.6 
1117:51   Mark Davies  SENMSt. Helens Sutton/West Cheshire17:4716:591.7 
1217:57   Owen Jones PBSENMPenny Lane17:5717:5736.0 
1317:58   Steve McLean  V50MSouthport Waterloo17:4717:408.4 
1418:02   Luke Parker PBSENMPenny Lane18:0216:3127.9 
1518:05   Steve Lewis PBV35MSouthport Waterloo18:0518:0510.4 
1618:07   Chris Manning  U17MLiverpool H17:5417:5434.4 
1718:12   Stephen Laker  V35MWirral17:0816:389.2 
1818:21   Paul Schumann  V45MRoby Runners17:5017:294.4 
1918:35   Nigel Grant  V45MPenny Lane18:1616:425.3 
2018:43   John Perry SENMMersey Tri    
2118:49   Lee Steele  V35MPenny Lane18:3218:0016.1 
2218:51   David Quinn PBV35MLiverpool H18:5118:4212.2 
2318:54   Jon Gibbons SENMMersey Tri    
2418:58   Simon Birtles SBV45MMossley Hill/Civil Service18:5818:1511.4 
2519:04   Matthew Nelson SBV50MSouthport Waterloo19:0418:3616.1 
2619:07   Charlotte Wilson-Dewhurst  U23WLiverpool H18:5918:236.1 
2719:08   Tom Peacock PBV40MSouthport Waterloo19:0819:0836.0 
2819:11   Ian Russell PBV45MPenny Lane19:1119:1110.6 
2919:18   Andrew Keeley  V45MPenny Lane19:0818:446.2 
3019:23   Martin Hirrell PBV45MPenny Lane19:2319:1510.1 
3119:27   Derek Ashcroft  V55MPenny Lane18:2918:2936.0 
3219:29   Mark Liptrot PBV45MSt. Helens Sutton19:2919:293.8 
3319:31   Paul Cliff V40MUnattached    
3419:36   Robbie Collins PBSENMPenny Lane/Mersey Tri19:3616:525.6 
3519:44   Stephen McNicholas  V45MPenny Lane17:2117:215.9 
3619:46   Mal Gordon PBSENMPenny Lane19:4619:147.0 
3719:50   Steve Pemberton  V55MPenny Lane19:3818:4710.5 
3819:59   Steven Maguire PBV35MPenny Lane19:5918:2315.6 
3919:59   Tracey Allan  SENWSouthport Waterloo19:4218:556.6 
4020:06   Gary Roberts  SENMPenny Lane20:0320:0334.6 
4120:07   Joseph Smith V55MUnattached    
4220:09   Zoe Tarrach PBSENWUnattached20:0920:0933.1 
4320:10   Tim Fletcher  SENMPenny Lane18:0217:526.2 
4420:14   Mark Sullivan PBU23MPenny Lane20:1420:1436.0 
4520:26   Craig Northover PBV40MLiverpool H20:2620:2624.0 
4620:30   Paul Brady PBV40MPenny Lane20:3020:139.8 
4720:31   Robert-jon Cooper  SENMLiverpool RC19:5219:529.7 
4820:33   Andrew Conway V45MUnattached    
4920:33   Patrick Carroll SENMLiverpool Harriers & AC    
5020:42   Andrew Delaney PBSENMPenny Lane20:4220:4236.0 
5120:46   Andrew Leslie PBSENMPenny Lane20:4618:173.9 
5220:47   Emma Lawton PBSENWPenny Lane20:4720:4735.1 
5320:50   Marc Vincent PBSENMPenny Lane20:5020:5023.5 
5421:02   Colin Dobbs  V35MPenny Lane20:2817:566.0 
5521:03   Liam Hussey SENMPenny Lane Striders    
5621:08   Sue Cooper  V55WSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters20:3219:1716.6 
5721:09   Timothy Warn  V60MPenny Lane20:4020:3436.0 
5821:11   Anthony Bleasdale PBV55MNorthern Masters21:1121:1136.0 
5921:38   John Jensen PBSENMPenny Lane21:3819:268.6 
6021:39   Natalie Penniston PBSENWPenny Lane21:3921:3934.0 
6121:51   Richard Houston SENMUnattached    
6221:58   David Foulkes V45MUnattached    
6322:09   Jane Eardley  SENWPenny Lane21:5321:4835.9 
6422:12   Graham Hussey PBV45MPenny Lane22:1221:2118.3 
6522:13   Mike Roxburgh PBV40MPenny Lane22:1321:1833.5 
6622:14   Emma Kearney PBV35WPenny Lane22:1421:2724.0 
6722:19   Andrew Stansfield  V45MPenny Lane20:3520:3536.0 
6822:23   Lisa Davidson PBV40WUnattached22:2322:2330.3 
6922:32   Sue O'Brien  V50WWidnes Wasps22:2721:0933.8 
7022:35   Kevin Flanagan SENMPenny Lane Striders    
7122:38   Tony Green  V50MLiverpool H22:3721:3212.4 
7222:43   Andrew Webster V45MRoby Runners    
7322:45   Keith Boyle PBV35MPenny Lane22:4522:4524.6 
7422:55   Katie Lavin SENWUnattached    
7522:56   Rachel Shepherd PBU17WLiverpool RC22:5622:5634.3 
7623:19   Shaun McGrath PBU17MPenny Lane23:1919:518.8 
7723:20   John Allen SENMUnattached    
7823:21   Eamonn Brady  V40MPenny Lane22:0620:2621.9 
7923:30   Chris Whelton PBV40MPenny Lane23:3023:3036.0 
8023:36   Gary Friday PBV40MPenny Lane23:3623:3622.5 
8123:43   Susan Burke PBV45WLiverpool RC23:4323:4318.2 
8223:58   John Topping V45MUnattached    
8324:04   Michael Reid SENMUnattached    
8424:11   Karen Dalby  V45WLiverpool H23:2822:4120.7 
8524:13   Peter Morgan SBV55MNorthern Masters24:1321:5814.5 
8624:14   Stan Erlam  V70MSt. Helens Sutton23:3020:2436.0 
8724:17   Holly Suckling SBSENWPenny Lane24:1723:1836.0 
8824:27   Mark Goulding SENMUnattached    
8924:56   David Mangan SBV55MPenny Lane24:5624:3022.0 
9025:06   Cathy Nevin  V55WPenny Lane25:0422:0926.7 
9125:21   Tony Hewitson PBV65MPenny Lane25:2125:2136.0 
9226:27   Christina Carson  V55WPenny Lane25:5225:5236.0 
9327:03   Anne Morrison V45WUnattached    
9427:45   Alan Clarey  V55MMossley Hill23:5123:4530.4 
9528:28   Kevin O'Brien PBV70MPenny Lane28:2828:2834.3 
9628:51   John Kenwright V40MUnattached    
9730:17   Ronald Thornton V70MUnattached