City of Hull Champagne League External Results
South Dalton
24 May 11
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
128:53   Matthew Hayes V35MEast Hull0.0 
229:32   James Pearson V35MBeverley3.5 
329:58   Stuart Spooner V50MBridlington14.5 
430:11   Mark Dalton V45MBeverley4.9 
530:11   Nigel Sisson V40MEast Hull0.9 
631:25   Gavin Dalton V55MCity of Hull16.9 
731:46   Brian Ward V45MCity of Hull5.8 
831:49   James McGivern V45MBeverley18.2 
931:52   Darren Rodmell V35MBeverley7.4 
1032:02   Stewart Rhodes V45MCity of Hull32.1 
1132:18   Stuart Buchan V50MCity of Hull10.4 
1232:22   Tony Burgin V40MHull Springhead5.7 
1332:25   Andrew Watson V45MEast Hull7.5 
1432:29   Daniel Barrass SENMHull Springhead5.3 
1532:43   David Bell SENMWhite City (Hull)8.2 
1632:46   Gary Slater SENMCity of Hull25.9 
1732:51   Paul Body V35MCity of Hull9.6 
1832:56   Jason Purdon V35MCity of Hull18.1 
1933:00   Paul D Clark V40MBeverley10.2 
2033:03   Andrew Lawtey SENMCity of Hull8.7 
2133:05   Mark Spikings SENMCity of Hull2.2 
2233:29   John Aitken V45MCity of Hull36.0 
2333:40   Stephen Coveney V55MCity of Hull14.6 
2433:42   Paul Cartwright V50MHull Springhead6.4 
2533:46   Paul Frost V55MEast Hull20.6 
2633:50   Trevor Misson V50MCity of Hull32.2 
2733:57   Andrew Hemmings SENMCity of Hull4.0 
2834:03   Andrew Collinson V45MEast Hull27.1 
2934:04   Andrew Johnson V40MBeverley6.0 
3034:09   Rebecca Fielding-Smith V40WCity of Hull32.3 
3134:11   Tom McDonaldV45MBRR  
3234:24   Luc Clayton SENMCity of Hull36.0 
3334:30   Steve Evins V40MBeverley8.0 
3434:32   Stephen Willietts V45MBeverley32.9 
3534:35   Nick Maynard V35MCity of Hull5.9 
3634:37   Paul Andrews V45MEast Hull13.6 
3734:42   Peter Stockdale V45MCity of Hull17.5 
3834:47   Robert Thompson V50MCity of Hull35.8 
3934:56   Paul Nippress V50MEast Hull6.1 
4035:09   Graham Wilkinson V55MEast Hull13.4 
4135:12   Charlotte Ward U20WCity of Hull2.5 
4235:22   Andrew Tate V45MBeverley8.7 
4335:25   Kristian Davis V40MBeverley36.0 
4435:30   Alan Smith V40MWhite City (Hull)3.7 
4535:34   Niki Whitaker V35WCity of Hull8.8 
4635:36   Pam Richards V35WCity of Hull35.5 
4735:47   John Nuttall V40MCity of Hull36.0 
4835:55   Richard Alsop V50MEast Hull14.1 
4935:58   Kevin Hayward V55MBeverley36.0 
5036:19   John Ramsdale V45MCity of Hull36.0 
5136:20   Philip Dewberry V60MHull Springhead/City of Hull16.1 
5236:21   Katie Dunn SENWCity of Hull26.2 
5336:27   Ian McCoid V50MCity of Hull8.9 
5436:33   Alan Flint V60MBeverley8.4 
5536:53   Amanda Dean V50WWest Hull13.8 
5636:54   Lucy Stamford V35WBeverley10.0 
5737:04   Alexandra Campbell V35WHull Springhead30.7 
5837:12   Tim Runkee SENMWhite City (Hull)36.0 
5937:13   Neil May V50MBarracuda TC/City of Hull14.2 
6037:15   Peter Watkinson V55MBeverley14.0 
6137:31   Shane Nicholson V40MCity of Hull36.0 
6237:34   Charlotte Parker U20WCity of Hull11.4 
6337:35   John Parish V55MBeverley36.0 
6437:36   Bill Grieve V50MBeverley36.0 
6537:39   Roy Dennison V60MCity of Hull20.3 
6637:41   John Horncastle V35MHull Springhead9.4 
6737:57   Bernard Child V65MEast Hull15.8 
6838:00   Chris Duffey V45MCity of Hull36.0 
6938:19   Lucy Khan V40WCity of Hull18.1 
7038:21   Tina Wardropper V45WBeverley32.1 
7139:06   Graham Naylor V60MWhite City (Hull)11.3 
7239:15   Andrew Brant V45MBeverley34.9 
7339:16   Tim Simpson V35MEast Hull25.7 
7439:26   Christopher Porter SENMWhite City (Hull)36.0 
7539:42   Kenneth Barnes V70MEast Hull31.8 
7639:50   Ian Tasker V40MWhite City (Hull)14.8 
7740:04   Derek Russell V55MBeverley36.0 
7840:08   Angela Collins V45WBeverley32.3 
7940:12   David Foster V50MBridlington18.8 
8040:42   Steve Arnold V55MBridlington31.6 
8140:51   Steven John Hadley V45MBeverley33.3 
8241:05   Tania Cream V45WCity of Hull15.2 
8341:15   Andrew Gray V35MBeverley15.4 
8441:21   Phil Slingsby V40MHull Springhead36.0 
8541:28   Andrew Grainger V45MBeverley18.8 
8641:32   Stephen Brotherton V40MBeverley19.4 
8741:42   Judith Lawtey V55WCity of Hull26.1 
8842:10   Steven M Dawson V50MWhite City (Hull)31.1 
8942:32   Steven Holmes V50MCity of Hull26.1 
9042:38   Andrew Meese V35MBeverley21.1 
9142:51   Jo Dewar V55WBeverley36.0 
9242:58   Andrew Clarke V45MWhite City (Hull)36.0 
9343:08   Peter Myers V60MBeverley36.0 
9443:21   Brian Richardson V65MBeverley36.0 
9543:35   Chris Tute V45MCity of Hull36.0 
9643:54   Peter Rolinson V55MBeverley36.0 
9743:59   Stuart Thomson V50MCity of Hull32.9 
9844:37   Mike O'Brien V50MCity of Hull16.4 
9946:03   Eileen P Henderson V50WCity of Hull22.1 
10046:08   Sandra Holdsworth V50WWest Hull15.6 
10146:36   Rebecca King SENWWest Hull29.9 
10247:08   David Robinson V60MBeverley24.2 
10347:12   Sue Reast V45WCity of Hull22.0 
10447:31   Pam Atkins V65WBeverley25.6 
10547:49   John Boardley V65MBeverley28.5 
10648:09   Peter McNally V65MBeverley36.0 
10748:15   Peter Storey V50MCity of Hull36.0 
10848:40   Julie Thomson V45WCity of Hull28.0 
10948:58   Kelly Jackson V35WBeverley36.0 
11049:03   Mark Harrison V40MCity of Hull36.0 
11149:07   Frank Harrison V70MCity of Hull26.4 
11249:07   Katie May V45WCity of Hull28.1 
11349:38   Rachael Benson V35WWhite City (Hull)25.4 
11450:15   David Annandale V50MEast Hull/City of Hull36.0 
11550:25   Kristina Rose SENWWhite City (Hull)18.9 
11650:32   Rachel Cope SENWBeverley36.0 
11752:45   Catherine Rolinson V50WBeverley36.0 
11852:56   Jayne Nuttall V40WWest Hull36.0 
11953:36   Mary Carrick V60WEast Hull/Beverley30.4