Surrey Men's League Division 2 External Results
15 Oct 22
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
128:49Duncan Woolmer V40MWalton/Veterans-1.2 
228:56Craig Jarman SENMWalton-1.0 
329:06Rui Yong Soh SENMHighgate/Clapham Chasers/Singapore-0.2 
429:14Matt Dickinson SENMClapham Chasers-2.9 
529:25Charlie Wyllie SENMKent Uni-4.5 
629:38Richard Lilley SENMClapham Chasers-1.1 
729:46Tom Mackay SENMFulham-1.5 
829:55Oscar Curry U20MReigate Priory-1.6 
930:20Steve Winder V50MEpsom & Ewell-0.9 
1030:28Alex Gurteen SENMEpsom & Ewell-1.2 
1130:29Daniel Evans SENMDorking & Mole Valley1.7 
1230:31Francis Dunham V40MReigate Priory2.2 
1330:31Daniel Wolff T20/F20 SENMEpsom & Ewell-2.3 
1430:35Mark Leyshon V40MRanelagh-0.1 
1530:38Tim Jenns V45MStragglers-1.1 
1631:04Henry Smith U20MEpsom & Ewell0.2 
1731:07Harald Thorstein V40MWimbledon Windmilers/Norway2.3 
1831:16Neil Henderson V45MEpsom & Ewell0.3 
1931:19Bruce Harrold V45MDorking & Mole Valley/Holland Sports AC1.0 
2031:26Ted Mockett V40MRanelagh/St. Mary's Richmond0.7 
2131:31Ryan Harris V45MReigate Priory3.7 
2231:31Julien Tadeusz SENMClapham Chasers1.6 
2331:33David Lawley V40MRanelagh0.3 
2431:33Scott Singleton SENMStragglers-0.4 
2531:34Rory Smith SENMClapham Chasers2.6 
2631:37Alex Vanstone SENMFulham0.8 
2731:38David Sharman V35MWimbledon Windmilers1.6 
2831:43Richard Bull SENMClapham Chasers-0.7 
2931:47Tim Carnell SENMDorking & Mole Valley2.2 
3031:49Ross Macdonald SENMRanelagh/North Devon RR-0.1 
3131:50Jim Lurkins SENMStragglers-0.8 
3231:53Daniel Lane SENMClapham Chasers4.0 
3331:56Thomas Ziegel SENMSt. Mary's Richmond/Stragglers-0.2 
3432:01Josh Reed SENMRanelagh4.0 
3532:02Christoph Neumayer V35MClapham Chasers/Austria3.3 
3632:03Rick Coles V50MReigate Priory4.0 
3732:06Thomas Lahille SENMRanelagh5.2 
3832:07Graham Bell V35MWimbledon Windmilers1.6 
3932:10Stephen Bass V45MReigate Priory3.2 
4032:12Mark Herbert V45MRanelagh1.3 
4132:12David Ready SENMRanelagh0.9 
4232:18Pete Gregorowski V45MStragglers-0.1 
4332:26Henry Fagan U20MRanelagh0.7 
4432:26Carl Assmundson SENMRanelagh/Sweden1.1 
4532:26Neil Fenwick V40MReigate Priory2.2 
4632:27Martin Bell SENMClapham Chasers-0.5 
4732:32Nick Hodges V45MDorking & Mole Valley5.7 
4832:33James Hughes V35MWimbledon Windmilers1.3 
4932:33Chris Ryans V40MEpsom & Ewell-0.2 
5032:38Chris Lepine V50MRanelagh4.4 
5132:41Stephen McLeod SENMFulham/Ireland4.1 
5232:52James Wilson V45MEpsom & Ewell1.1 
5332:56Tom Cameron SENMRanelagh3.0 
5432:59Mitchell Wilks SENMClapham Chasers6.9 
5533:00Conner Wickens SENMReigate Priory7.7 
5633:02Jonathan Smith V35MRanelagh-0.3 
5733:09Edward Forbes V40MRanelagh3.6 
5833:12Lawrence Lees-Baker SENMClapham Chasers/Bath Uni9.7 
5933:14Andrew Reeves V50MSerpentine/Reigate Priory2.7 
6033:18Stuart Rawlinson V40MClapham Chasers/South Africa2.7 
6133:20Bryan Wilkins V40MWimbledon Windmilers1.5 
6233:21Simon Wright SENMWimbledon Windmilers2.2 
6333:22Sam Walker SENMWimbledon Windmilers2.2 
6433:23Ben Stanton SENMReigate Priory/Birmingham Uni3.1 
6533:27Jon Bruce SENMWimbledon Windmilers2.2 
6633:30Graham Sutherland V45MClapham Chasers2.7 
6733:31Donovan Duffy V45MStragglers3.2 
6833:33Ian Riley V35MStragglers1.4 
6933:36Matt King SENMFulham8.0 
7033:41Sam Edwards SENMClapham Chasers2.2 
7133:42Robert A Smith V35MWalton1.2 
7233:46Matthew Haughton SENMWimbledon Windmilers5.0 
7333:53Jamie McLoughlin V45MWalton/Veterans2.3 
7433:56Callum Mason SENMFulham0.4 
7533:57Tim Taylor V35MDorking & Mole Valley7.1 
7634:00Lee Savage V40MReigate Priory2.0 
7734:05George Beck SENMStragglers7.5 
7834:06Dennis Earl V50MDorking & Mole Valley5.2 
7934:09Alastair Hall V35MStragglers4.3 
8034:12Simon Smythe V50MReigate Priory4.2 
8134:16Henry Munro V35MReigate Priory3.6 
8234:19Chris Reeh V45MDorking & Mole Valley4.2 
8334:21Paul Bowden V40MStragglers4.4 
8434:23Chris Ness V50MWalton/Veterans3.4 
8534:26Richard Baggott V35MStragglers4.1 
8634:26Tom Owen SENMClapham Chasers5.4 
8734:30Matthew Cantwell V50MEpsom & Ewell1.5 
8834:30Fergus Ingledew SENMClapham Chasers5.0 
8934:32Ben Brading SENMDorking & Mole Valley6.3 
9034:35Jonathan Hiorns V35MNotts/Walton-2.4 
9134:40Shaun Griffith SENMRanelagh3.5 
9234:45Rory Freeman SENMFulham8.3 
9334:48Jonty Bennett SENMFulham5.3 
9434:50Richard Friar V40MReigate Priory5.4 
9534:53David Hooton SENMClapham Chasers3.7 
9635:11Tim Pearson V35MReigate Priory5.2 
9735:14James Constable V45MWimbledon Windmilers3.7 
9835:19Piers Mulroney SENMFulham/Ireland6.9 
9935:32Matt Barclay SENMClapham Chasers4.9 
10035:37Ben Cameron V40MFulham/New Zealand6.2 
10135:44Steven Insua-Cao V35MDorking & Mole Valley6.6 
10235:50Michael Reid SENMWimbledon Windmilers7.6 
10336:04James Francis SENMWimbledon Windmilers11.0 
10436:07Max Smithson SENMReigate Priory5.0 
10536:08Sam Robinson SENMClapham Chasers5.9 
10636:08Alex Green V35MReigate Priory11.0 
10736:14Michael Everard V45MRanelagh6.9 
10836:19Lawrence Bate V50MDorking & Mole Valley6.7 
10936:40Simon Bean V60MEpsom & Ewell/Southern Counties Vets5.4 
11036:47Wai Hok Fong V45MWalton5.9 
11136:51Mike Thomas V50MRanelagh6.0 
11236:54Andrew Bovell SENMFulham9.1 
11337:01Andrew Hoseason V45MStragglers9.2 
11437:03Philip Reeves V45MWimbledon Windmilers7.3 
11537:07Greg Fitch V40MDorking & Mole Valley9.3 
11637:08Robert Mccaffrey V55MDorking & Mole Valley7.9 
11737:10Oliver Sayner V35MWalton5.0 
11837:18Sean Holohan SENMClapham Chasers13.3 
11937:20Frederick Chalke SENMEpsom & Ewell7.7 
12037:21Christopher Williams V45MClapham Chasers10.0 
12137:26Chris Howell V50MNewmarket J/St Radegund/Fulham6.8 
12237:31Kevin Stroud V55MDorking & Mole Valley7.7 
12337:37Scott Forsyth V55MStragglers12.2 
12437:42Nicholas Wade V50MReigate Priory5.8 
12537:43Neil Rae V50MRanelagh7.7 
12637:45Douglas Wood V35MFulham7.5 
12737:48Luke Jackson SENMReigate Priory9.8 
12837:52Robert Russell V40MDorking & Mole Valley10.9 
12938:14Lowendo Stevens V35MWimbledon Windmilers15.2 
13038:24Ceri Davies V40MDorking & Mole Valley10.2 
13138:28Kevin Price V55MStragglers8.1 
13238:30Niki Dargue V45MDorking & Mole Valley9.7 
13338:34Steve Shaw V45MDorking & Mole Valley13.5 
13438:38Enhui Yong V35MClapham Chasers/Singapore9.9 
13538:40Martin Wadham V35MReigate Priory8.1 
13638:44Hubert Brandts V55MFulham10.0 
13739:08Tom Haworth SENMStragglers5.3 
13839:12Paul Kho SENMFulham14.6 
13939:15Philip Hammett V60MStragglers9.8 
14039:24Robert Wright SENMClapham Chasers13.2 
14139:25Simon Adams V55MWimbledon Windmilers11.3 
14239:26Samuel Jenkins V35MFulham11.3 
14339:30Stuart Prentice V45MDorking & Mole Valley6.0 
14439:34Tim Naughton V45MWimbledon Windmilers4.8 
14539:54Mark Pattinson V60MStragglers10.1 
14640:03Trevor Ingram V45MFulham5.6 
14740:09Mark Cobbold V40MDorking & Mole Valley10.7 
14840:20Mike Pocock V65MReigate Priory9.4 
14940:24Jack Spicer SENMClapham Chasers14.2 
15040:33Jon Payn V40MReigate Priory7.2 
15140:36Andrew Bennett V45MReigate Priory14.8 
15241:01Richard Bulkley V50MStragglers14.5 
15341:10Simon Brazil V55MStragglers10.8 
15441:13Russell Pearson V40MClapham Chasers10.9 
15541:19Jim Desmond V55MStragglers7.4 
15641:27David Clack V40MDorking & Mole Valley9.4 
15742:04Paddy Patrick V55MReigate Priory11.8 
15842:13Guy Laister V40MEpsom & Ewell9.4 
15942:37Guy Surtees V55MWimbledon Windmilers8.4 
16042:59Mike Banfi V65MWimbledon Windmilers14.2 
16143:26Andrew Black V60MWimbledon Windmilers17.5 
16243:27Gaz Morris V40MDorking & Mole Valley20.9 
16343:34Liam Hole SENMDorking & Mole Valley11.9 
16444:19Gareth George V50MEpsom & Ewell/Veterans11.3 
16544:22William Brook V45MEpsom & Ewell14.1 
16644:23Charles Wheeler V65MDorking & Mole Valley16.0 
16744:33Bill Arbury V55MEpsom & Ewell13.8 
16844:35Alan Everett V65MDorking & Mole Valley15.3 
16946:02Ranveer Panessar V40MClapham Chasers21.7 
17048:03Stephen Penpraze V50MStragglers16.4 
17148:48Martin Willis V45MWalton/Queen Margaret Uni/Veterans11.9 
17248:48Paul Wolff V50MEpsom & Ewell17.5 
17355:44Edward Bruce SENMFulham12.2